Archive of Minutes 2014

PCRTA Executive Board Meeting September 11, 2014

Members present: Jim Montaquila, Dan McCombs, Judy Morgan, Richard Brockett, Connie Evans, Judy Hendershot, Jan Fencl, Edith Scott, Helena Parry, Ron Snowberger, Kay Wise, Ruth Weigand

President Helena called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand

President Helena asked if there were any additions or corrections to the July minutes.

Ron Snowberger made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

Treasurer – Dave Gynn

PCRTA Executive Board Meeting

September 11, 2014

Members present: Jim Montaquila, Dan McCombs, Judy Morgan, Richard Brockett, Connie Evans, Judy Hendershot, Jan Fencl, Edith Scott, Helena Parry, Ron Snowberger, Kay Wise, Ruth Weigand President Helena called the meeting to order.   Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand President Helena asked if there were any additions or corrections to the July minutes. Ron Snowberger made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

Dave Gynn:  Treasurer’s Report  Aug 31, 2014

August 1 Checking Balance    4915.66
Income: PCRTA Dues 110.00 
  ORTA Dues 300.00 
  Scholarship 70.00 
             Luncheon (Late Pay)     26.00     
Total Income       506.00
Expenses:ORTA Dues 300.00
         Scholarship Deposits70.00 
             Newsletter 274.96 
                  Lakefront Lines – Deposit 174.84 
  Cuyahoga Valley – Deposit213.75 
Total Expenses    1,058.70
Aug 31 Checking Balance    4,362.96
Aug 31 Stifel Balance     
Scholarship Savings Bal. – Aug 31    12228.91
Scholarship Checking Bal .– Aug 31    13,873.00
Scholarship Stifel Bal. – Aug 31    Not Avail.

Payments to Lakefront Lines and Cuyahoga Valley National Park are deposits for trips.

The amounts will be returned to the treasury by participants’ reservation fees. Any

excess tour income over expenses will remain in a special account for future trips.

Treasury reports in future newsletters will be totals only (no detail). The detailed account

will be provided to board members and available for any member. A year-to-date column will be added to provide additional information.

Stifel account balances are not available at this time. The amounts will be added to this report when the statements are received.

Ron Snowberger said he did an audit.

Two representatives from Family and Community Services were introduced. RSVP of Portage County

Assistant director Crystal Shanley and program coordinator Kara Vance wish to build on and develop two areas in Kent and Ravenna in which more volunteers will be needed.

MAP is to help people find health care assistance, provide access to discounted prescriptions, and provide individual or group educational programs.

There is a new transportation program to transport veterans and seniors for job training, medical appointments, counseling appointments, and educational classes.

Reimbursement to the volunteer is 20 cents per mile up to $30 a month.

RSVP has a limited liability insurance for a patient who is transported.

Contact if interested.

PCRTA can post this on the web.

There was a concern that our NEOMED proctoring commitment might lose some of their volunteers if we promote this program.

Vice-President – Georgia Darrah

Our guest speaker for the September luncheon will be author, Sharon Hunter.

Sharon does not charge a fee so the board has to decide on what token of thanks will be given to Sharon.

Georgia purchased some table decorations for the September meeting and will submit a bill to Dave Gynn for payment.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah

The pictures and information from our July Scholarship luncheon was in the September 10th Record Courier. Laura Nethkin did a great job putting everything in the paper, plus in color as well.

The article about our September luncheon appeared in the paper on September 9th.

Legislative – Dan McCombs

Dan contacted the house representative for the state, as well as those who are running for the State Board of Education and asked the person to talk for five minutes and then accept questions.

Kathleen Clyde said she would come.

Richard Brockett will host the meeting at 11:00 A.M. on October 13 at the Kent Free Library.

Judy Hendershot will contact Georgia to put the info in the newspaper.

Dan said that he received a letter from STRS, stating that he may, at this time, be reinstated in the

STRS health care plan.( At the time that he opted out, the policy was that it would not be possible to be reinstated.)

Dan will write an article about it in the newsletter.

Trustee – Ron Snowberger

Ron said that there is an ORTA meeting on Oct. 15 & 16. He will attend the Oct. 16 meeting.

He said that he and Dave pressured them to curb their finances.

He said there will be discussions on insurance policies and investments.

Community Service – Judy Morgan

She said that PCRTA has 9,153 volunteer hours.

She has contacted Annette about Santas for Seniors. There is a need for Ravenna Seniors, Aurora Seniors, and Aurora Mennonite Church seniors.

Things needed are grocery gift cards, toiletries, blankets, towels, washcloths, stamps, envelopes and socks.

President Helena said she will do an article for the newsletter

Membership – Judy Hendershot

Judy said that she is still waiting on the latest list of ORTA members on a CD.

Ron said that STRS is behind on getting the info on a CD .

It will be necessary to sign a form to receive the CD.

Judy said the Abels became members at the scholarship luncheon.

There were actually eight new members at the luncheon.

Memorial & Sunshine -Dee Smith

Judy Hendershot will send cards after receiving the info from Dee Smith.

She sent cards to the family of Caroline Arnold and two others.

She will announce at the meeting that everyone notify us.

NEOMED Proctoring – Edith Scott

Edie said that she sent a letter to NEOMED stating the number of volunteer hours for proctoring in the past and asked for an increase of remuneration. So far, there has been no reply.

There will be an orientation meeting for new proctors.

Sue Emailed the schedule and proctors were supposed to return an answer that they received it.

Edie said that it was exciting when she had so many people signing up and then she received many calls

from proctors who had to cancel.

Nominations – Jan Fencl

Elections for president, corresponding secretary and assistant treasurer occur in even-numbered years for PCRTA. Elections take place in November. Officers take office on January 1, 2015. They are eligible for reelection.

President: Helena Parry Assistant Treasurer: Darlene Fetterhoff

Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Cribbs

Protective Services: Kay Wise

One more chance for AARP Smart Driver program Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reed Memorial Library Friends of the Library Book Sale September 18-21, 2014

Thursday evening is for members only (Cost $10.00). Sunday is give a donation day.

Reservations -Pat Farley

Pat is still taking the luncheon reservations.

Social & Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter

Thursday Oct. 16th is the Cuyahoga Valley trip.

Webmaster – Connie Evans

Connie said it takes fifteen hours to put the newsletter on the web.

Jim Montaquila said that he really enjoyed the letter from Norm Park that was in our newsletter.

Also he said Happy 64th anniversary to Norm & Evelyn Park even though they aren’t present today.

The December community service project will be gloves, mittens, hats, and scarves.

Kay Wise made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Connie Evans.


PCRTA Luncheon Meeting September 18, 2014

President Helena welcomed everyone.

Helena led the pledge of allegiance.

Membership chair, Judy Hendershot, welcomed new member, Christine Luli and Jean Nolte.

John Kerstetter announced that he was selling the 50/50 tickets.

President Helena led the pledge of allegiance and thanked the greeters, JoAnn Stikes and Theresa Schoettler.

Others present for the first time were Anita Foote, Phyllis Spangler and Marilyn Floyd.

President Helena thanked John Kerstetter for handling the 50/50 raffle.

She announced that the legislative news will be in the next newsletter.

On Oct. 27th and 28th, there will be a health care update at Akron Doubletree in Fairlawn.

Membership chair Judy said that memberships have to be renewed by Dec. 31st.

PCRTA has 437 members and 420 dual memberships.

She said to Email or phone her if any members know recent retirees who have not joined.

