Archive of Minutes 2022

PCRTA Luncheon Minutes 12-08-22


Place: Kent Methodist Church

Time11:30 am. Doors open at 11:00 am.

Christmas music started at 11:00 by Lisa

and Chris DeMarco.

GreetersJudy Hendershot and Judy Morgan

Welcome: Chris DeMarco (President)

Pledge of Allegiance

Meditation: Judy Hendershot

Meal, pass around the donation box, and purchase To Go Lunches

Special Christmas Program by The ACES from Kent Roosevelt High School.

Submitted by: Lisa DeMarco



PCRTA Luncheon Minutes 11-10-22

Place: Kent Methodist Church

Time11:30 am, Doors open: 11:00 am

GreetersJudy Hendershot and Lisa DeMarco

Welcome: Chris DeMarco (President)

Pledge of Allegiance

MeditationPoem by Helena Parry

Meal, pass around the donation box, purchase To Go Lunch(es), and speaker

Speaker: Robin Rayfield for ORTA and the AMBA Representatives Rob & Belinda Boucher

AnnouncementsLunches will now be on the

2nd Thursday of March, May, July, September, November, and December.

Induction of Officers: Robin Rayfield inducted President Chris DeMarco, Corresponding

          Secretary, Denise Craig, and Assistant Treasurer, David Gynn.

Submitted by: Lisa DeMarco


PCRTA Executive Board Meeting,  November 3, 2022 

Members Present: Helena Parry, Jim Montaquila, Judy Morgan, Maureen Haska, Connie Evans, Rosemary Hostler, Jean Nolte, Dave Gynn, JoAnn McEwen, Pat Gynn

VP Helena Parry opened the 501(c} (3) meeting in place of President Chris DeMarco who is away at an ORTA and AMBA function.

Scholarship Treasurer’s Report – Darlene Fetterhoff:  In the absence of the Treasurer, there was no report.

PCRTA Scholarship Grant Committee – Jim Montaquila

Jim said since our last Executive Board meeting in September, applications for our Teacher Grants were sent to all of the Portage County Superintendents. A post card was also sent in early October reminding them that our closing date for applying for the grants was Friday, October 28. We received 7 applications for Grants from Aurora, Bio-Med, Field and Kent. The Grant Committee will meet on Monday, November 14 to make our selections for this year.

PCRTA Future Teacher Scholarship Committee – Jim Montaquila

Jim reported that our Scholarship Committee has been invited to participate in a scholarship night program at Ravenna High School next Thursday, November 10. Jim and Kay Wise will meet graduating seniors of Ravenna to distribute our scholarship applications.

Maureen Haska made a motion and Connie Evans seconded it to adjourn  the 501 (c) (3) meeting.


Helena Parry called the 501 (c) (4) meeting to order.

Recording Secretary Report – Lisa DeMarco    

The report of the September 1 board meeting was printed in the October-December 2022 Newsletter so Jean Nolte moved and Maureen Haska seconded to accept the minutes as printed and the motion passed.

Corresponding Secretary Report

Helena Parry said that Corresponding Secretary, Denise Craig, was not present because she had had a knee replacement and is undergoing rehab at Crystal Clinic.


Treasurer’s Report – JoAnn McEwen

PCRTA Checking Balance                            $1,514.62                                                                   

PCRTA Savings Balance                                  $471.96                                                                                                                                         

Marathon Investment Fund                          $40,942.68                                                               

Marathon Scholarship Fund                         $79,665.56                                                                   

This report will be filed for audit.      

JoAnn said she did move $2000 to the Scholarship Fund from the Investment Fund as was voted on at the September 1 Board Meeting. She reported the Scholarship Committee met with Marathon Investments a month ago and will meet again on April 12, 2023.

Vice President Report – Helena Parry

Helena said she is concerned for our membership since we are losing aging members and are not picking up new members as they retire. She reported that Judy Hendershot wants to stop as Membership Chair. President Chris DeMarco attended a meeting on membership. We may need to reach out to the union membership to reach new retiring members.

