Grant Winners 2020-21


PCRTA will introduce the winners of teacher grants at our July luncheon meeting. Teacher grants support innovative educational projects and activities that would otherwise not be possible.

Tammy Anfang and Kim Marfy from Crestwood Middle School used their grant funds “to show how strong writing skills produce results and change in real world applications.” All 8th graders researched local non-profit organizations and volunteer opportunities. They wrote grant proposals and delivered persuasive presentations. The winning groups received grant funds for their proposals. This PCRTA grant funded student grants to non-profit organizations.

Gretchen Sivinski, the Tech Prep Advisor at Ravenna High School, will use a Cricut Maker Cutter system to design posters “to transform the building environment to reflect progress and positive attitudes” when students return to classrooms in the fall. Her goal is to encourage all students to leave school with solid plans for their futures whether they be Enrollment in higher education, Employment in productive careers or Enlistment in military service.

Nicole Giammo Walldek and Vanessa Shafer used grant funds to purchase materials to increase interest in STEM careers for students at James A. Garfield Middle School. Students had the opportunity to participate in group projects and hands-on learning “to show growth in brainstorming, designing, making models, analyzing,

Matthew Wunderle’s American Government students at Ravenna High School combined an interest in politics and elections and married it with Gen Z’s love of technology. Students created virtual reality campaign advertisements using an Oculus Quest 2 and a Google Tilt Brush application. A goal for the project “is not only to allow students to think strategically about campaigns, but to inspire participation in the political process and stimulate interest in political career paths.”