Archive of Minutes 2015

PCRTA Executive Meeting November 12, 2015

Members present: Jan Fencl, Kay Wise, Jim Montaquila, Pat Farley, Judy Morgan, Connie Evans, John Kerstetter, Ron Snowberger, Edith Scott, Judy Hendershot, Georgia Darrah, Helena Parry, Ruth Weigand, Dan McCombs, Richard Brockett. Barb Cribbs, Dave Gynn, Pat Gynn

President Helena Parry called the 501c3 meeting to order. She asked for any corrections on the minutes for the September 10th meeting. Kay Wise made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jan Fencl. Motion passed.

501c3 Scholarship Treasury Report Sept.1 – Oct. 31, 2015

By Darlene Fetterhoff

Two remaining scholarships to be awarded by Dec. 31, 2015.

Nancy Bliss requested that their scholarship be called Ken and Nancy Bliss Scholarship rather than the Bliss Family Scholarship

President Helena said that the treasury report will be filed for audit.

Scholarship chair Jim Montaquila said that he received a thank you note from Erica Taylor.

Ron Snowberger made a motion to award up to 5 scholarships at $1500 each along with the Ken and Nancy Bliss Scholarship, seconded by Jan Fencl. Motion carried.


President Helena Parry called the 501c4 meeting to order.

She asked if there were any additions or corrections.

Darlene Fetterhoff made the motion to accept the minutes from the September 2015 meeting, seconded by Georgia. Motion carried.

Membership chair Judy Hendershot announced that Teresa Cianchetti, a Suffield elementary 31 year teacher, received the Teacher of the Year Award. She said she sent her a congratulations card from PCRTA.

PCRTA Treasury Report, Dave Gynn Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, Darlene Fetterhoff.

September 1 – October 31,2015

Darlene Fetterhoff gave the 501c4 treasurer’s report in Dave Gynn’s absence. President Helena asked if there were any additions or corrections to the report. Darlene Fetterhoff made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Georgia Darrah. Motion passed.

Vice President Georgia Darrah said that the November luncheon speaker, Carolynn Mostyn, will entertain us with her presentation …”Out of My Mature Mind” and the December program will be “The Sounds of Christmas Carols and Songs” by our own PCRTA members, Len Suzelis and Marty Hatcher.

ORTA Trustee Ron Snowberger reported that the suggestions at the ORTA fall conference by him an Helena Parry well received. He said the ORTA Spring 2016 conference will be in Alliance on April 20th , April 12th , Xenia Ohio, April 13th, Findlay, and Cambridge on April 19th.

In the meeting for the ORTA SURVEY/NEEDS ASSESSMENT Terrie Huston passed out the minutes from the internal communication audit and stated only 484 people responded to the survey equaling 2% of the membership and 737 emails were from mostly leadership persons, only 47% responded.

In terms of membership satisfaction & accountability, she noted “if approximately 39% is representative of the larger membership who also don’t know or don’t believe ORTA lives into its Mission/Vision, this translated to approximately 8500 uninformed or dissatisfied members and affects potential growth and potential.

Ron said that Dr. John Cavanaugh is the new Executive director. Ron reminded members that ORTA dues are due Dec. 15th. He said that the current president sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner to recognize the money amount in PCRTA volunteer work hours which amounted to 42 million dollars.

Membership was discussed in depth by control crisis management and the wish to recruit current teachers to become ORTA members.

Helena Parry will be ORTA Trustee for PCRTA for the next two years

ORTA’S new president wants ORTA members to be more active.

ORTA has partnered with Habitat for Humanity statewide and has requested that all the chapters get attached locally. Certificates will be given for this service project.

It was suggested to volunteer at Restore in Kent.

Dave Gynn will chair an ad hoc committee for recruitment involvement. Georgia volunteered for the committee.

Georgia Darrah, Judy Hendershot and Dan McCombs will be on the committee chaired by Dave Gynn for the PCRTA 50TH anniversary celebration next year. It was noted that Ron Snowberger could bring his stamp collection and Hal Hall has a gourd collection.

President Helena said 8 PCRTA members volunteered at the Portage County Clothing Center last Friday.

Membership Dave Gynn said that one new member joined and 12 members were dropped after several contacts. He will notify them with post cards. He said that five members joined in September.

After Dave requested a motion to have honorary memberships, Dan McCombs made the motion for PCRTA Honorary memberships for Janica John, Betty Park, Jean Porter and Mary Schillmiller,seconded by Ron Snowberger. Motion carried.

Memorial and Sunshine chair Judy Hendershot said PCRTA lost 2 members since September: namely,Marilyn Elger and Janice Marshall who passed away. She sent Nancy Bliss a get well card.

Community Service chair Judy Morgan said that PCRTA has 4327 community service hours.

She received a thank you letter from Big Brothers and Big Sisters for our donations of money and gift cards. She said today‘s collection was food collection and the December collection will be hats, gloves and neck scarves and could use the same for adults. Money donations are also welcomed.