ORTA Update:

Helena said she had had a note from Carol Kinsey, our ORTA Liaison, reminding people to look into the people who are running for Ohio Board of Education to make decisions on voting for board members.

Old Business:

Helena said there was a need to establish a By-Laws Amendment Committee in order to make needed changes in the By-Laws, namely adding an Investment/Finance Committee Chair.  Pat Gynn volunteered to form a committee and schedule a meeting to look over the By-Laws.

New Business:

Connie Evans, Chair of our PCRTA Technology and Website, reported that we have been using Word Fence, a security program, that we share with Freedom Township. A few weeks ago, they were hacked and Hostcentric suggested that we switch to another program called Site Lock. Next year we will save $338.51 by sharing with Freedom Township to get this new program.

Connie Evans moved and Maureen Haska seconded the motion to move our security program to Site Lock. The group voted and the motion passed.

Committee Reports:

Judy Morgan said that November’s Community Service collection will be for non-perishable food stuffs to be donated to the Center of Hope.  In December, we will collect gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, socks and underwear for the County Clothing Center.

Maureen Haska will become Newsletter Chair next year. She reminded members that since we are meeting one week earlier each month, that the deadline for the newsletter will need to be moved back as well. Send in any information to go in the newsletter, the beginning of the last week of the month before each newsletter goes out.

Jean Nolte reported that the Proctoring Committee for NEOMED has been hard at work putting over 327 hours proctoring tests. Dave Gynn said he had talked to the NEOMED representative about raising what they pay us per hour because there are so many tests now, and they are considering a College of Dentistry which will require even more hours of testing.

PCRTA Members were reminded to sign up on Amazon Smile to help PCRTA earn a small portion of money every time our members shop on Amazon Smile by choosing “Portage County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship” as the group to designate as your charity to donate to.

Jean Nolte made a motion, seconded by Maureen Haska to adjourn the meeting. It passed  by a unanimous yes.

PCRTA LUNCHEON MEETING – September 8, 2022

Vice-President Helena Parry welcomed members and guests to the luncheon held at the United Methodist Church in Kent.

Judy Hendershot gave the invocation. She read the poem September by Helen Hunt Jackson, remarking how September always meant so much to teachers.  She remarked how friendships continue to grow as we hearken back to our school days.

John Kerstetter made an announcement about the Social Committee’s planned trip to the 1875 Winery in Hartville on October 1st at noon and encouraged members to sign up and join the group.

Helena announced that Maureen Haska has volunteered to take over as the editor of the PCRTA Desktop Newsletter.  Helena has been the editor for eight years. Maureen will take over in February. She has also been our Public Relations committee chair on the board, and these two jobs will fit together well.

Karen Balog reminded members to pay for their other lunches for November and December as there is only one more newsletter this year.

Helena introduced our speakers for the afternoon. Judge Patricia Smith has served as Acting Judge in the Portage County Municipal courts and as a temporary Magistrate in the Portage County Juvenile Court, where she has started CASA, a Court Appointed Special Advocate program. She said when a child needs to be separated from their parents, there is no one advocating for them. This often happens suddenly, and they are taken away traumatized. They go to a foster home or to a kinship situation where they are placed with an extended family member. There are more than 300 cases like this each year.

Judge Smith said programs like CASA have been around for years, but not in Portage County. They studied a program in Geauga County to learn how it works.  The County Commissioners gave the program some office space, and 11 advocates were trained. There are now 29, and they would like to have 50 trained volunteers by the end of the year.

Ann Warden is the Executive Director of CASA of Portage County. She is the eyes and ears of the court and trains volunteers to work with the children. They are offered 30 hours of preservice training with an additional 12 hours annually once they start volunteering. Each advocate focuses on one child (birth to age 17) and gives the child hope as someone they can count on. They meet with their child face to face each month and make recommendations in the best interest of the child, collaborating in confidential work with others. If you are interested in finding out more about CASA, look on their website at Become an advocate for a child in need.