There will be a new sunshine person in the near future.

Members Richard Rimer and Alice Darr died recently.

First time attendee, Steven Spencer, is present today.

Community Service chair, Judy Morgan, thanked members for the gift cards for the big brothers and sisters program.

She said the November project is for Santa for Seniors project.

Suggestions are grocery gift cards, toiletries, blankets, stamps, envelopes, towels, etc.

For December, hats, gloves, and scarves for kids.

Proctoring coordinator, Edith Scott, thanked all the proctors and said that there are few open spots for October and November.

She requested that all proctors should let Sue know if they received the proctoring schedule.

Edith said that there will be another orientation as soon as 5 0r 6 more members sign up.

President Helena said that there will be a Meet the Candidates Session at the Kent Free Library at 11:00 A.M. hosted by Richard Brockett on October 13th.

David Spencer of the Summit County Board of Education will present his platform for State Board of Education at that meeting.

David Spencer said that good teaching counts more than ever today.

Dave Gynn encouraged him to join PCRTA.

Social Chair, John Kerstetter, said that members who are going on the Cuyahoga Valley RR trip should meet at the Kent plaza on October 16th. Members should pack a lunch or bring snacks to eat on the ride.

Also those interested in the Harry London candy factory tour on December 4th should sign up.

Vice-President, Georgia Darrah, announced that today’s speaker has a gift basket and members who wish to enter the drawing for the basket to please do so before eating or do so immediately afterwards.

Information Chair, Kay Wise said that there are flyers for the AARP safe driving course on Nov. 20.

Also the Ravenna Library book sale will be Sept. 18-21.

Kay Wise gave the meditation.

President Helena asked for more people to sign up for an Email newsletter.

Earl Kilchenman won the 50/50 raffle and donated it back to PCRTA.

Vice-President, Georgia Darrah, introduced Sharon R. Hunter, an independently published author, from Streetsboro who keeps her own royalties.. She said she took a creative writing class in tenth grade, but did not pursue it. She explained ways in which she had to learn to do some of the things her characters were doing in her stories and listen to conversations of people who were doing some of those things. She started writing in her late forties as a hobby. She has developed into a romance writer.

She said that libraries will host you as well as expos and also meeting at some coffee shops.

Ron Snowberger won the author’s basket and Earl Kilchenman, Kay Wise and Doris Aeschliman won red roses from the author.

President Helena thanked Sharon Hunter.

Judy Hendershot, published author of a couple of children’s books, said that Sharon was a natural.

Meeting adjourned.

Trustee Report for Portage County Retired Teachers Association

Trustee Ron Snowberger, September 17, 2014

Vice-president and program chair Georgia Darrah provided many interesting programs for the 2014 year. March featured George Sleigh who was in his office on the 91st floor on September 11 when the plane crashed only 50 feet above his head; May featured Ron with a power point presentation of his educational trip to China; July featured our scholarship program; September will feature Sharon Hunter from Streetsboro telling how she came to write her first book; November will feature Mike Kerrigan of NEOMED presenting the new facilities and tour of STEM school and buildings; December will close with our Christmas luncheon and music by Field School Falcon Academy, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade choir.

Community Service chair Judy Morgan continues to challenge PCRTA with volunteer activities. We currently serve local churches, Portage Center of Hope, Portage Clothing Center, Big Brothers and sisters, North Eastern Ohio Medical University, nursing home visits, local libraries, school supplies for kids, and much more. PCRTA is proud of their over 11,000 volunteer hours so far this year. Edith Scott proctor chair for NEOMED reports that our volunteer hours totaled 977 hours for the school year.

Dual membership continues to grow with the work of chair Judy Hendershot. We currently have 420 dual memberships in PCRTA and ORTA. We expect at least eight new members yet this calendar year.

Although I could not attend all the meetings, I am privileged to serve on the ORTA finance and visions/goals committees. The chairs are doing and have done a great job. I plan to attend the fall conference meetings.

Legislative chair, Dan McCombs, has arranged for a Meet the Candidates day at the Kent Free Library on Monday, October 13 at 11:00. All are invited to attend. Presenting their platforms for election will be representatives and State of Ohio Education candidates. Letters were emailed to AARP regarding their position on mandatory social security.

Our July scholarship presentation by chair Jim Montaquila and his committee was outstanding. The program featured a revised theme, a power point presentation, introduction of the scholars, their parents and guests and the scholars’ response to a variety of questions. PCRTA was proud to present SIX winners.

$1,500.00 scholarships to future teacher students representing five Portage County high schools.

Our local newspaper carried a full page presentation in color. Another plus in PR for PCRTA and ORTA.

President Helena Parry encourages all members and others to visit our updated web page. We hope you will visit us on this page which is prepared by web master Connie Evans and assistant Karen Balog.

The pre-retirement workshop was a grand success as reported by chairs Richard and Mary Ann Brockett.

We will continue to present this workshop for all teachers, especially those planning retirement.



March 2014

PCRTA members will please note that the new location for the luncheon meetings at NEOMED will be in the newly completed Health and Wellness building on the second floor in the University Room.

Parking is now in front of NEOMED across from Dollar General.

Scholarship Stifel Balance       $42,650.00

It was stated that Ken and Nancy Bliss contributed $10,000 in the past and $10,000 recently and desire that the scholarships go to Ravenna or Streetsboro graduates.

Scholarship chair Jim Montaquila said that eleven scholarship applications were received from Field, Roosevelt, Southeast, Waterloo, and Maplewood.

Five applicants were chosen with some going into education related fields and letters were sent to the winning schools. Jan Fencl is going to present one of them on May 19th.Jim said that a thank you was received from Elaine Britt.

President Helena thanked the scholarship team.

Kay Wise made a motion to adjourn the 501 c 3 meeting, seconded by Judy Hendershot. Motion passed.


PCRTA Executive Board Meeting

July 10, 2014

Members present: Jim Montaquila, Ruth Weigand, Ron Snowberger, Edith Scott, Dave Gynn, Helena Parry, Pat Gynn, Kay Wise, Judy Hendershot, Jan Fencl, Dan McCombs, Richard Brockett, Mary Ann Brocket, Connie Evans, Georgia Darrah, Norm Park, Evelyn Park

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand Ruth said that Dave Gynn informed her of 3 small words in need of correction on the May minutes. President Helena asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Edith Scott made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

President Helena called the meeting to order, thanked everyone for coming, and welcomed Norm and Evelyn Park.

Georgia Darrah introduced Amy Adams, a retired Ravenna school teacher. Amy, a member of CAC, the Community Action Council, said that the first year of the 21st Century Community Learning Grant has been completed. Students from Brown Middle School and Ravenna High School have participated in after school programs designed to provide reading and math remediation, STEM Enhancement Activities, Youth Development, and Parent involvement programs were from October until May 15. The grant was funded through the Ohio Department of Education and is managed by the CAC OF Portage County, a non-profit organization.

Students used district technology and software to increase their scores in reading and math. Also, various STEM activities were offered to extend student knowledge and experience in science, technology, art, math, and medical areas. The program is seeking partnerships with community agencies and service clubs interested in supporting the students in the Ravenna School District. Majority of students are at risk academically, socially, and economically with some gifted involved. NASA gave them free access to robotic kits. President Helena thanked Amy.

Corresponding Secretary- Barb Cribbs Barb sent a thank you note to Pat Mazzer’s daughter for the pictures of the deceased for PCRTA’ S Memorial display at the May meeting. President Helena said that Barb thanked Pat Mazzer, whose daughter, Mary, made the pictures for the memorial to the deceased at the May meeting.