Legislative chair Dan McCombs thanked Carol Kinsey state legislative chair. Carol said Emails are critical in contacting legislators (Postal mail could take three months before it is read).

Helena thanked Dan for his hard work.

NEOMED proctoring scheduler Edith Scott asked members to sign up for proctoring today or at the luncheon meeting.

Helena said that she is still in need of a newsletter editor and all info needs to be in by Feb. 1st.

Nominations chair Jan Fencl announced the 2016 slate of officers; namely, Vice-President- Georgia Darrah, Recording Secretary – Carol Stokes, Treasurer – Dave Gynn and ORTA Trustee Helena Parry. Dan McCombs will present the slate of officers and Ron Snowberger will install them at the luncheon meeting.

Pre-Retirement co-chair Richard Brockett said that a flyer will be sent to all the Portage County schools around March 1st. The Pre-Retirement meeting for teachers who plan to retire in 2016 will be on Thursday, April 19 at Channel 45/49 building in Kent.

Georgia said that Laura Nethkin always does a good job with PCRTA pictures and info for the Record Courier. She said that she has submitted three articles to ORTA to be published in the Quarterly. Members being honored are Saroj Sutaria, Amy Adams and Joanne Stikes.

Lunch Reservation Chair Pat Farley said that there are 52 November lunch reservations and 30 December lunch reservations.

Social/Travel KSU Orchestra Concert was attended by about 30 PCRTA people on Oct. 4th, eight people attended the KSU Fashion Museum on Nov. 5th, and the Western Reserve concert will be at 4:00 P.M. in Hudson on Dec. 20th. The Kent Historical Society Museum tour January date is to be announced.

John and Sandy Kerstetter are retiring from the Social Committee.

Webmaster Connie Evans was thanked by President Helena after asking if there were any additions or corrections.

Helena asked for any suggestions for our anniversary celebration and to reemphasize membership.

Kay Wise made for a motion to adjourn, seconded by John Kerstetter. Motion carried.

PCRTA November 19, 2015 Luncheon Meeting

President Helena Parry called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

She thanked the greeters, Mark Stall and Jan Ryan and welcomed Lola, a new member.

Proctoring Scheduler Edith Scott thanked all the proctors. She said that she has 50 proctors scheduled and needs 15 more.

Membership Judy Hendershot thanked new members and two died recently; namely, Janice Marshall and Marilyn Elgin. She sent 12 members final reminders recently.

Janet Zimmerman said that letters of invitation did not get to Crestwood.

President Helena appointed an ad hoc committee to try to solve the problem.

Dave Gynn announced the 50 year PCRTA anniversary and needs a recipe for success:

Suggestions for speaker, greeter, list of active committees, special birthday committee are needed and members to sign up to be on a committee and those volunteers names will be in a drawing for 6 gifts.

Vice President Georgia Darrah said that she appreciates ideas for programs.

Community Service Chair Judy Morgan thanked the members for the food donations.

She said that she received thank you notes from Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Portage County animal shelter. She said that the December project is scarves, mittens, and hats.

She said that our total volunteer hours is 835.6 hours.

Legislative chair Dan McCombs said that there is zero cost increase on Social Security.

Dave Gynn visited the governor. Carol Kinsey, ORTA Legislative Committee Chairperson, will attend our December luncheon meeting.

It was stated that the Eastern Vice president passed away recently.

Election of Officers was open to the floor with no response. Then Judy Hendershot made the motion to accept the slate of officers as presented; namely, Georgia Darrah for Vice President. Carol Stokes for Recording Secretary and Dave Gynn for Treasurer, seconded by Ron Snowberger. Motion carried.

President Helena thanked Ron Snowberger for being ORTA trustee.

Helena Parry will be the ORTA trustee for PCRTA.

It was announced that the Western Reserve Christmas Band Concert date is Dec. 20th at 4:00 P.M. at the Hudson Congregational Church in Hudson, followed by dinner at Zeppe’s.

She thanked Ron Snowberger for being ORTA Trustee. A motion was made and carried for Helena Parry to be trustee. Social Committee member Ken Granville announced that the Western Reserve Christmas Band Concert at Hudson Congregational Church will be on Dec. 20th at 4:00 P.M. followed by dinner at Zeppe’s in Hudson.

Connie Evans gave the meditation, entitled The Art of Thanksgiving, a poem by Wolfert A. Peterson.

It stressed being an inspiration for others, each new day by living your best, thanking God for happiness and making others happy.

Recording Secretary Ruth Weigand was presented a gift card for ten year service in that office. Ron Snowberger was also recognized for his four year term as ORTA Trustee with a gift card.

Ron said that ORTA wants the role of trustee to work with Habitat for Humanity. Recruiting volunteers to work with that organization will increase publicity for ORTA and PCRTA.

The Brockett’s won the 50/50 raffle.

Vice-President Georgia Darrah introduced Carolyn Mostyn, who gave a talk entitled “Out of My Mature Mind” and said there are three signs of aging; namely, out of shape body, memory loss, and difference between black and blue socks. Age is a state of mind. Healthy laughter, volunteering and exercise prolongs health. She said we will age but we don’t have to grow old.