Members Present: Helena Parry, Kay Wise, Denise Craig, Jim Montaquila, Darlene Fetterhoff, Karen Balog, Judy Morgan, Maureen Haska, Connie Evans, Rosemary, Hostler, Jean Nolte, Dan McCombs, Dave Gynn, JoAnn McEwen, Pat Gynn

VP Helena Parry opened the 501(c} (3) meeting in place of President Chris DeMarco who is away on a trip.

Scholarship Treasurer’s Report – Darlene Fetterhoff, Jan 1, 2022 to August 28, 2022                                                                                                              Scholarship Checking               $ 3,285.06                                                                    Scholarship Savings                $11,967.00

Total Donations                         $ 7,232.11

(NEOMED $2000,

$4500 from 2 donations  

$732.11 from small donations)       

Total Expenses                       

5 Scholarships at $2000 =         $10,000

(1 carryover from 2021)                                  

4 Grants at $500 =                        $2000                                                                      OH Attorney General                      $100


Scholarship Investments  $ 88,349.70

Darlene also prepared a 5-Year Summary of 2017 to August 23, 2022, showing Beginning and Ending Amounts in the Checking and Savings Accounts, Scholarships and Grants issued, and Marathon Investment account balances


PCRTA Scholarship Grant Committee – Jim Montaquila

Jim said he is mailing a letter to each Superintendent in Portage County along with our Teacher Grant application for the fourth year for teachers and other school personnel who have a unique innovative program to obtain funds they would not normally have available to them. Applications are due by Friday, October 28, with selection of winners in November.

Members of the Teacher Grant Committee this year are Darlene Fetterhoff, Dave Gynn, Maureen Haska, Ron Snowberger and Jim Montaquila.

PCRTA Future Teacher Scholarship Committee – Jim Montaquila

Jim reported that in 1994 when PCRTA started giving out $100 scholarships, the cost of attending a four-year state university was $2,710 a year. Today the same education costs $27,560. At the July board meeting, Jim made a motion to increase the amount of our Future Teacher Scholarships from $2000 to $2500, and after discussion it was tabled. He said the current value of our scholarship funds is $105,591.79. That represents the current checking, savings and investments accounts. He wants to come up with a plan for the number and amount of our scholarships for the future. Currently, about 11-22 students apply for our scholarships yearly.

A lengthy discussion ensued with members voicing their opinions for and against raising the number and amount of the scholarships given. The merits of increasing teacher grant funds as a way to increase our membership numbers for PCRTA was also discussed, and that would keep the money in Portage County schools. It was suggested to survey past recipients to see if $500 was a reasonable grant amount. The income continuing from the NEOMED Proctor project was also discussed.

Jim Montaquila moved that we raise the Future Teacher Scholarship award to $2500 for up to four regular scholarships. It was seconded by Rosemary Hostler and passed with 7 yes votes,      3 no votes and 4 abstentions.

Karen Balog made a motion to increase the grant budget to provide $2000 from the regular scholarship savings for four additional grants for one year to be able to give up to eight grants. It was seconded by Rosemary Hostler and passed unanimously.

Kay Wise made a motion, seconded by Dan Combs, to transfer $2000 from the 501 (c) (4) Investment Fund to the 501 (c)  (3) Scholarship Fund for one year from September to September and then review the finances. The motion passed.

Denise Craig made a motion and Kay Wise seconded it to adjourn the 501 (c) (3) meeting.


Helena Parry called the 501 (c) (4) meeting to order.

Recording Secretary Report – Lisa DeMarco                                                                                       

The report of the July 7 board meeting was printed in the August-September 2022 Newsletter so Connie Evans moved and Maureen Haska seconded to accept the minutes as printed and the motion passed.


Corresponding Secretary – Sunshine – Denise Craig                                                                

Denise read a thank you note from the County Clothing Center for our donations of copy paper and paper towels and for all of our members who volunteer there.