Treasurer – Dave Gynn

June 30, 2014 June 1 Checking Balance                                       5,582.74

Income: PCRTA Dues                                                                      60.00

ORTA Dues                                                                                  150.00

Total Income                                                                                210.00

Expenses: ORTA Dues                                                                   150.00

Website (3 years)                                                                         245.88

Total Expenses                                                                             395.88

June 30 Checking Balance                                                           5,396.86

June 30 Stifel Balance                                                               28,329.58

Scholarship Savings Balance – June 30                                        10,353.73

Scholarship Checking Balance – June 30                                      16,877.30

Scholarship Stifel Balance – May 31                                             24,088.78

Dave said that the PCRTA investments are doing very well because the stock market has been doing well.

Bonding He said that ORTA is encouraging us to get bonding. Brimfield Insurance received quotes from two companies – $350 and $525. Both companies would require checks to be countersigned and bank statements to be reconciled by someone who is not authorized to sign checks. Nationwide Insurance, the company referred by ORTA, will cover the treasurer and the assistant treasurer. The estimate for $100 premium is $40,000 coverage. There would be additional premium for $85,000 coverage. A detailed application for each person was emailed. Suggestion: Strengthen internal controls by requiring bank statements to be reconciled by someone who is not authorized to sign checks.

There was a discussion about a need for a PCRTA member to reconcile the monthly statement. There was a motion in lieu of bonding to strengthen our internal controls by Edith Scott, seconded by Jan Fencl. Motion carried. President Helena said that the treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.

Vice – President Georgia Darrah Vice-President Georgia Darrah said that our program for the July meeting will feature four of the six scholarship winners for 2014. Two of the winners were honored at the May meeting since they had other commitments in July. Edie obtained a hard copy of a picture of Virginia Mills who recently celebrated her 100th birthday and Georgia sent it for inclusion in the Fall ORTA quarterly. Georgia said that a local author from Streetsboro will be our speaker in September.

Saroj asked if representatives of the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) could speak to us about their program. It was decided at the last board meeting that they could speak to the Executive Board at the September 11th meeting which they do plan to attend. Judy Hendershot will do the meditation at the meeting next week. It was decided to place brochures on a table at next week’s meeting to inform PCRTA members about the 21st Community Centers after school programs for Ravenna middle school and K-6 students.

Trustee – Ron Snowberger Ron said that ORTA’S visions and goals are completed. Dave and Ron ruffled some feathers in a good way and ORTA’s finances will be better regulated in the future. Presently, ORTA is taking more from investments than from income. ORTA is considering having a part-time secretary.

Archival – Norm Park Some members thanked him and asked him to write an article/story for our newsletter. He said thank you for the kind words. He will be turning 90.

Community Service – Judy Morgan Dave said members will bring school supplies for next week’s meeting. Home Instead Senior Services in Ravenna conducts a Santa to Seniors program every year. Family and community services and churches collect names of financially needy seniors and get gift requests, such as socks, postage stamps, greeting cards, etc. The requests are placed on ornaments on Christmas trees and people are asked to take an ornament, purchase the gift, and deliver it unwrapped. The agency wraps the gifts, adds Christmas cards made by elementary students, and delivers the gifts to seniors.

For our November meeting, PCRTA could bring a tree with ornaments and ask members to take ornaments. They could give a list of items needed and people could bring them to the November meeting. Dave suggested that this would be a good thing to do instead of the hats and mittens this year. The director, Annette Balis, (330-297 -1700) would be happy to talk with you if interested. She said there are two events for our (Informative & Protective Services committee).

On August 12 there will be a Senior Celebration at NEOMED with a luncheon ($10), vendors with give – a- ways, a speaker, and door prizes. They will induct volunteers into the Portage County seniors hall of fame. A senior Harvest Ball will be held October 15 at St. John’s in Mantua ($10).

Social & Travel – John and Sandy Kerstetter There will be a trip on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR with a bus from Kent to the end and then participants will ride one way and then have lunch and return to Kent. In November, there will be a tour to the Harry London candy factory and lunch $20-$30. Fliers will be on the tables to sign up along with a signup flier for the Holiday Christmas Concert by the Western Reserve Community Band on Sun., Dec. 15, 4:00 – 5:00 (free) at the 1st Congregational Church, 47 Aurora St., Hudson, followed by dinner and fellowship at Zeppe’s in Hudson. It was mentioned that Sandy Herring with Western Reserve Tours and Ron Paskey with Paskey Tours take many trips to Cleveland.

Legislative – Dan McCombs Dan said he has scheduled a Meet the Candidates Meeting at 11:00 A.M. on Monday, October 13 and would like at least 30 – 40 to attend in the Kent Library in the upstairs meeting room. PCRTA will pay the library for the room setup. Dan requested a volunteer to host and thanked Richard Brockett for volunteering. Dan said that STRS topped $16.7 billion and $74.7 billion There’s a movement by the government to require everyone to pay into social security and that move would be detrimental to our STRS pension for STRS retirees. AARP is participating in the nationwide effort to require everyone to pay into Social Security. Please copy and then paste the following or use your own words.

As an ORTA member and retiree, I ask you to oppose Mandatory Social Security as part of AARP/NRTA policy. There are many better solutions to fix Social Security than to mandate Social security on everyone. This mandate would hurt many retired educators and other public pensioners who are already penalized by the WEP/GPO offsets of Social security. Please support repealing the WEP/GPO offsets of Social Security. Please support repealing the WEP/GPO offsets to Social Security.

Membership – Judy Hendershot Final letter encouraging 14 members who have not renewed their membership for 2014 were sent in May. Dave will update you on our progress. A total of 55 PCRTA informational Packets have been distributed to Superintendents’ Offices at Aurora City, Crestwood Local, Field Local, James A. Garfield, Kent City , Ravenna City, Southeast Local and Streetsboro Local Schools. Mike Hardy and Kay Wise hand delivered packets to Kent and Ravenna, respectively, and all others were sent through the county mail by permission of ESC Superintendent, Mrs. Dewey Chapman.

Adele Fussner has agreed to continue being the greeter contact for new members. To date, either Dave Gynn or I have heard from four new retirees who plan to join us at lunch next week on July 17th for our bimonthly meeting and have expressed intentions to join PCRTA. I have received a request to check the email delivery list for the newsletter for Mark Stahl. I plan to contact new retirees again in September with renewed invitation to join us. STRS will supply us with a disk containing addresses of all Ohio retirees that will be updated in late August so that the new retirees will be included. It will be worth the effort to attempt a second contact in a timely way. Informational PCRTA cards will be placed on tables at lunch next week.

I am suggesting that a picture of our newest members accompanied by a short article about PCRTA and its present projects should be published soon after the July meeting. Another informational piece might be offered around our September Board meeting date. That one might outline our activities and plans for 2014 along with brief descriptions of current issues being addressed by ORTA/PCRTA. It was suggested that Judy coordinate with Georgia. Judy said that she will announce the web address for AARP and will encourage retired teachers to join PCRTA at the Field Retired Employees Picnic in August.

Memorial & Sunshine – Pat Mazzer & Dee Smith It was stated that a volunteer will take over correspondence.

NEOMED Proctor Scheduling – Edith Scott School year 2013 – 2014

Tests given: 111; Proctors used: 315; Hours given: 977

She said there will be one more test on Aug. 1st. Then the fall schedule starts in September. She said thank you for the nice article in the paper. She asked if Sue Hricko should be invited to the July luncheon. The answer was yes.