PCRTA December 17, 2015 Luncheon Meeting

President welcomed guests and musicians and thanked the decoratively dressed greeters, Virginia Kuyon and Terri Schoettler.

President Helena thanked the Executive Committee: Evelyn Park, Jim Montaquila, Darlene Fetterhoff, Judy Hendershot, Georgia Darrah, Ruth Weigand, Ron Snowberger, Dan McCombs, Dave Gynn, Pat Gynn, Mary Ann and Richard Brockett, Kay Wise, Edith Scott, Judy Morgan, Judy Hendershot, Connie Evans, and Pat Farley and absent John and Sandy Kerstetter and Carol Kinsey ORTA Legislative chair.

She announced that the Executive Committee will meet on January 14th, 2016.

Edith Scott requested that the proctors pick up the new schedule and sign up before they leave today.

Membership chair Judy Hendershot announced that PCRTA lost Robert Stanton and David Mohan from KSU. Dave Gynn said that he will give non-renewed members a call after already sending renewal cards earlier. Matt Leedom, our printer, sent a card to PCRTA saying it’s a pleasure to have served you and looks forward to continuing his service.

Dave is planning to have a committee for recruitment of new members.

He said that next year is the 50th anniversary of PCRTA and there will be a September celebration and it will be PR oriented.

Social Committee has December 20th Western Reserve Band Concert at Hudson Congregational Church at 4:00 P.M. on December 20th, followed by dinner at Zeppe’s in Hudson.

Community Service chair Judy Morgan thanked members for turning in their volunteer hours in the amount of 4,211 hrs. She said that Joann Stikes has been helping her. She thanked everyone for their hours and asked for any suggestions for donations for next year.

Denise Craig gave the meditation, entitled “The Hundredth Monkey” on the island of Koshima which achieved an awareness and strength for others.

Georgia thanked Helena for making the table decorations, five of which were given to the officers and the rest were raffled off. Carol Kinsey drew the numbers. Connie Evans won $72 in the 50/50 raffle.

ORTA Legislative Committee Chairperson Carol Kinsey was introduced. She said that Dr. John Cavanaugh became the new ORTA President after 35 applicants with only 8 interviewed. He co-founded cross cultural communication and hired an intern who will follow legislation and recruiting Dave Gynn as the Eastern District Director. Carol said that April 20th, 2016 the spring conference will be in Alliance.

Knowledge is power. Involvement gets things done. Record volunteer hours which are awarded to chapters by size.

Legislative Dan McCombs said that Habitat for Humanity was discussed on October 4th. Deductible on insurance will increase for everyone. STRS is carefully monitoring OPERS because its members had to choose their healthcare plans.

Rep. Ryan represented our wishes and Rep. Sherrod Brown tried to keep things the same and Rep. Portman’s aide visited 7 congressional districts.

ORTA President Darlene Ruzicka Emailed a letter to the Honorable John Boehner on Oct. 14, 2015,stating that ORTA is the voice, the eyes, and the ears of OHIO’s retired educators. ORTA advocates and promotes the protection and improvement of pensions, benefits and services available to OHIO’S active and retired educators. ORTA represents and works on behalf of our constituents with STRS (State Teachers Retirement System) Ohio, the Ohio Legislature and other agencies dealing with retirement issues. This is our MISSION.

She stated “ In 2014 of the 90 chapters of ORTA 86% chapters reported 523,886 volunteer hours by our members. The economic impact that ORTA members put on their OHIO communities in 2014 is $11,813,629.30. “I am asking for your consideration of reinvesting and contributing $500,000.00 to the Ohio Retired Teachers’ Association from your “Campaign Funds, not as a token, but as “earned compensation” by a very hard working group of OHIOANS. They have not asked for recognition andmany refuse to return in their volunteer hours because they do not want recognition.

Note: She hoped he would reinvest in Ohio by reinvesting in Ohio retired teachers and thanked him for his dedicated service and representation of Ohioans and wished him a happy retirement andCongratulations on a job well done!

He said the County Board of Elections are looking for retired teachers to work at the polls.

President Helena Parry thanked Carol Kinsey and Dan McCombs. Carol wished us a joyous holiday season.

Public Relations Chair Georgia Darrah introduced Marty Hatcher, Len Suzelis, and Ted Suzelis

who performed their program, “The Sounds of Christmas Carols and Songs” which included the history of some of the carols and some audience sing-along with their power point presentation.

A piano interlude was performed by Marty Hatcher.

President Helena thanked the musicians, wished everyone Happy Holidays and said I’ll see you in March.