She sent a thank you note to Diane Steffner for a special donation to the Scholarship Fund.     She sent sympathy notes to the family of John Kiss and to Darlene Fetterhoff for the loss of her husband, Barry.                                                                                                                                                 

A thank you note was sent to Paul Moore, the brother of Jan Fencl, who provided table flowers for the memorial luncheon and a garden stone to be placed at the Methodist Church. A get-well note was sent to Mark Stahl.

Treasurer’s Report – JoAnn McEwen

PCRTA Checking Balance                                           $995.95                                                                     

PCRTA Savings Balance                                               $471.86                                                                    

Scholarship  Checking                                      $3,285.06                                                                      

Scholarship Savings                                                    $11,967.03                                                                     

Marathon Investment Fund                         $44,000.89                                                                

Marathon Scholarship Fund                       


 This report will be filed for audit.      

JoAnn read the names of 12 members who have not paid their 2022 membership fees, and members who knew the people volunteered to give them a reminder call.

Vice President Report – Helena Parry

Helena said she had a message from Carol Kinsey, our area liaison to ORTA, reminding people to check out who is running for the Ohio State School Board. ORTA does not endorse anyone running for office.

October 12 is ORTA’s 75th Anniversary

October 12 will be a celebration of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association 75th Anniversary. All members of ORTA are invited to attend the celebration of the many accomplishments of those years at the Doubletree Inn at Worthington, OH, on October 12, 2022, from 4 to 7:30. Chris DeMarco, our PCRTA President, is the new President of ORTA also!

October 26 – The NW Regional meeting is for Presidents and VPs of local chapters to attend and learn more about ORTA.  Chris and Helena will attend representing PCRTA.

Officers for Election in November

Darlene Fetterhoff has been a treasurer for PCRTA for 18 years, ever since she attended her very first meeting, and is ready to give it up. She will finish out 2022 and January of 2023, and then Dave Gynn will run for Scholarship Treasurer to take her place. JoAnn McEwen has recently started as PCRTA Treasurer and will continue that for the next two years. Chris and Lisa DeMarco will continue as President and Recording Secretary. Helena will run for Vice President and Denise Craig as Corresponding Secretary. Elections will be held in November.

Board Position Available- Finance Committee Chair

Helena said that Chris thought we should have a ByLaws Committee to add Finance Chairperson as a Board position. Helena said she would nominate Dave Gynn for that position, but he declined. Pat Gynn was willing to chair the Bylaws Committee but felt we could wait until there are more changes to make. Chris can appoint someone to be on the board as Finance Chair.

Concerns from Committee Members

Jessica is newly in charge on the Proctoring Program for NEOMED. She called Darlene Fetterhoff, Scholarship Treasurer, to say that NEOMED can no longer write a check to a scholarship program. She was asking if we had a contract, when it started, and many other questions making us wonder if the program would be continuing. Dave Gynn contacted her since he was involved when we first started the Proctor Program. It was finally agreed that NEOMED could write a check to PCRTA, and then it could be deposited into the PCRTA Scholarship account.

Judy Morgan said that for September our public service activity will be to collect school supplies to be donated to the Center of Hope to distribute to children as needed throughout the school year.  Judy asked if people had been turning in their service hours, but ORTA is not collecting the service hours this year.

Dan McCombs expressed concern over a mailing he had received from POP – Protect Ohio Pensions. If you receive this letter, just throw it into recycling. These people do not represent Ohio teachers…ORTA does.  Helena will ask Chris to write an article about POP for the next newsletter.

Karen Balog said she has only 21 reservations for the September luncheon so far. The group discussed the possibility of sending out the newsletter a week earlier since we are now meeting the 2nd Thursday instead of the 3rd Thursday.

Kay Wise reminded members about the Winery trip with the Social Committee on October 1.

Helena had been talking to Maureen Haska about becoming the PCRTA Newsletter Editor. Maureen agreed that PR and newsletter editor were a good mix, and she agreed to take on preparing the PCRTA Newsletter! Thank you, Maureen! Maureen Haska made a motion, seconded by Denise Craig to adjourn.