Newsletter – Helena Parry 284 mailed 120 Emailed 292 copies printed Info for the next one is needed ASAP. Aug. 1 is the deadline. Norm said that he always received 2 newsletters, one for the archives and one personally.

Nominations – Jan Fencl Nominations are being worked on and will be announced in September.

Pre-Retirement – Richard & Mary Ann Brockett On April 17 the Portage County Retired Teachers (PCRTA) sponsored a Pre-Retirement Workshop at the Western Reserve Public Media site for Portage educators who are thinking of retiring in the next few years. The workshop is intended to give those teachers and administrators who are contemplating retirement, information that will assist them in making their decisions. Outside speakers and presentations from members of PCRTA highlighted the evening.

John Flynn, prominent attorney, explained the value and importance of living wills, power of attorney, trusts, and estate planning . Investment counselor Ray Kline talked to the group about strategies for investing their money. STRS representative John Buch gave a clear and comprehensive explanation of the regulations and requirements of the State’s Retirement System. Attendees were engaged, asked numerous questions and stayed afterward to speak further to the presenters, especially John Buch.

PCRTA President Helena Parry, Vice-President Georgia Darrah, and Membership Chairman Judith Hendershot enlightened the audience on the activities and vital function of their local organization as well as ORTA protecting the interests of retired educators in our area. Thus, the importance of joining even prior to retiring is beneficial. The participants were treated with pizza and cookies to top off the evening. Maryann thanked Helena Parry, Pat Gynn, Judy Morgan, Georgia Darrah, Darlene Fetterhoff, and Barb Cribbs. Edie asked if we were to going to continue the every other year schedule. The answer was yes.

Richard and Maryann Brockett prepared the July 8th ORTA report from PCRTA

Pre-Retirement Committee, with seven objectives, an appendices, sample letters to Superintendents/Principals, a copy of the Record Courier announcement of the Preretirement workshop sponsored by PCRTA on April 17, 2014, copy of the workshop announcement sent to the schools, a copy of the workshop program at the event, copy of the expenses incurred, and contact info of the investment speaker, the STRS rep, and the attorney. Helpful contacts at channels 45/49 were Rita Mastromatteo at 330-296-4245 or by Email at and Jeff Good, Directors of Education at Western Public Media/Public Television(WNEO and WEHO) and Educational Services for Northeast Ohio who can be contacted at phone numbers: 330-677-4549 or 1-800-554-4549.

Protective Services – Kay Wise It was decided that Kay would make the announcement at next week’s meeting about the after school program for high school and middle school students in Ravenna which is in need of some volunteers and that any interested party should pick up a flier on the table. It was also decided that Kay would announce the

August 12th senior celebration at NEOMED with a luncheon cost of 10 dollars. The Senior Harvest Ball will be September 16th.

Public Relations Georgia Darrah Georgia praised Laura Nethken at the Record Courier for including the PCRTA articles. The most recent article was from our May luncheon which included a picture of Ron Snowberger, who spoke about his trip to China, and also information about our pre-retirement workshop in April. There were pictures and an article about the recent program NEOMED did to honor our PCRTA proctors. In addition, there was an article submitted by Maplewood Career Center about the GED graduation that mentioned PCRTA members who brought cookies and helped make punch and helped serve cookies, cake, and punch.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim said that he received a letter from Colin Abel and said that he is following in the footsteps of his parents and his grandparents. Jim said that we are ready for the scholarship luncheon at which PCRTA will award (6) $1,500 scholarships this year. We can no longer give out checks to the students, but will presenting them with a procedure to follow in order to access the funds. Four of the six will be with us next week and reminder letters have been sent.

Natasha Flesher from Field and Mattie Oslejsek from Streetsboro received theirs at the May meeting. Jim said that he and Georgia met with Connie to put together the power presentation for next week that will run during the time of the luncheon.

Dave Gynn will introduce Colin Abell from Theodore Roosevelt, Darlene Fetterhoff will introduce Whitney Miller from James A. Garfield, Jan Fencl will introduce Kristen Riehl from Southeast, Kay Wise will introduce Ellen Shipley from Theodore Roosevelt. Dave, Darlene, Jan and Kay will sit at honorees respective tables. The recipients will introduce their family members and tell where they will be attending college and what field of education they will be entering. This year’s program will be changing in a way hopefully to relate to our membership.

Webmaster – Connie Evans Features of the web:

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  1. The upcoming event is now featured on our front page. The donation items to bring to the next meeting are listed on front, too.
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  3. Whenever possible, pages with lists have a contrasting color every other line.
  4. Google calendar and calendar of events.

Motion to adjourn by Kay Wise, seconded by Georgia Darrah. Motion passed.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting July 17, 2014

President Helena Parry welcomed and thanked the greeters: Kathy and Bob Lattimer.

President Helena wished Pat Gynn a happy birthday and welcomed scholarship recipients and their guests.

Judy Hendershot introduced new members, David Killius, Scott and Jeanette Abel, Connie Moulton, Adrienne Kapr-Ford, and Joanne Mac Ewen.

Helena announced that the September meeting will be in the new Health and Wellness center on the second floor and there are elevators. Dan McCombs will explain the important information on the orange sheet and Judy Hendershot will talk about the PCRTA/ORTA cards to recruit new members.

Community Service Chair, Judy Morgan, said Big Brothers and Sisters need donations or gift cards from anywhere for kids as well as mentors. She said that Maplewood Career Center sent a thank you note to PCRTA for the donated cookies, making punch, and serving the cake, cookies, and the punch.

Edith Scott, proctoring scheduler, said thank you to NEOMED for the scholarship recipients and introduced Suzanne Hricko and Lisa Moore, educational data specialist scheduler. Please see Edie to sign up for the next proctor orientation session. President Helena told a joke in John Kerstetter’ s absence and then requested members to sign up for the Cuyahoga Valley RR trip at a cost of $30 or $40 and or the Harry London Candy Factory trip. 

Also sign up for a reservation at Zeppe’s after attending the Holiday Christmas concert on Dec. 15. Some PCRTA members attended the behind the scenes tour of Playhouse Square in Cleveland.

Kay Wise announced that the Senior Celebration will be at NEOMED on August 12 and the Senior Harvest Ball is Sept. 16th. She said that there are brochures on the table with info from Amy Adams, a retired Ravenna School teacher and member of the Community Action Council who is in need of help for a two week summer school program for middle and high school students.

Kay said there is also information on the table for the next two AARP Driver Safety Courses. President Helena announced if you’re not getting your newsletter to please let her know.

Dan McCombs said that the STRS fund had an increase of 16.71% this year. He said the Meet the Candidates for Portage County session will be Mon., Oct. 13 at 11:00 A.M. at the Kent Library in the second floor meeting room.

Michal Charney, District 7, is running for State Board of Education will be at Mike’s Place on July 24 at 8:00 A.M. AARP platform is mandating Social Security for everyone. It will affect our pensions as well as the fact public pensioners are already penalized by the WEP/GPO offsets of Social Security. Please contact Tim Ryan and let him know that public pensioners oppose mandatory Social Security.