PCRTA Executive Board Meeting 

                  March 12, 2015

Present:  Pat Gynn, Dave Gynn, Georgia Darrah, Helena Parry, Ruth Weigand, Ron Snowberger, Jim Montquila, Connie Evans, Darlene Fetterhoff, Judy Morgan, Sandy Kerstetter, Kay Wise

President – Helena Parry called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand  President Helena asked if there were any additions or corrections to the January 29, 2015 minutes.  Connie Evans made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.  In the absence of the Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Cribbs, Pat Gynn sent invitations to the families of the 2014 deceased PCRTA members to attend our March meeting for the memorial tribute.

Webmaster Connie Evans has prepared a presentation that will scroll on a screen during the meeting.

Treasurer – Dave Gynn: 

Treasurers Report 

January 1 – February 28, 2015

Checking Balance-January 1, 20155,188.15
ORTA Dues1,800.00
EXPENSES:ORTA Dues1,860.00
Membership-Post Card Stamps34.00
 Newsletter-Matt Leedom265.78
Checking Balance-Feb. 285,368.38
Savings Balance-Feb. 28305.00
Stifel Balance-Feb. 2838,251.64
Scholarship Savings Bal.-Feb. 2816,194.58
Scholarship Checking Bal.-Feb 2811,587.43
Scholarship Stifel Bal.-Feb. 2825,224.92

Membership – Paid

State Life/Portage Life218
State Life/Portage 20159
State Life/Portage 20163
State 2015/Portage Life7
State 2015/Portage 2015128
State 2016/Portage Life2
State 2016/Portage 20153
State 2016/Portage 20167
Associate (2015,2019,2021)6

Membership – Due

No State/Portage Life9
State Life/Portage 20144
State 2014/Portage Life6
State 2014/Portage 201432
Associate 20141

Dave said that $8,500 was transferred from the Stifel balance to the Stifel Scholarship Balance.  He said that he needs to remind Judy Kirman to send reminders to those who have not paid. Dave will follow up with phone calls.  Dave said that the budget that was presented at the January meeting was to live within this year’s income but there is an account that has funds from which committees can request necessary expenditures.  Georgia Darrah requested fifty dollars for the March meeting speaker and will request as needed for future meetings.  PCRTA received $150 in memory of Jane Hussler and $25 for Rebecca Moore.  It was stated that the money amount for NEOMED proctoring has not changed.  Darlene said that the IRS notified her that there has been a scam on the 990 accounts, so she had to change the password.

Vice-president – Georgia Darrah said the guest speaker for the luncheon next week will be historian Frank Barrett, assisted by his wife. He will speak about the Underground Railroad in our area and also about the Quakers.  It was decided that PCRTA would give him $50 as a gesture of our appreciation.  Georgia said that she would pass around a sign-up sheet at the luncheon meeting for members to volunteer as greeters and to do the meditation for our meetings.(only 2 signed up last November.)  Georgia asked Dave to give the membership report for Judy Hendershot and asked Ron Snowberger to do the 50/50 drawing at next week’s meeting.

ORTA Trustee – Ron Snowberger said that there is no new ORTA news. There is the ORTA spring conference in April.  President Helena said that she has received a request from Robinson Memorial Hospital to judge scholarships for employee dependents. There will be three different types of scholarships at $1,000 each.  President Helena also announced that Portage County Clothing Center needs volunteers from 10:00 A.M.  to 2:00 P.M. on Friday, May 29, 2015, July 31,2015, and October 30, 2015.  Four PCRTA members volunteered for May 29th, 2015.

Archivist – Pat Gynn is replacing deceased PCRTA member, Norm Park and recently picked up the Archival things from Evelyn. Pat is working on keeping things in timeline order, or by type, such as obituaries together, minutes kept separately, newsletters, or how to do it.  Please save anything you see in the newspapers, such as meeting notices, PR articles, articles about members, obituaries, and so on. She would also like to have copies of the agendas and things put out on the tables for meetings and also any pictures anyone takes.  President Helena asked members present to save obituaries of deceased PCRTA members and PCRTA articles from the Record Courier.  It was stated that Pat should ask for money to pay for supplies to preserve the PCRTA info.  President Helena thanked Pat for the work ahead of her.

Community Service – Judy Morgan said that the March Community service project is to donate supplies for the Portage County Animal Protective League and to be sure to donate Purina dog food along with kitty litter, paper towels, heavy trash bags, newspaper, cardboard, and magazines. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Portage County (gift cards or donations) will be for the May meeting.

Memorial & Sunshine – Judy Hendershot is working at home.  Pat Gynn said she has the obituaries of the deceased members ready to have on display at the luncheon.  Connie has prepared the slide show. Dave will read Norm’s last letter to PCRTA.  President Helena thanked Connie and Dave. Judy Hendershot has been sending cards.

Proctoring Services – Edith Scott was attending a funeral and staying with her sister recently.

Newsletter – Judy Kirman liked the shortened newsletter.  As of the last newsletter, thirty more people accepted E-mail.  Luncheon reservations were due by March 1st.  President Helena said that she needs all newsletter items by April 1st.