PCRTA Executive Board Meeting  July 7, 2022


Members Present : Chris DeMarco, Helena Parry, Lisa DeMarco, JoAnn McEwen, Kay Wise, Jim Montaquila, Denise Craig, Pat Gynn, Karen Balog, Connie Evans, Maureen Haska, John Kerstetter, Rosemary Hostler, Daniel L. McCombs.


Chris DeMarco opened the 501(c)(3) meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
Scholarship Checking$11,092.06
Scholarship Savings$11,962.03
Scholarship Investment $79,439.54

PCRTA Scholarship Report:

Bio-Med presentation was made by Chris DeMarco.

Aurora and Field presentations were made by Jim Montaquila.

Each student was given a certificate from PCRTA at their award program luncheon in May.

Recipients of the Teacher Grant awards in the past year will make a presentation at the July luncheon. The last year’s winners will also be in attendance.

A motion was made by Jim Montaquila to increase the Scholarship Awards from $2,000.00 to $2,500.00, but, after discussion, the motion was tabled for a later date.  After Chris called to table, Dan McCombs moved and Helena Parry seconded the motion. 

Chris DeMarco moved and Kay Wise seconded a motion to adjourn the 5019(c)(3) meeting.  Helena Perry called the 501(c)(4) meeting to order.

Recording Secretary Report:  May’s report was passed around to the board for review.

Denise Craig moved and Pay Gynn seconded a motion to waive the reading of the previous minutes.


Treasurer’s Report

 PCRTA Checking Balance$ 2,142.13
PCRTA savings Balance$    471.86    
Total Checking and Savings$25,673.08
Marathon Investment$43,546.93

V.P.’s Report: Special thanks to all members who sent cookies for GED graduation.

Corresponding Secretary/Sunshine Report:  Cards were sent to the following:


Darlene Fetterhoff – Sympathy (death of husband)

Judy Hendershott – Surgery

Ron and Jan Snowberger – Get Well

Wendy Cooley – Past surgical issues

JoAnn Stikes – Sympathy (death of son)

Thank you note from Portage Co. Animal Protective League.


President’s Report

 October 12, 2022. ORTA will host the celebration at the Doubletree Inn in Worthington, Ohio (175 Hutchinson Ave.) All are invited, from 4:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m.


Speakers include STRS Board of Trustees and “Teacher Friendly” politician.

RSVP by August 31, 2022, at: 614-431-7002 or email  ORTA Action Plan/Goals should be available by 10/12/22. NE Regional Meeting-We will meet in Alliance on 09/16/22 by invitation.




Date: July 14, 2022

Time: 11:30 a.m. Doors open at 11:00 a.m.

Place: Kent United Methodist Church

Greeters: Judy Hendershot and Christine Barkhurst

Welcome: President Chris DeMarco

Donation: Table centerpieces donated by Janet Fencl’s daughters and siblings.

Pledge of Allegiance: Chris DeMarcoMeditation: Helena Parry


Speakers: Teacher Grant recipients and “In Memory” slide show presentation. Thank you for all your hard work Connie Evans and Karen Balog.


In Memory includes:

Elaine Ochwat                                                   August 2, 1923 – August 11, 2018

Eileen Erickson                                                    May 8, 1928 – January 17, 2021

Maria Mastromatteo                                            July 17, 1944 – January 23, 2021

Rudolph “Rudy” Bachna                                    November 28 – February 10, 2021   

Carol J. Fesemyer Rudlosky                          January 8, 1951 – February 16, 2021

Nancy Schubert                                              August 31,1932 – February 19, 2021

Eugenia (Genie) Pantalone                                    August 6, 1934 – March 5, 2021

Myra Owens Myers                                                May 24, 1927 – March 19, 2021

Harry Bowman                                                    January 25, 1944 – March 2, 2021

John Hill                                                                        June 2, 1928- July 11, 2021