Judy Hendershot gave the meditation, entitled “Rise Up with Creativity” and said that all of us are a work of art through our activities. President Helena thanked Connie Evans for creating the new PCRTA web page. J

udy Hendershot won the 50/50 drawing in the amount of $63, half of $126, and donated it to PCRTA. President Helena introduced

Jim Montaquila, Scholarship Committee Chairman, who thanked everyone for coming. Jim thanked the PCRTA members who volunteered to proctor the NEOMED tests. He said 315 people proctored 111 tests and PCRTA received $7,500 this past school year. Jim thanked the scholarship committee members: Dave Gynn, Lowell Meyers, Darlene Fetterhoff, and Kay Wise besides himself. He said that six $1500 scholarships are being awarded to six recipients and Natasha Fletcher and Mattie Oslejsek received theirs at our May meeting, because they both had other commitments this month.

Dave Gynn introduced Colin Abell. Colin said that he would be attending KSU and would major in middle school language arts. Colin introduced his parents and his grandparents.

Georgia Darrah introduced Whitney Miller who introduced her parents. Whitney said that she will major in middle school childhood education at Slippery Rock College in PA.

Jan Fencl introduced Kristen Riehl and Kristen introduced her parents and five other relatives. Kristen said she has been a mentor to help freshmen transition to high school and a third grade math tutor. She said she is a Southeast graduate, plans to be a social studies teacher and will attend Mount Union.

Kay Wise introduced Ellen Shipley from Kent Roosevelt. Ellen introduced her guests. She excelled in Kent and was in National Honor Society and said she has a caring patient manner.

Jim said that as a PCRTA Scholarship recipient, we are asking you to come forward to share some of your thoughts and experiences in a collective setting with our other scholarship winners.

Our questions come from statements in a book written by a Hall of Fame baseball great, Yogi Berra. He was a NY Yankee pitcher, fifteen-time All Star, Mgr. of Yankees and as manager of the New York Mets won the championship over the Cincinnati Reds. Also a gunner’s mate in World War II.

Every organization needs a team player. Ellen, on the field hockey team and as well as captain – to have fun and build relationships; Kristen, cheerleader – figure out what was important; Whitney, freshman varsity team – take young ones under your wing and point them in the right direction; Colin, lacrosse senior captain – wanted to be a cool senior, but needed to be lifting people up

Losing is a learning experience. Ellen lost her mother and loved life and education; Kristen sophomore failed a test, worked harder and got where she couldn’t imagine; Colin, lost a lot, but hasn’t gone through hard times.

Every young person should have a mentor. Colin has a sense of humor and friend, Nathan taught him to be a serious, humble leader and to cheer up others. Whitney said it was her 8th gr. teacher & great softball coach and best mentor and plans to be middle level Phys-Ed and science teacher.

Anything can happen if you play hard to the end. Ellen said math was difficult and now it will be her major; Kristen is able to follow teacher’s example; Colin had to get a tutor for 8th grade Spanish; Whitney was going to school and working had help from her teacher.

The game ain’t over till it’s over. Ellen said not giving up on a student or a lesson; Colin said perseverance; Whitney said to use body language and show you want to help; Kristen said in sports, others tried to hurt us, but a need to encourage a student who really tries

When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Make a firm decision and don’t second guess it. Whitney said her college visits were for Physical Therapy, but athletics is better pay; Kristen wanted to be a teacher, then looked at other options, and teaching won.

If you don’t know where you’re going , you might end up somewhere else. Ellen said she wants to impact her students; Colin said he will be hanging out with smelly teenagers.

Jim Montaquila said, “In reference to what Colin said, as a school administrator, I went home and washed off the teenager in me.”

Jim thanked everyone for their participation. President Helena said super job to the students and Jim’s theme as well as Colin’s statement, “Don’t give up on people and have an impact on your students.” Georgia said congratulations to the scholarship winners and asked them to stay for pictures. She said the next program will be given by Sharon Hunter who will share the way in which she started writing. Georgia said, “See you in September”. Meeting adjourned.


May 8, 2014

Members present: Darlene Fetterhoff, Pat Gynn, Jim Montaquila, Kay Wise, Ruth Weigand, Helena Parry, Georgia Darrah, Jan Fencl, Judy Hendershot, Dan McCombs, Dave Gynn, Ron Snowberger, Edith Scott, Judy Morgan, and Connie Evans

President Helena called the meeting to order and welcomed Jan Fencl and Dan McCombs back.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand Ruth Weigand said that the minutes of the last meeting were Emailed to the board members. President Helena asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes. Kay Wise made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff. Motion carried.

Corresponding Secretary – Barbara Cribbs Barb was not present. It was mentioned that Carol Maves sent a thank you to PCRTA for the sympathy card in memory of the loss her husband, Milton Maves.

Treasurer – Dave Gynn Dave says he does the account month by month. He said that the CD’s and accounts have been transferred to the Kent Credit Union and the PCRTA account is separate from the PCRTA scholarship account. The audit has been completed. Dave said that bonding protection is a good idea for $100 a year. Dan made a motion to accept the bonding. After a discussion, Dan withdrew his motion until more information is pursued. It was recommended that an insurance company be contacted to help on the coverage amount needed. Dave said there was info in the newsletter urging members who have not paid their PCRTA and their ORTA memberships to call 330-678-8423.


April 30, 2014

April 1, Checking Balance                                        14,486.31

Income: PCRTA Dues                                                  345.00

ORTA Dues                                                                 960.00

Bus Trip                                                                      270.00

Scholarship                                                                   55.00

Total Income                                                          1,630.00


ORTA Dues                                                              1,410.00

Scholarship                                                                  55.00


Scholarship Fund Transfer                                         8,473.58

Bus Trip Deposit                                                          100.00

Postage                                                                        79.96

Total Expenses                                                       10,118.54

April 30 Checking Balance                                         5,997.77

March 1 Stifel Balance                                             22,937.18

Change in Securities Value                                            155.38

March 31 Stifel Balance                                           23,092.56

Audit has been completed by Alan Balog. Fidelity Bond proposal: Nationwide Insurance – $100 for $40,000 coverage Membership : Reminder cards mailed to 82 members. 27 not – yet renewed, 1 canceled membership Phone calls to follow up. Mamma Mia deposit received for parking passes. Playhouse Square trip – 27 paid reservations (need 20 minmum for bus)

Assistant Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff Assistant’s Treasurer’s Report for PCRTAS – 501c3 May 8, 2014

Checking Account Balance as of 5/8/14                                 $16,805.50

Income since 1/1/14                                                            $2,262.00

(NEOMED $1,875 and donations $382)

Expenses since 1/1/14                                                           $298.19

(990 fee $200, State fee $50, office supplies $48.19)

Kent Credit Union Savings as of 5/8/14                                  $8,478.58


Stifel as of 3/31/14                                                            $22,937.18

Darlene said that the 990 501c3 and 501c4 have to be filed separately annually along with a state fee. She said that scholarship checks are not given directly and the recipient has to get a receipt from the bursar’s office. A motion was made to accept both treasurer’s reports, seconded by Judy Hendershot. Motion passed.

Vice President- Georgia Darrah Our guest speaker for the May luncheon is our own PCRTA member, Ron Snowberger. He will be speaking about the trip he took to China for educators. Georgia said that that two of the scholarship recipients cannot attend the PCRTA meeting in July, so they will attend the May meeting.

Amy Adams, grant coordinator from the 21st Century Community Center, called to see if she might be able to speak to our group. There is a five-year grant funded by the Ohio Dep’t of Education and awarded to the Community Action Council of Portage County for after school programs. Georgia ask if Amy could be given 10 or 15 minutes to speak at the July board meeting. It was decided that she could come to the July board meeting.