Protective Services Chair – Kay Wise announced the Reed Memorial Library semi-annual Library book sale will be Friday March 20 to Sun., March 22 with Thurs. Mar 19 Friends of R.M.I. only preview.  Also, the Friends of R.M.I. Book Shop has started an Open Door policy. If no volunteer is in the store, they are operating on the honor system. Sales and donations can go in the posted box. If customers need change, the Circulation Desk will have change available. For more info, call 330 296 2877 (ext.104).

Scholarship Chair – Jim Montaquila thanked Kay Wise and Darlene Fetterhoff for delivering the applications to all of the Portage County High schools. He said he has not received any so far.  He has sent post card reminders to all the guidance counselors.  Monday, March 13th 9:00 A.M. Darlene Fetterhoff, Kay Wise, Lowell Myers, Jan Fencl, Dave Gynn, and Jim Montaquila will meet at Brimfield steakhouse to choose the scholarship winners.

Social Committee Chairs – John and Sandy Kerstetter  Sandy announced that their committee members are Wendy Cooley, Denise Craig, Darlene Fetterhoff, Anita Foote, Ken & Nancy Granville, Dave Gynn, Terry Schoetler, Saroj Sutaria, and Kay Wise.


June 7 – OKLAHOMA at Weathervane Theater at 2:30 & dinner following at Papa Joe‘s – Chair: Wendy Cooley

July 23 – Rubber Ducks v Altoona at Rubber Ducks Stadium in Akron – Chair: Darlene Fetterhoff

August 2 – HAIRSPRAY at PORTHOUSE 2:00 PM dinner following at Sarah’s Vineyard – Chair: Sandy Kerstetter & Kay Wise

August 22 – D-DAY AT CONNEAUT, OHIO –BUS TOUR 8AM-8PM – Chair: Dave Gynn  Includes visit to Covered Bridges and dinner at a Vineyard

OCTOBER (Date to be announced later) – KSU ORCHESTRA CONCERT – 3:00 P.M.  Dinner following at Pufferbelly – Chair: Terry Schoettler

NOVEMBER (Date and time to be announced later) – KSU FASHION MUSEUM TOUR  Meal following at Bricco’s – Chair: Denise Craig

DECEMBER – WESTERN RESERVE BAND CONCERT at Hudson Congregational Church  Dinner following at Zeppe’s in Hudson – Chair: Ken & Nancy Granville

JANUARY 2016 – LUNCH WITH KSU CHEF – Chair: Anita Foote

Webmaster – Connie Evans said that Karen Balog helped do a large portion of the web last month.  Our website has had 10,786 hits.

New Business:

Darlene Fetterhoff made the motion to bring books twice a year to sell for scholarships, seconded by Kay Wise. Dave suggested doing it in July after announcing it in May. Motion carried.  Darlene suggested a telephone committee for care and concern for members who are unable to attend.  Dave will recruit people and Darlene will call Evelyn.

Georgia Darrah made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff. Motion carried.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting

March 9, 2015

Greeters were JoAnn Stikes and Kay Wise. Guest was Frank Michal Barrett and his wife.

President Helena Parry announced that Ron Snowberger will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets.  She called the meeting to order at the Ravenna Elks club and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  She welcomed Evelyn Parker and her two guests, Grace Rimer and Carl Diska. Joanna Cardinal introduced her daughter, Melissa.  President Helena requested volunteers for the Portage County Clothing Center for May 29thDarlene Fetterhoff announced the book sale for the July meeting.

Vice President Georgia Darrah sent a pink sheet for members to sign up to do the meditations for the 2015 luncheon meetings.

Treasurer Dave Gynn announced that 377 members have paid their dues and 42 are unpaid. 9 members are PCRTA members only. Last year there were 420 members. Melissa Habowsky joined today. ORTA has stated that new members who join this year that their dues will be free next year. PCRTA needs a few more members to have a trustee.

Evelyn Park will chair the new committee to contact home-bound members with greetings from PCRTA.  Helena stated there’’s a signup sheet if you have a new e-mail and introduced the guest speaker, Frank Barrett and his wife.

Judy Morgan thanked everyone for the 17,000 volunteer hours for last year and to write this years’ hours on the sheet that is being passed around.

Kay Wise told a joke and then announced the names of the members of the social committee and said it has 6 different activities for members to sign up for any of the 2015 activities on the sheets on the table and to sign up for a ride if you need one.  Kay said that Reed Memorial Library is having a book sale today, tomorrow, and Saturday, but Sunday was for FOL members only.

It was announced that the August 22 trip is a re-enactment in Normandy on D-Day – a one and a half hour battle. Bring a folding chair. Dinner will be included in the $82 cost.  It was announced that there are 80 ORTA chapters, but only 10 have trustees who serve a two year term.  April 23rd is the ORTA spring meeting at 0SU $30 registration.

Georgia Darrah read a meditation, entitled, ““That Was Us”,” a poem and a prayer.  President Helena thanked Georgia and asked Ron to do the 50/50 drawing, $46 out of $92, won by Carolyn Scherer, who donated it back to PCRTA.