Gaye Bricker                                                     February 14, 1933 – August 8, 2021

Judith I. Giovinazzo                                         December 7 1939 – August 13, 2021

Ray Aeschliman                                                                   1930 – August 20, 2021

 Harvey V. Warner                                          February 24, 1930 – August 12, 2021

Janice Fencl                                                September 13,1934 – September 2021

Jan Fitts                                                                July 12,1928 – October 25, 2021

Frances Joanne Hall Cardinal                 September 10,1928 – December 2, 2021

Carol Maclean                                                    May 31,1930 – December 9, 2021


Announcements: Assistant Director Joann Agunda,  who is leaving NEO-MED for a new job at Kent State, sent a thank you note to all proctors.

 Announcements: Special Thanks to Jim Montaquila, Darlene Fetterhoff, Maureen Haska, David Gynn and Ron Snowberger for all the hard work they did on the Grant Committee.

Grant Winners included:

Cindy Chrin from Ravenna Preschool

Kris Gilmer and Vanessa Shafer from Garfield Middle School

Sarah Lambert from Ravenna Brown Middle School

Julie Hunter from Bio-Med Academy


75th Anniversary: October 12, 2022. Please have reservations in by the end of August.

Adjourn Meeting


MAY 12, 2022, Luncheon Meeting Minutes


Time: 11:30 a.m. Doors open at 11:00 a.m.

Place: Kent United Methodist Church

Speakers: The Scholarship Program and Teacher Grants

Greeters: John and Sandy Kerstetter

Welcome by the President

Announcements: ORTA report. All three candidates won with the help all   retired members who voted in this election. A VERY BIG THANK YOU!

Donation Box: on the  table at entrance .   

Pledge of  Allegiance

Large Group Meditation: Jeane Nolte

Committee Chair Announcements : John Kerstetter reported on the  May 19th, Warther Museum trip . Museum tour begins the 10:30 a.m,. followed by lunch at Dutch Valley Amish Restaurant.

Program: Jim Montaquila presented an outstanding Scholarship Program. The program included the history of PCRTA scholarships and a video showing parts of “To Sir With Love” and the song “Lean on Me.” Questions were asked of the 5 students:

Brandon Witmer from Aurora H.S., majoring in English at OU; Lauren Meadows from Field H.S., majoring in Vocal Music at OSU.     Sarah Conroy from Field H.S., majoring in Integrated Math at KSU; Lauren Huntley from Bio Med, majoring in Math at OU;            Nathan Jenkins from Roosevelt H.S., majoring in Early Childhood Ed. at KSU.

Reminder: Baked goods are needed at Maplewood GED graduation June 9 at 5:00.


PCRTA Executive Board Meeting  May 5, 2022


Members Present: Chris DeMarco, Helena Parry, JoAnn McEwen, Jim Montaquila, Lisa DeMarco, Kay Wise, Denise Craig, Jean Nolte, Maureen Haska, Judy Morgan, John Kerstetter, Connie Evans.

Chris DeMarco opened the 501(c)(3) meeting.

Treasurer’s Report 

Deposit of $ 2,000                                                   $ 8,951.63    

Deposit transfer of $10.00                                       $ 8,961.63    

Fee for audit prop 276.00                                        $ 8,685.63  

Fee of $100.00 to State of Ohio Att. General         $ 8,585.63


PCRTA Scholarship Report

PCRTA Scholarship Fund, begun in 1994, has reached 141 scholarships and a total of $133,300 in contributions made possible by members of PCRTA.

This year eight students from six high schools (Aurora, Bio-Med, Field,  Roosevelt, Rootstown and Streetsboro) applied for scholarships. Four students were selected to receive $2,000 scholarships, with one additional designated scholarship for a student from Roosevelt HS Gifted by Betty and Keith Bowers.

Members met on April 20 to select this year’s recipients.  Members: Dave Gynn, Darlene Fetterhoff, Jum Montaquila, Ron Snowberger, JoAnn Stikes, Kay Wise.  Special thanks to Connie Evans and Georgia Darrah for developing our program for the scholarship luncheon.