Trustee – Ron Snowberger Dave, Ron, and Helena attended the ORTA meeting in Columbus on April 23. Ron said that the ORTA secretary is retiring in June. The topics of finance, vision, goals, and recent meetings had generic evaluations. President Helena said that Robinson Memorial Foundation is in need of judges for their scholarships on Monday afternoon at 12:30. Pat Gynn, Jim Montaquila, Judy Hendershot, Dave Gynn, and Helena Parry volunteered. Helena said thank you. She also thanked Dave for notifying PCRTA of any deceased members.

Photographer – Pat Gynn Pat volunteered to be PCRTA photographer.

Community Service – Judy Morgan Judy thanked everyone for the children’s clothing and the stuffed animals for Akron Children’s Hospital. She said that the May collection is for supplies for Portage County Clothing Center and the July collection will be for school supplies. She reminded everyone to turn in their community service hours.

Legislative – Dan McCombs Dan said that the STRS board met and voted to discontinue the irrevocable waiver for health care and members can now re-enroll in STRS health care. He said the decision was made to not try again to get the GPO/WEP bill passed. He said it is discrimination against teachers in the state of Ohio. He said the STRS updates were on the website April 25th.

Membership – Judy Hendershot Judy thanked Dave and Pat Gynn for the help in making the new membership form with a very attractive card stating the five assets for joining PCRTA along with ORTA. Dave gave an updated list of those who have signed up members. Judy sent the info which included a welcome letter, ORTA and PCRTA membership forms, 22 reasons why you should join, a free lunch coupon, and an informal question and answer sheet to be mailed to all the Portage County Superintendents to be given to the 2014 retirees. Edith Scott asked if we honor members who have turned 100. She said that Virginia Mills will be 100 in May. It was decided to invite her to the next luncheon and honor her.

Memorial & Sunshine Pat Mazzer Pat will continue to send cards to the sick and to the deceased.

Proctoring – Edith Scott Edie said that many proctors have called in and volunteered many times She said thanks to everyone and encouraged people to sign up for the recognition. She said that Pat will take a picture at that meeting.

Newsletter – Helena Parry Helena requested that newsletter contributors send their info in as soon as possible. She said that she has pictures of the pre-retirement meeting.

Nominations – Jan Fencl Jan said the elections for president, corresponding secretary, and assistant treasurer occur in even-numbered years for PCRTA. Officers take office on January 1, 2015. Elections take place in November, 2014.

Pre-retirement – Richard & Mary Ann Brockett President Helena thanked everyone who helped Edith Scott with registration of the 19 in attendance. There was an STRS rep, a lawyer, and an investment speaker. The pre-retirement seminar is held every other year.

Protective Services – Kay Wise Kay said that she attended the Virginia Hamilton Conference with a former scholarship recipient, Katelyn Alesci with the KSU mentor/mentee program. She participated in the PCRTA scholarship committee selection of recipients and thinks PCRTA has chosen wisely. She said that CAC has asked her to represent PCRTA on a new council of local educators. Milton Mayhem has informed her that the May AARP safe driving program has reached its capacity of 30 and consequently is closed.

She said George Sleigh will speak at Reed Memorial Library about his experience “Surviving the 91st Floor on 9/11.” Ruth Weigand gave a flier to Kay showing that Brimfield was offering the AARP safe driving class on May 9th and May 16th at the Brimfield Township Hall from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Georgia said that the article she submitted to the Record Courier from our March luncheon was published several weeks ago. She said that she has not submitted the article about the recent preretirement workshop due to a question of pictures of the audience without consent ahead of time. She said she does not have an answer to that yet.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila

1. Scholarship Committee met on Friday April 25

I want to thank the members of out scholarship committee for their effort and dedication. The members of this year’s committee are Jan Fencl, Darlene Fetterhoff, Dave Gynn, Lowell Myers, Kay Wise, and me. We had 12 candidates representing 8 of our high schools.

We selected 6 students to receive our $1,500 scholarships. Scholarships will be given to Colin Abell (Roosevelt), Natasha Flesher (Field), Whitney Miller (Garfield), Maddie Oslejsek (Streetsboro), Kristen Reihl ((Southeast), and Ellen Shipley (Roosevelt)

2. Letters of Congratulations went out the following week to the winners, to their H.S. Principals, and to their Guidance Counselors. 3. To the schools, we offered to attend any awards programs that they might have

A. Streetsboro – Lowell Meyers – Wednesday, May 15

B. Kent Roosevelt – Dave Gynn – Tuesday, May 20

C. James A. Garfield – J. M.- Wednesday, May 28

D. Southeast – J. M.- Thursday, May 28

3. All of our students have been invited to our July luncheon.

A. One student – Maddie Oslejsek (Streetsboro) wrote us a note she will be out of town for our July meeting and Helena advised her to come to our May luncheon.

B. Natasha Fletcher will also attend on May 15.

4. Because of our status with the IRS, Darlene has proposed that we not give the actual check for the scholarships at the July luncheon. We now must have documentation of where the money is spent before we can give it out. So we will be giving each award winner a notice at the July luncheon on how to access those funds. Jim passed out a chart with the number of scholarships awarded since the year 2000 with total of 63 scholarships with Roosevelt receiving 14, Field, 12, and Streetsboro 11. All the Portage County Schools have received at least 2 in that time span.

Social & Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter John and Sandy will not return until September and would like help from others.

Webmaster – Connie Evans Connie said that she purchased a professional web program for her computer. She said it’s going forward slowly. Connie was told to turn in the cost. Unfinished Business Pat Gynn said that she would take a picture of Virginia Mills before the luncheon. GED grads –on May 15 Pat Gynn will place some blank note cards on the tables for members to write notes of congratulations and encouragement to be given out in June at the GED grduation. Judy has a signup sheet for volunteers to bake cookies or to cut the cake and serve at the graduation. Since there was no other new business, Kay Wise made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Georgia Darrah. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned.


President Helena asked everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. President Helena thanked everyone for coming today and thanked the greeters, Bill and Adele Fussner, as well as Tom Emerick for selling 50/50 tickets. She welcomed the two scholarship recipients and their parents. Kay Wise announced that Brimfield is having an AARP Safe Driving course in their town hall. President Helena welcomed everyone and their guests as well as her guests: Coleen Janka, Leslie Geer, and Judy Soldorphen from the Garden Club.  Gloria Hatfield was a first-time attendee.

Membership chair, Judy Hendershot, said if anyone knows a 2014 Portage County teacher retiree to please give her their contact information. She has PCRTA info cards for members to distribute to new retirees. She thanked everyone for their continued membership. President Helena thanked NEOMED for the recognition this morning of the PCRTA proctors. Pat Gynn made the announcement that the blank cards on the tables were for members to write congratulations for the GED graduates at Maplewood Career Center in June. PCRTA members make cookies and help make punch, cut the cake, and serve. She asked members to sign up to make cookies or to help serve.

Edith Scott said that Virginia Mills, a retired Ravenna High School teacher, will be 100 and will be honored at the next meeting. She taught English, Latin, French, and basketball. She has 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren. She says regular eating and sleeping gives you a long life. On May 18th from 2:00 – 5:00 P.M., her celebration will be at the Ravenna First Methodist Church.

President Helena announced that anyone interested in the Playhouse Square tour on June 4th needed to let Dave Gynn know today. There are 27 people signed up. Since John Kerstetter, our Social/travel co-chair, was absent, Helena told a corny joke in his place.

