Announcements 2023

Christmas Program:  December 14th, 11:30 a.m. at the United Methodist Church, 1435 E. Main St. in Kent, OH 44240.  Park in the back of the building.

Tamla Cole

Tamla Cole

Tamla D. Cole from STRS will be speaking to us about the healthcare changes at STRS.

Tamla Cole is the Assistant Director of Member Engagement and Outreach at STRS Ohio. Her primary responsibility is the development and implementation of retirement education programs for the STRS Ohio membership. Serving now for over 23 years, she understands that retirement readiness is a process that begins at the onset of employment. Tamla’s department provides educational opportunities for members throughout every stage of their careers including post-retirement.

Tamla earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Capital University and a Master of Healthcare Administration degree from Franklin University. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Entertainment:  Chris & Lisa DeMarco

Chris & Lisa Demarco

Chris & Lisa Demarco

01/04/23 9:30  a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
01/25/23February Newsletter Deadline 
03/07/23 9:30  a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
03/14/2311:30 a.m.Luncheon Meeting 
Program: “In Memory”  
03/25/23April Newsletter Deadline 
05/02/23 9:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
05/09/2311:30 a.m.Luncheon Meeting 
Program: Scholarship/Grant Recipients 
05/25/23June Newsletter Deadline 
07/03/239:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
07/11/2311:30 a.m.Luncheon Meeting
Program: TBD
07/25/23August Newsletter Deadline 
09/05/239:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
09/12/2311:30 a.m.Program: TBD
09/24/23October Newsletter Deadline 
11/07/239:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
11/14/2311:30 a.m.Luncheon Meeting & Installation of Officers
12/12/2311:30 a.m.Luncheon – Christmas Party
Program: TBD 


Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Winners – Pictures by Maureen Haska


PCRTA Grant Winners Fall 2022 

PCRTA Grant Winners Fall 2022

Pictured to the left is Taylor Gosseck from Field Middle School. Pictured on the right, from left to right is Laurie Scholfield-Carter, Karen Sunderhaft, Jen Bindus, Jen Yonally, Jim Montaquila, and Nick Kukarola.



(Pictures by Maureen Haska)

ORTA has changed its name with the Secretary of State. As discussed and approved at the Fall ORTA board meeting, ORTA altered its name from the Ohio Retired Teachers Association to the Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association. We will still be known as ORTA. This change is an effort to be more inclusive with respect to active teachers. Active (contributing) teachers may join ORTA for $10 per year. We hope that this will help with membership and bring younger people into our organization.



1.  Attend meetings and social events; volunteer to proctor; donate to community service projects.

2.  Consider joining our PCRTA Leadership Team.  

3.  Recruit new members or encourage former members to return. 

4.Stay up-to-date with the following web pages: 

PCRTA website at;

ORTA website at;

and STRS website at

5.  Stay up-to-date with the following Facebook pages:


ORTA at;

STRS at 

and the STRS Ohio Watchdogs Facebook page at


Pictures from November and December.  Please click on each to view a larger picture and see more information.

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