Jean Nolte made and Maureen Haska seconded a motion to close the 501(c)(3) meeting.  Motion passed.

President Chris DeMarco called to order the 501(c)(4) meeting.

Denise Craig made and Helena Parry seconded a motion to waive the reading of the previous minutes.  Motion passed.

Sunshine Committee sent out one Get Well card, one Retirement card and one Thinking of You card.

 Treasurer’s Report:
PCRTA Checking Balance$    2,456.11
PCRTA Savings Balance         471.77
PCRTA Investments    45,412.02
Scholarship Checking      8,585.63
Scholarship Savings   11,944.65
Scholarship Investments  $83,480.18

President’s Report

STRS passed a proposal of a 3% one-time COLA for “qualified retirees,” as well as a 35-years-and-out provision with no age requirement.

75th Anniversary for ORTA will be on October 12, 2022, at the Double Tree  Inn in Worthington with special speakers Rudy Fichtenbaum and Wade Steen.


Old Business:

 Nomination Committee Chair is needed by July 1, 2022


New Business:


Maureen Haska has been appointed Chair of Public Relations Merchandise, an ad hoc committee.

Investment /Finance Committee will meet in July.

Look for dates of meeting and news in newsletter, emails and Facebook.

Jean Nolte announced a special thank-you event for all proctors on May 24 at  NEOMED.

Jim Montaquila asked that we consider raising the amount for scholarships and teachers grants.

 Judy Morgan listed supplies to bring to the luncheons:

May – pet supplies


June 9– baked goods for Maplewood Graduation – 


July – PCRTA Executive Board Meeting  March 3, 2022


September – school supplies


November – canned and boxed food donations


December – children’s outerwear


May 19 – Warther Museum in Dover tour around 10:30am. Lunch to follow at   Dutch Valley Amish Restaurant. For reservations, please call Phyllis Spangler by May 16 at 330-604-3486. Need a ride: call Pat Gynn at 330-389-0916.

Kay Wise moved and Connie Evans seconded a motion to close the 501(c)(4) meeting.  Motion passed.



PCRTA Executive Board Meeting  March 3, 2022


Members present: Chris DeMarco, Helena Parry, JoAnn McEwen, Jim Montaquila, Lisa DeMarco, Pat Gynn, Kay Wise, Dan McCombs, Judy Hendershot, Denise Craig, Jean Nolte, Maureen Haska, Karen Balog, John Kerstetter, and Connie Evans.


President Chris DeMarco opened the 501c3 meeting.


PCRTA Scholarship Report for January – March 2, 2022



Beginning Balance      $ 8,750.00

Ending Balance               6,940.00

Income (4 donations)         190.00

Expenses (4 grants)        2,000.00

Savings                    $11,942.29



Four $500 Teacher Grants were given:

Cindy Chrin – School to Home Communications

Sarah Lambert – Developing a Thinking Classroom

Kris Gilmer and Vanessa Shafer – Developing a Thinking Classroom

Julie Hunter – Student Utopian Society

*Grant winners will attend our July Luncheon.



Scholarship applications are due on Friday, April 1,2022

*All scholarships will be given to the winners at the May luncheon.

Talked about changing by-laws in November 2022.

Dan McCombs made a motion to close the 501c3 and Karen Balog seconded the motion.


President Chris DeMarco called to order the 501c4 meeting. Kay Wise made a motion and Jean Nolte 2nd the motion.

Treasure Report

PCRTA Check Balance



PCRTA Savings                                   471.63
PCRTA Investment                             47, 796.57
Scholarship Checking                                6,940.09
Scholarship Savings                              11,942.29
Scholarship Investment                              88,349.70


Presidents Report (ORTA UPDATE)


  • Town Hall Meeting – Watch on You Tube ORTA Town Hall 02/02/22.


  • ORTA Political Position – leave this to the classroom teacher.