Legislative chair, Dan McCombs, asked for a show of hands if he could organize a “Meet the Candidate” before the Nov. election.

Tom Emerick said that the 50/50 raffle was $67 out of $134, won by Georgia Darrah, but she donated it back to PCRTA.

Connie Evans gave the meditation, “The Greatest Teacher”. Ron asked President Helena to announce the Portage County Gardener’s Club annual sale on Fri. from 4:00-7:00 and Sat. 1:00 to $:00 P.M. and the Kent Garden Club sale will be the following week on Thurs., Fri., and Sat. 

Scholarship Chair, Jim Montaquila, announced that two of our six scholarship winners along with their parents are attending today, since they have other commitments in July. Jim thanked Edie and the proctors who helped make these six $1,500 scholarships possible.

Jim introduced Natasha Fletcher, a Field HS grad, and Mattie Oslejsek, a Streetsboro HS grad. Field Falcon Natasha Fletcher said she was 2014 valedictorian, NHS member, and class treasurer.  She has been volunteering at Camp Quality, a camp for kids who have cancer ages 4-18. She also has been teen of the month. Her parents are Russell and Laura Fletcher. Natasha plans to major in Early Childhood Ed at Bowling Green State University and also grades 4-9 with a focus on math. She said she has always loved kids and thanked PCRTA for her scholarship.

Mattie Oslejsek , a Streetsboro High School graduate, received the Gene Newton Scholarship. She said that she already has 32 credit hours toward her BS at KSU.  Denise and Tony Oslejsek are her parents. She said she just finished the lead role in Alice in Wonderland. She plans to attend Ohio Wesleyan and go onto to grad school. Her extra curricular interests are travel learning and the wish to acquire a Ph D in theater. Her desire is to have the eyes of kids to light up with a new way of thinking. Jim said that the rest of the story would be in July.

PCRTA member, Ron Snowberger, said that his trip to China was for educators. He said PCRTA members should take advantage of this trip at the cost of $4500. He said that there are four or five star hotels for the 3 days in Beijing with a group of five. He said he had a personal tour of Beijing from the university to the slums. He attended a traditional dumpling dinner, National Performing Arts, an inner city park which honored the French revolution that had ruins from 1750. He went to the Great Wall of China which was built to prevent invading forces. He toured a jade factory and the Olympic facilities, the water cube and the bird’s nest.

When he went to the English-speaking school, Rise Elementary, he taught a lesson to a class of fifteen enthusiastic fourth graders. He had to show his lesson plan first. His lesson was charting students’ favorite vegetables on bar graphs and circle graphs. There was a staff picture with Ron.

He walked in Tian’anmen Square which includes Chairman’s Mao’s Royal Hall and the peace monument, the Forbidden city including the Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven. There was a Romeo and Juliet type show in Xian and the 6,000 Terra Cotta Warriors as well as the ancient city wall. Shanghai, the Paris of the East, had a Chinese Dragon Boat at a cost of $20,000 for half a day. There was an herbal pharmacy, a Tea Village with terraced hills and jasmine tea, and a silk factory. Shanghai is the financial center of China. There are factories along the RR’s and commune farms.

There’s an English speaking high school and they have an English newspaper. The students stay five days a week and wear athletic wear. Ron said he enjoyed the tour guide who was with him the whole time.

President Helena said that NEOMED did not remove the orange cones today so that PCRTA members could park closer. Judy Morgan asked that members bring school supplies for the next meeting. Helena asked members to let her know if they wanted to receive their newsletter by Email. Meeting adjourned.

PCRTA Executive Committee Meeting 501 c 4

President Helena asked if there were any additions or corrections to the March 12 PCRTA minutes.

The correction is that Pat Gynn prepared the list of names of the deceased members and Barb Cribbs sent letters to the families of the memorials that were to be presented at the March meeting.

Motion to accept the minutes with the correction by Pat Gynn, seconded by Dan McCombs. Motion passed.

Corresponding Secretary Barb Cribbs said many of the letters that were sent to the families of the memorials came back.

Barb said that she will send letters to past scholarship winners and will send letters to the new ones.

It was stated that Evelyn Park brought her daughter and granddaughter to the Memorial Service.

PCRTA Treasury Report

March 1 – April 30, 2015
Beginning Balance        5,368.38      5,188.15
PCRTA Dues           210.00               840.001,600.00
ORTA Dues           690.00      2,490.00
Luncheon (55 @ $14)           770.00         770.00
50/50 Drawing              46.00           46.00   300.00
Donation              41.00           41.00   100.00
Scholarship           173.00         173.00
Social/Travel – Oklahoma           114.00         114.00
Savings Withdrawal    900.00
Total Income        2,044.004,474.00 2,900.00
ORTA DUES           690.002,550.00
Luncheon Program – Barrett              50.00           50.00     500.00
Luncheon Decorations       50.00
Luncheon (56 @ $14)           784.00         784.00
Scholarship Transfer           173.00         173.00
Auditing & Filing Fees     250.00
Postage/Supplies     125.00
Committees  1,075.00
  Membership           34.00     200.00
  Memorial/Sunshine      50.00
  Newsletter – Matt Leedom           273.30         539.08 1,500.00
  Website           89.99    150.00
  Miscellaneous      75.00
  Travel – Lakefront Lines           100.00         100.00
Total Expenses        2,070.304,320.07 2,900.00
Checking Balance        5,342.08
Savings Balance           305.00
Stifel Balance      29,520.20
Scholarship Savings Balance        6,194.77
Scholarship Checking Balance      21,745.35
Scholarship Stifel Balance      42,650.69

CPA Alan Balog prepared an audit of the financial records of the Portage County Retired Teachers Association 80-0363603 – 501 c (4) as of December 31, 2014, which was prepared on May 1, 2015.

He stated that the financial condition of the Portage County Retired Teacher’s Association is accurately reflected according to generally accepted auditing standards.

Assets Total Cash          $5,493.00

Marketable Securities $29,029.00 December 31, 2014

Total                             $34,522.00

The audit report will be recorded with the recording secretary’s May 14, 2015 minutes.

It was stated that the newsletter is our biggest expense.

Vice-President Georgia Darrah said that she needs one more greeter for the luncheon and Kay Wise volunteered. The program is entitled “Fraud Watch”. AARP presenters, Jim Crawford and Dave Gynn will present the latest information on frauds and scams.

James Cain, AMBA district manager, will give a 5 minute overview of the services offered.

Our ORTA District XI district manager, Carol Kinsey, will be visiting our chapter for the May luncheon. She will speak for a few minutes.

ORTA Trustee Ron Snowberger said that he, Helena and Dave will be attending the ORTA spring board meeting. Ron said that ORTA is paying $75 to certain chapters that are picked by lottery, two per division, for turning their yearly ORTA reports in on time. He feels PCRTA Executive Committee should let them know that it is not a good use of the money for ORTA.

ORTA 2015 Legislative Guidelines are posted on the ORTA website. ORTA does take positions on state and federal issues related to retirees, pensions systems (STRS), charter schools, and social security, including mandatory social security and GPO/WEP. They also take a position on some select items (i.e. those addressing contributions to STRS) and some education issues. ORTA does not take positions such as a requirement to teach cursive writing in schools.

At the ORTA spring conference, Connie Evans and Pat Gynn attended the meeting on social media. Dan McCombs attended the membership meeting. Dan said that out of 135,000 Ohio retired teachers, there are only 35,000 represented. He said that this could cause potential damage to our pensions and health care. Dave said the keynote speaker said that we need to stop thinking the same way.

