Announcements 2024

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Next Meeting:  May 9th 11:30 a.m. at the United Methodist Church, 1435 E. Main St. in Kent, OH 44240.  Park in the back of the building.

Jim Montaquila

Jim Montaquila


The program will feature the PCRTA Scholarship recipients, as well as the teachers who won a grant from our Teacher Grant Program. Jim Montaquila will preside over this program.



This year’s program will center on the colleges or

Dave Gynn, Scholarship Treasurer

Dave Gynn, Scholarship Treasurer

universities that the scholarship winners plan on attending.  The Teacher Grant winners will be asked by Dave Gynn to give a short presentation on how their grant money was spent. 

This will be the thirtieth year that PCRTA has awarded scholarships to Portage County graduates who are going to college to become teachers.  Many thanks go out to Jeane Nolte and Rosemary Hostler, chairpersons of the Proctoring Committee, and all of the members who have worked so hard to proctor at Neo-Med to obtain the funds for the scholarships and grants.



The Community Service Project will be personal care items for both men and women.

Jim Montaquila

Jim Montaquila


We are proud to have Jim Montaquila named as Member of the Month for January 2024 for the Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association!

James is a retired educator (34 years as both a teacher and administrator) in Northeast Ohio. His work in retirement is truly commendable.  Jim has planned many creative and interesting programs with the PCRTA scholarship winners, who he engages in an annual  presentation to our membership each year. He is chairperson of our scholarship team which also provides teacher grants to area teachers. James is passionate about our next generation of teachers.  

He was nominated by Dave Gynn.  See Robin Rayfield’s Interview of James Montaquila at

Holiday Party Fun

Chris & Lisa Demarco

Chris & Lisa Demarco

Thanks to Chris and Lisa for their holiday entertainment at our Dec. 14, 2023, Holiday Party.  Members won one of Lisa’s home baked decorated cookies, if they were the first person to guess the correct song using the description given by Lisa. Then Chris and Lisa played the song. The format, which seemed to delight the attendees, was a unique and interesting way to entertain at a holiday party with familiar holiday music. Those who won a decorated cookie were especially delighted.  


Teacher Grant Award to Janet Longanecker

Jim Montaquila and Janet LonganeckerTo the left is a photo of Janet Longanecker and Jim Montaquila at the Kent Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, January 9, 2023.  Jim presented one of our PCRTA Teacher Grants of $500.  Janet, who teaches at Holden Elementary, received the grant for her unit on Plant Growth in Action. 


Teacher Grant Award to Matt Wunderle

A picture of Matthew Wunderle was taken at the Ravenna School Board meeting.  Matt, a  second-time Teacher Grant recipient, is a Social Studies teacher at Ravenna High School. This grant is for his program in American History titled “Reacting to the Past,” which is a simulation game in which students are assigned roles to perform in regard to historical personalities.


Thanks to all who proctor at NEOMED, which provides the PCRTA funds to provide several scholarships to selected area high school students interested in the field of education.

If you are interested in helping with proctoring now and again, call Jeane Nolte at 330-608-3764 or Rosemary Hostler at 330-285-0272. 


Social Events for 2024!


Apr  1:   Lunch at Maplewood Vocational  School   


Jun  30   2:00 pm   Weathervane Theater   Something  Rotten      Dinner  after play


Aug  23   Rubberducks Baseball Game



Oct  13  Cuyahoga Valley National Railroad ride through the National Park




01/04/24 9:30  a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
01/25/24February Newsletter Deadline 
03/07/24 9:30  a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
03/14/2411:30 a.m.Luncheon Meeting 
Program: “In Memory”  
03/25/24April Newsletter Deadline 
05/02/24 9:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
05/09/2411:30 a.m.Luncheon Meeting 
Program: Scholarship/Grant Recipients 
05/25/24June Newsletter Deadline 
07/03/249:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
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09/05/249:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
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11/07/249:30 a.m.Executive Board Meeting (Kent Free Library) 
11/14/2411:30 a.m.Luncheon Meeting & Installation of Officers
12/12/2411:30 a.m.Luncheon – Christmas Party
Program: TBD