President Helena thanked Pat Gynn for the memorial pictures that were displayed on the table with the following names: Alice Darr, Rick Dorr, David Allen Evans, Jean Gilley, Phyllis Hendricks, Jane Sawyer Hostler, Milton Manes, Dr. Lloyd Mills, Rebecca Armstrong Perkins Moore, Norman D. Park, Jane Reynolds, James Rinier, Richard Rufener, Richard Rimer, Lucy Warner, Ann Wiedeman, and Dick Wilson. In Memory of our Beloved Friends on a slate read “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever”.  Connie Evans prepared the on-screen presentation of the pictures of the deceased and what grade and/or university at which they taught.

President Helena introduced our speaker, Historian Frank Barrett and his wife, who are members of the Alliance Area Preservation Society which purchased and restored the Haines House–a restored house that helped slaves in the underground railroad. It was the Quakers who encouraged the freedom of all people.

President Helena thanked the speaker and the people who came for the memorial service and the memorial committee. She also thanked Connie Evans for the presentation on the screen of the deceased and Pat Gynn for the table display of memorial pictures and the obituaries of the deceased.  Meeting was adjourned.

PCRTA Special Meeting

February 6, 2015 – by Ron Snowberger

President Darlene Ruzicka called a joint meeting of the state Membership, Pre-Retirement Planning, Public Relations and Technology Committees. The goal was to discuss each committee’s purpose and determine ways to improve communication to build ORTA membership. I serve on the ORTA’s Pre-Retirement Planning CommitteeWe examined the purposes, objectives and job description of the local chapter committees. Revisions included resources for chapters and suggestions for hosting an event. Suggestions include working closely with the Membership Committee to follow up with attendees and providing one-year chapter membership to participants.

The Technology Committee stressed the need for a full-time ORTA employee to manage the website, review each chapter website and coordinate social media sources. They suggested chapters look at using Constant Contact Program to communicate with members.

The Membership Committee suggested a more thorough analysis of the membership program which is seeing fewer members every year. Keep doing what you have always done and you will keep getting what you have always gotten.

The Public Relations Committee recommended that chapters continue to publicize their events and successes on the website, social media and local newspaper. They recommended a state-wide community service project to increase visibility. They will recommend that the ORTA board adopt Habitat for Humanities with a kickoff in Columbus this fall and implementation of the project throughout 2016. Chapters could promote HFH, volunteer to help with building, serve on the local committee, collect donations or volunteer to work for Restore, hold a shower for new habitat owners and numerous other activities. Chapters could engage active teachers and non-members.

Darlene reminded us that at 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. With boiling water comes steam. With steam you have power. Turn up the heat.

PCRTA Executive Board Meeting

January 29, 2015

Present:  Dan McCombs, Jim Montaquila,  Darlene Fetterhoff,  Kay Wise, Ruth Weigand, Helena Parry, Georgia Darrah,  Edie Scott, Ron Snowberger, Barb Cribbs, Sandy Kerstetter, Connie Evans and Judy Morgan.

President – Helena Parry called the meeting to order.

Scholarship Chair- Jim Montequila Jim Montaquila presented the proposed scholarship application form with a request for suggestions from the Executive Committee to address andy changes, especially in Section 9.  Jim stressed that number 1 and number 5 are important.  It was stated that the applicants my not know by the April 3 application deadlinethe grants and/or theter scholarship monies thay may receive.  Darlene Fetterhoff, JIm Montaquila, and Dave Gynn collaborated to prepare this new application form.

Scholarship purpose: To promote the teaching profession and financially assist Portage County high school graduates who are aspiring teachers.

The Portage County Retired Teachers Association will award scholarships of $1500 to deserving 2015 graduating seniors from Portage County high schools. Scholarship winners and their chapperones will be invited to the July PCRTA luncheon to accept their scholarship. Each individual receiving a scholarship will be required to submit a photo for publication.

Application deadline:  Friday, April 3, 2015  

Application Requirements:

  1. Submit a neat typed resume.  Be sure to include your mailing address, email address, and your telephone number.
  2. List the extracurricular activities and leadership positions held and how you demonstrated leadership while holding those positions during your high school years.
  3. Describe your participation in community service projects.
  4. List the extracurricular activities that you participated in and the degree of your involvement with each activity along with any outside work activity..
  5. Write a short essay about future college plans and professional goals and the reasons why you feel that you should be selected.
  6. Attach two or more professional recommendations that show how you qualify for a PCRTA scholarship.
  7. Please explain any factors that would explain your financial need for this scholarship.
  8. Check one or more factors that apply to your financial need:
  • Parents or family will pay          %
  • Student will pay          %
  • Student loans will pay     %
  • Grants will pay          %
  • Scholarships will pay          %
  • Aid from the incoming college will pay          %
  1.  Attach an official school transcript including standardized test scores.

Submit application to:

  James Montaquila

1490 Morris Drive

Peninsula, Ohio 44264

It was suggested that some students work and may not be in extracurricular activities. Jim stressed that number 1 and number 5 are important. It was stated that applicants may not know by the April 3rd application deadline the grants and/or other scholarship monies they may receive.