  • STRS Proposal – 2% one-time COLA for retirees, 1% reduction in Actives’ contributions, and 35 years and out/with no age requirement.


  • ORTA Endorsement Committee will meet on March 8 and 9, 2022 to interview candidates


  • Information can be found on STRS Watch Dogs,
    Ohio STRS Members only.


  • ORTA Grant for $150.00 can be given to chapters for membership and other items for the chapter.

Old Business

Still looking for A Committee Chair for the Nomination Committee. Working on Scholarship/Grant Donation request Letter.


New Business

Social Committee announcements four new activities.


Thursday May 19. 2022

Warther Museum, Meeting at University Plaza at 9:00 a.m., tickets are $ 15.00 for seniors. If you need a ride call Pat Gynn. For questions contact Kay Wise.


Friday, July 8, 2022

Rubber Ducks Baseball Game

Admission $10.00 Check payable to PCRTA  ASAP

Contact Chris DeMarco, or 3307307204


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Westside Story At Porthouse/ dinner at Sarah’s Vineyard. Please contact Sand and John Kerstetter for $30.00 tickets. Deadline for tickets: June 9, 2022.


Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 1874 Winery

For reservations fill out the form and return to:

Windy Cooley, 1856 Stepping Stone Trail, Atwater, Ohio 44201.


Membership Committee New

Please send extra membership cards to Judy Hendershot to create new labels.

Denise sent cards to the Morgan family.

Jean Nolte will be sending a letter of concerns to proctors.

Maureen Haska asked that we think about having T-shirts made in women sizes so they are not so big. Maureen suggested looking into additional PCRTA merchandise, to publicize our organization.

Chris DeMarco call for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kays made a motion and Denise Craig 2nd the motion.


PCRTA Executive Board Meeting. January 6, 2022

Member present: Chris DeMarco, Helena Parry, David Gynn, Pat Gynn, Lisa DeMarco, Kay Wise, Dan McComb, Denise Craig, Maureen Haska, Karen Balog, JoAnn McEwen, Judy Morgan, and Connie Evans


President Chris DeMarco opened the 501c3 meeting.


The Teacher Grant Committee meeting was held on Tuesday, Nov 30. There were twenty-two applications for seven Portage County school districts. Four students were selected for $500.00 grants .

Letters will be sent out to the winners and their Superintendents. Awards will be given to the students either at our March or July luncheon. We will also asking to present our grant checks to the schools Board of Education meeting. The committee will also send letters to all students who were not selected.

Four $500.00 Teacher Grants for 2021-2022 were also awarded.

Karen Balog made a motion to close the 501c3 meeting and Kay Wise seconded the motion. The motion was passed.


President Chris DeMarco opened the 501c4 meeting.

Denise Craig (Sunshine Committee) reported that a lot of Get Well, Thinking of You and Sympathy cards were sent out in the month of December.

David Gynn gave the Treasure report: See website for full report and next years budget.


Total Income                          $15,847.00

Total Expenses                       $15,273.96

Checking Balance                   $  1,842.23

Saving Balance                       $    471.58

Investment Balance              $50,765.64

Investment Balance              $45,994,83


President Reported on new Luncheon venue, Donation Box to replace 50/ 50 and passed out a draft of the Scholarship/Grant Donation Request Letter. Scholarship letter will be discussed at a later date.

New Business

Program Budget to be raised to a closer to a fair market price.

Looking for New people to be a Nomination Committee Chair.

Kent Fest Booth on hold

Need to create a Membership call list and word of mouth with Social Media.

Memorial Service may be moved to July due to covid.

Thanks to Karen Balog for Creating a Luncheon Attendance list.

President Chris DeMarco appointed as Maureen Haska to fill the public relations position.

Motion was made to cancel the March luncheon by Connie Evans and seconded by Karen Balog. Motion was carried.

Decision followed regarding the March Executive Board Meeting wether to be live or go virtual. The decision will be determined later, by the President

President Chris DeMarco adjourned the meeting.