2024 Executive Board Minutes

2024 Executive Board Minutes by Lisa DeMarco

Lisa DeMarco, Secretary

Lisa DeMarco, Secretary



Door opened at 11:00 am at Kent United Methodist Church.

Greeters were Phyllis Spangler, Kay Wise, Rosemary Hostler, and Theresa Schoettler.

Welcome and Pledge of Alliance was led by Chris DeMarco.

Meditation was given by Wendy Cooley.

Dinner was served, to go lunches were sold and the donation box was passed.


Our Social Events for 2024: 

April 17Lunch at Maplewood Vocational School at 11.30.

Reservations: Wendy Cooley 330-338-1319 or Wen00711@alol.com.  Deadline for reservations is April 11.

June 30: Weathervane Theater (Something Rotten) at 2:00pm

Reservations: Deadline in May 30 to Wendy Cooley.  Dinner following at Papa Joes.

August 23: Rubber Ducks vs Harrisburg Senators with fireworks.

Reservation: Chris DeMarco at 330-730-7204 or jcdemarco@prodigy.net.

October 13: Cuyahoga Valley National Railroad Ride

Reservations: John and Sandy Kerstetter 330-673-0129


Terry Schoettler spoke about why she Joined PCRTA and what she likes about the group. She is looking for people to join the membership committee.

Chris DeMarco spoke about the Pension Defense Fund and remember the AMBA Passport App.  that can give you thousands of Savings Opportunities.  www.orta.org/join

Karen Carmany spoke on Ending Gerrymandering in Ohio.  To sign the petition, go to FAIRDISTRICTSOHIO.ORG.

In Memory: by  Karen Balog

Elaine May (Shively)Lumley – June 11, 1944 – February13, 2023

Grace Lydia (Shively) Ehresman – July 3, 1918 – March 5, 2023

Helen E. (Lewis) Manlove – July 22,1926 – March 26,2023

Elaine Marie (O’Neill) Reynolds – Oct. 16, 1948 – May 25, 2023

James Henry – March 3, 1933 – May 30, 2023

Kenneth Granville – Passed February 13, 2023

Junia Winona Brewer Vannoy – April 25, 1932 – Feb. 13, 2023

Kathy (Mary Kathleen Young) Lilley – Sept. 9, 1931 – Nov. 5, 23

Gen W. Brunn – November. 28,1954 – November 8, 2023

Elizabeth (Crum)McEachen – Aug.31, 1940 -Dec. 26, 2023


PCRTA EX. Board Meeting 03-07-24 

Members Present:  Chris DeMarco, Jim Montaquila, Helena Perry, Lisa DeMarco, Denise Craig, Connie Evans, Karen Balog, Pat Gynn, David Gynn, Sandy Kerstetter, JoAnn McEwen, Kay Wise, Rosemary Hostler, Terry Schoettler, Judy Morgan.

President Chris DeMarco called to order the 501(c)(3) meeting

Scholarship Treasurer’s Report:  Balance as of December 31,2023

Savings Account Balance –        12,186.24

Investment Account Balancer    92,078.95

All accounts are now at Home Town Saving.

Scholarship/Teach Grant Committee report: scholarship applications were delivered to each Portage County high school principals and guidance counselors.

Application deadline for Future Teacher Scholarships is Friday, April 5.

Janet Longanecker from Kent Holden Elementary, Matthew Wunderle from Ravenna High School, and Wendy Connair and John Marfy from Crestwood

received our $500.00 Teach Grants.  Winners will be invited to our May Luncheons.

Denise Craig made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Karen second the motion.

President Chris DeMarco opened th 501(c)(4) meeting.

Recording Secretary’s Report: No revisions were made for the January meeting.  All reports are online.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance of investments is $46,046.03 and Scholarship balance is $94,539.90

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: a sympathy card was sent for the loss ofRon Snowberger wife and a get- well card was sent to David Gynn.

V.P’s Report:  At Maplewood, Wednesday, April 17 at 11:30 we will be meeting for lunch. Also Sunday June 3 we will be attending Weathervane for the show Something Rotten.  Dinner following at Papa Joes. For reservations

 Please let Wendy Cooly know by May 30.

President’s Report: ORTA is asking active teachers to vote for Michelle Flanigan for STRS Ohio Board.  Robin Rayfield will be speaking at our September luncheon on a pilot program for new membership for retired and active teachers.

New Business: Beginning in May anyone paying for lunch at the door will have to pay $20.00. Judy Morgan is looking for new groups to raise funds for.

Kay Wise made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Rosemary Hostler second the motion.

PCRTA Minutes 01-24-24

Members Present: Chris DeMarco, Lisa DeMarco, Connie Evans, Karen Balog, KayWise, Dan McCombs, Jim Montaquila, Terry Schoettler, Wendy Cooly, JoAnn McEwen, and John Kerstetter.

President Chris DeMarco called to order the 501(c)(3) meeting.

Scholarship Treasure’s report: Balance is $91,111.00.
Scholarship/Teacher Grant Report: Scholarships applications are going out to all high school principals and guidance counselors this month. Committee members are Darlene Fetterhoff, David Gynn, Joanne Sikes, and Jim Montaquilla. Four grant winners were selected for the 2023-2024 school year. Congratulations the winners, Wendy Connair, Janet Longenecker, John Marfy and Matthew Wunderle.
Jim Montaquilla would like to add an Article for Teacher Grants into the Bylaws. A committee will have to be established to follow through on this new Article.
Kay Wise moved to adjourn the 501(c)(3) meeting and Wendy Colley seconded the motion.

President Chris DeMarco called to order the 501(c)(4) meeting.

Recording Secretary’s Report: No revisions were made for the September meeting. All reports are online.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Denise Craig sent a Sympathy Card to the family of Kathy Tilley.

Treasure’s Report: Beginning Balance: $13,091.61 (January to December 2023), Total Expenses: $12,023.46

$500 will be sent to ORTA for the Pension Defense Fund.

An amendment was made to change the Miscellaneous Fund from $350.00 to $850.00 to cover the contribution. Karen Balog made a motion to amend and Dan McCombs seconded the motion.

Dan McCombs moved to approve the 2024 budget and Karen Balog seconded the motion.

V.P. Report: Wend Cooly welcomed as our new Vice-President.

The July speaker will be Eileen Schonfield and September’s speaker will be Robin Rayfield from ORTA on membership information for retired teachers.

President’s Report: Bylaws wording regrading ORTA’s name change to Ohio Retired Association to Ohio Retirement for Teachers should be reflected in our Bylaws.

New Business:

The Social Committee will meet this month to begin making plans for the upcoming 2024 year.

Karen Balog stated that we have lost 50 members from 2020 to 2023. Last year the members that have passed are Elain Lumley, Grace Ehresman, Helen Manlove, Elaine Reynolds, Henry James, Kenneth Granville, Kathy Lilly, Gene Brunn, and Elizabeth McEachen. Our memorial program will be held on March 14, 2024.

We would like to also welcome Terry Schoettler as the head of our membership committee and Helena Perry will be taking over as PCRTA newsletter editor.
Kay Wise moved to adjourn the meeting and Terry Schoettler seconded the motion.