Darlene said that Ray Aeschliman donated $1500 for a scholarship for a financial need along with monies for future scholarships. She said that three out of the six scholarships are PCRTA scholarships. Edith Scott said that no more money beyond the $7500 received from NEOMED will be given this year. Dave recommended that $7500 could be awarded this year. In his absence, Darlene Fetterhoff made the motion that six $1500 scholarships should be awarded, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

Edie suggested that each school should receive only one scholarship. The statement was made that there are no applications received from some of the Portage County high schools. Scholarship applications are due by April 3rd. Darlene Fetterhoff, Kay Wise, Lowell Meyers, Jan Fencl, and Jim Montaquila are on the scholarship committee.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand: President Helena Parry asked for a motion to accept the November and December minutes. Georgia Darrah made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Connie Evans.  Motion passed.

Treasurer  – Dave Gynn In Dave’s absence, Darlene presented the 2014 PCRTA Financial Report

                                 2014 PCRTA Financial Report
January 1 Balance                       16,307.51
Dues – ORTA Annual                    4,100.00
Dues- ORTA Life Membership                       500.00
DUES – PCRTA Annual                    1,705.00
DUES – PCRTA Life Membership                       300.00
Scholarship                       981.00
Luncheons                    5,524.00
50/50 Drawings                       309.50
50/50 Donations                       114.50
Trips                    1,600.00
TOTAL INCOME                       15,134.00
Dues – ORTA Annual                    4,200.00
Dues – ORTA Life Membership                       500.00
Dues – PCRTA Life Savings                       300.00
Scholarship Donations                       981.00
Scholarship Transfer                    8,473.58
Luncheons                    6,411.00
Trips                    2,660.00
Luncheon Programs                       250.00
Luncheon Decorations                         59.55
Newsletter                    1,478.47
Website                       280.88
Auditing                       270.00
Pre-Retirement Workshop                       174.84
Membership Brochure                         90.00
Directory                         10.00
Legislative                         23.53
Postage                         84.11
Bank Fees                            6.00
TOTAL EXPENSES                       26,252.96
Checking Balance, December 31                         5,188.15
Savings Balance, December 31                            305.00
Stifel Balance, December 31                       29,029.12
Scholarship Fund Balances
Checking Balance, December 31                       10,109.35
Savings Balance, December 31                       14,144.22
Stifel Balance, December 31                       24,610.34
2014 Financial Report for PCRTA Scholarship Checking Account
Year 2014 CHECKING ACCOUNT BEGINNING AMOUNT                                                            (Transferred from 1st Savings to Kent Credit Union)  14,846.69
Member Donations2,990.00
NEOMED Proctoring Donation1,875.00
Transfer from PCRTA Account8,473.58
Six Scholarships (1,500 each)9,000.00
Cost for Recipients & Family Lunches     221.00
Transfer to Scholarship Savings Account8,473.58
Tax Preparation     200.00
501C3 State of Ohio fees     50.00
Office Supplies & Postage     48.19
Supplies for Scholarship Chairman     83.11
Year 2014 ENDING AMOUNT10,109.39

 2014 Financial Report for PCRTA Scholarship Savings Account

BEGINNING BALANCE (Transferred from PCRTA Scholarship Checking on 5/7/14)8,473.58
NEOMED (3 x $1,875)5,625.00
Stifel Investment $24,610.34

PORTA Trustee – Ron Snowberger Ron said that the ORTA. President Darlene Ruzicka is quite energetic. He said there is a serious concern with membership. She feels that we need to use technology and social media to help us with sessions on pre-retirement, membership, healthcare updates. legislative, etc., at our Spring conference. He announced that Helena will be our new trustee and will attend the fall board on Oct. 22. President Helena thanked all those present for agreeing to serve again.

Community Service – Judy Morgan Judy said that PCRTA had 17,062 hours of Community Service for 2014!

 Community Service Calendar for 2015

01/08/159:30Organizational Workshop (Kent Library – 2nd floor )
02/01/15 Newsletter Deadline
03/12/159:30 Executive Board Meeting
03/19/1512:00Luncheon Meeting – Program –  Frank Barrett, Historian
The Underground Railroad, Quakers
Memorial Service
Service Project:  P. C. Animal Protective League
04/01/15Newsletter Deadline
05/14/159:30Executive Board Meeting
05/21/1512:00Luncheon Meeting – Program – Jim Cain/ABMA
 Fraud Watch
Service Project : Big Brothers and Sisters of P.C. 
   (Gift Cards or Donations)
06/01/15Newsletter Deadline
06/11/15GED Graduation- Maplewood Career Center  
   (refreshments, servers, cards)
07/09/159:30Executive Board Meeting
07/16/1512:00Luncheon Meeting – Program –  Scholarship Winners
Service Project:  School Supplies for County Clothing Center
08/01/15Newsletter Deadline
09/10/159:30Executive Board Meeting
09/17/1512:00Luncheon Meeting
New Retirees – Program:  Brenda Nixon
 Inside the Amish Schoolroom
Service Project:  Be a Santa to a Senior  
   (Gift Cards or Donations)
10/01/15 Newsletter Deadline
11/12/159:30Executive Board Meeting
11/19/1512:00Luncheon – Installation – Program:  Carolyn Mostyn
Humorist and Entertainer
Service Project: Center of Hope   
   (Non-Perishable Foods and Donations)
12/17/1512:00Luncheon – Christmas Party – Musical Program:
Len Suzelis accompanied by Marty Hatcher
Service Project:  County Clothing Center  
   (Children’s Hats, Gloves, and Other Winter Items)

Legislative Chair Dan McCombs STRS has been trying to reduce costs. This year STRS had the Highest Five- Year NCI Return. STRS Ohio saved about $101million by using internal managers for about 7 years of the system’s assets. The sayings is based on the peer group’s median external management costs. STRS Ohio’s five-year total net return was the best in the group. He said HB 5697 is known as the equal Treatment of Public Servants for Social Security.  HB 597 is known as the Common Core bill would have repealed the common core program, but it did not go for a vote to either chamber. HB 225 caps the amount of time students spend on testing to 4 hours, passed the House and went to the Senate. ODE has proposed eliminating the requirement for districts to have 5 of 8 auxiliary teaching personnel: librarians, art and musical education teachers) per 1OOO students in schools. ORSC will look at permitting, not requiring systems to provide long term care and removing the authority for the STRS board to issue a 13th check which hasn’t happened for some lime.

Membership – Judy Hendershot In Judy’s absence, it was stated that membership info was sent to the new Ravenna retired teachers.

Memorial & Sunshine Since there is no chairperson [or this committee. it was discussed that 15 candles and/or red roses could be placed on a table with the name of each person Connie will call the Elks about a projector to scroll info about each deceased member during the meeting. Barb will write a letter to notify families. if they would like to attend.

Proctoring Scheduler – Edith Scott Edith said from September to December 2014 there were 4 fewer tests and 22 fewer proctors needed and 111 fewer hours towards community service than the same time period in 2013. Their technical person is being used as a proctor. Edie said she needs proctors Mon. Feb. 2nd and Fri., Feb.20th. Edith thanked everyone who volunteered so often, There are some new people on the list. For the new directory, there are a few copies.

Protective Services – Kay Wise Kay said that she will be delivering the scholarship info to all the Portage County Schools.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah The Record Courier very generously published the picture and the article I submitted from our December meeting when the 6th, and 7th  grade traveling choir from the Falcon Academy of Creative Arts performed under the direction of Laura Goldberg performed for us Our contact person at the Record Courier, Laura Nethken, is always very good about publishing all the items I submit.

Vice – President – Georgia Darrah Georgia said that all of the luncheon meetings have been planned for 2015. She said that she appreciates the suggestions from some of the board members to help her plan for a new year. They were very helpful. She said she received a thank you from Sharon Hunter.

Social & Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter Sandy said there’s a bus trip to Ashtabula planned in September to learn about the War of 1812.

Webmaster –  Connie Evans Connie reported that our web site had been hacked. She has managed to clean up the website with Secure Lock.

2015 Calendar

01/08/159:30Organizational Workshop (Kent Library – 2nd floor )
02/01/15 Newsletter Deadline
03/12/159:30 Executive Board Meeting
03/19/1512:00Luncheon Meeting – Program –  Frank Barrett, Historian
The Underground Railroad, Quakers 
Memorial Service
Service Project:  P. C. Animal Protective League
04/01/15Newsletter Deadline
05/14/159:30Executive Board Meeting
05/21/1512:00Luncheon Meeting – Program – Jim Cain/ABMA
 Fraud Watch
Service Project : Big Brothers and Sisters of P.C.
(Gift Cards or Donations)
06/01/15Newsletter Deadline
06/11/15GED Graduation- Maplewood Career Center
(refreshments, servers, cards)
07/09/159:30Executive Board Meeting
07/16/1512:00Luncheon Meeting – Program –  Scholarship Winners 
Service Project:  School Supplies for County Clothing Center
08/01/15Newsletter Deadline
09/10/159:30Executive Board Meeting
09/17/1512:00Luncheon Meeting
New Retirees – Program:  Brenda Nixon
Inside the Amish Schoolroom 
Service Project:  Be a Santa to a Senior
(Gift Cards or Donations)
10/01/15 Newsletter Deadline
11/12/159:30Executive Board Meeting
11/19/1512:00Luncheon – Installation – Program:  Carolyn Mostyn
Humorist and Entertainer
Service Project: Center of Hope
(Non-Perishable Foods and Donations)
12/17/1512:00Luncheon – Christmas Party – Musical Program:
Len Suzelis accompanied by Marty Hatcher
Service Project:  County Clothing Center
(Children’s Hats, Gloves, and Other Winter Items)