Pat Gynn said there is a big exodus from teaching as of May 31st so we need to get the info in early.

Dan thought that PCRTA would get a certificate for our volunteer hours, but PCRTA was only average.

There will be a note in the newsletter to turn in volunteer hours.

Georgia and Helena liked the main speaker at the ORTA conference since she was short and to the point.

Richard Brockett will speak at one of the schools end-of-the-year staff meetings to encourage new retirees to join ORTA as well as their local chapter to protect our pensions.

Archival – Pat Gynn said that she has purchased supplies and will look at what PCRTA has and what’s in storage. She noted that the 50th ORTA anniversary is coming up in 2016.

Community Service chair Judy Morgan said that the project this month is gift cards for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. She said volunteers are needed for the Maplewood GED graduation to help with the punch, cookies, and cake on June 11th.

Legislative chair, Dan McCombs, said that the governor, the House, and the Senate are working on the budget and charter schools. He said there is no support to require cursive writing along with a few other issues.

Membership chair, Judy Hendershot, said that Dave gave her a list of lapsed members. It was suggested that there should be a review of the letter of invitation to retired teachers and also to Email the Superintendent for permission for immediate response to acquire a list of the new retirees. Judy would like to have the info personally delivered to the superintendents’ offices and requested volunteers go to the schools. Kay Wise will deliver to the Ravenna schools.

Dave Gynn made a motion to offer a free PCRTA membership for this year, seconded by Jan Fencl. Richard Brockett asked who was going to write this letter. The draft would be E-mailed to board members. Motion passed.

Memorial chair Judy Hendershot would send a card to the family of Nancy Bliss and Jack Kurtz.

It was stated that 35-40 proctors receive their schedules by Email.

Jan Fencl, nominations chair, said that there needs to be someone younger to help.

Pat Farley said that the luncheon reservations and some board members had not paid for the luncheon.

John Kerstetter said that the trip to see Oklahoma is June 7. It was also stated that a table would be needed for displaying the info on the other trips.

Webmaster Connie Evans said that the cost for our website was $12.99 for the privacy.

Pat Gynn suggested that their be a membership table at every meeting. Judy Hendershot said there would be a tri-fold display on that table.

It was announced that Red Cross sent brochures asking for volunteers.

President Helena recruited some members to volunteer at the Portage County Clothing Center for Fri., May 29th from 10:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.

Kay Wise made the motion for adjournment, seconded by Dan McCombs. Motion passed.

PCRTA May 21st, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

President Helena Parry introduced Donna Cruise, Kent City Schools retiree. She also introduced James Cain, AMBA District Manager, and Carol Kinsey, ORTA District XI director.

President Helena thanked the greeters, Pat Gynn and Kay Wise.

President Helena said that the Ravenna Garden Club is having their plant sale today on Seasons Road.

Pat Gynn, Dave Gynn, Jim Montaquila, and Ron Snowberger will present the scholarships to the Ravenna graduates.

President Helena asked for volunteers for Fri. May 29th at the Portage County Clothing Center from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P. M.

Membership chair, Judy Hendershot, said that she has drafted a fresh informational letter to acquire new members. The letters will have to be delivered.

Membership is a major need because of our political situation.

Community service chair Judy Morgan asked everyone to turn in their community service hours.

She requested that members write notes to the GED graduates on the cards provided on the tables.

She also requested volunteers to help at the GED graduation on June 11th at Maplewood Career Center.

Judy thanked everyone for the gift cards for Big Brothers and Sisters.

She said that our July project is school supplies.

NEOMED proctoring scheduler Edith Scott said to spread the word that there will be a proctoring orientation session sometime this summer for new proctors.

Social chair John and Sandy Kerstetter have the Oklahoma Musical at Weathervane Theater scheduled for June 7 at 2:30 at Weathervane Theater followed with dinner at Papa Joe’s.

Darlene reminded everyone that July 23 the Rubber Ducks vs. Altoona will be at 7:05 PM at the Rubber Ducks Stadium in Akron. Cost for seniors is $8.00.

Sandy Kerstetter reminded those present that HAIRSPRAY at PORTHOUSE will be August 2nd at the cost of $35.

Dave Gynn said August 22nd is the date for the D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut, covered bridge visit, and dinner at a vineyard.

John Kerstetter told a joke.

Dan McCombs said that the 50/50 amount is $103. Caron Kinsey drew the ticket, which was won by Edith Scott, and she donated her half to PCRTA.

Pat Gynn gave the meditation, entitled Touching Hearts Teaching Greatness which stressed that it only takes a moment to be a friend.

She also described the “Bumblebee Drill” in which students acting as bees and flowers with the flowers in the middle and the bees on the outside to help pollinate by saying nice things and then switch with the bees having a turn being flowers and the flowers being bees.

President Helena thanked Pat for the meditation and thanked the servers for the wonderful lunch.

President Helena introduced Carol Kinsey, ORTA District XI director.

Carol said that ORTA is interested in helping STRS members keep their pensions by paying attention to legislation.

She thanked Dan McCombs for his hard work as Legislative chair.

She said, “As retirees, we should all be ambassadors for public schools and so will ORTA do the same.”

There were 5,040 retiree applications this year.

She said that nothing will ever be better than face to face recruiting new members regardless of the amount of technology available.

It was stated the house is considering allowing charter schools to unionize but not join STRS.

Retirement Council info seems to mention only STRS, even though there are five Ohio pension plans.

STRS has an advantage in using defined benefit which supports our investment counselors. If we lose defined benefit, there will be nothing to invest.

2016 Health Care benefits will increase in 2016.

ORTA’s project to help Habitat for Humanity will have its kickoff in October in Columbus.

ORTA hopes that will give a presence to the ORTA organization.

There was a motion on January 1st to give $3 off each membership.

President Helena thanked Carol.

Georgia Introduced AMBA representative Jim Cain who is benefits administrator for Ohio retired teachers.

He complimented President Helena with PCRTA’S incredible support.

He asked members to fill out the info card which will be collected for a $25 gift card.

He said that AMBA offers discounts on auto and home insurance, travel perks, Dell and Apple computers, hearing aids and identity theft.

He said that MASA is an absolute necessity and covers globally.

Georgia introduced Dave Gynn, who has been by trained by AARP on frauds and scams. Dave thanked Pat for helping and Connie Evans for an onscreen presentation support for use as he talked.

Dave was trained by an intern from AARP .

Identity theft and phone scams and fraud by debt collection and financial institutions are a huge problem.

Motor vehicles used to be the primary source.

He said that every five seconds there at least two people who are victims of fraud or theft.

He said that AARP was started by Percy Anders, a principal in California. She found a friend who was a retired teacher living in chicken coop. She started National Retired Teachers to provide financial security.

Dave said to start a to-do list for Prevention, sponsored by the Ohio Attorney General and STRS.

  1. Get a Credit report and contact the Do Not Call number 1-888-382-1222 to have your home and cell phone number placed on the do not call list or contact . ( It does not apply to businesses).

2.Use safe passwords for internet, phone, and TV services.

Phishing is stealing mail or sensitive documents.

He said that Staples charges $1.00 per lb. for shredding documents.

Bogus behaviors are found in job opportunities, investment fraud such as gold coins, lottery scams, online and offline scams, tech support scams, disaster related charity fraud and travel scams.

There is a Con Artist’s Playbook with jailhouse interviews about scams.

Persuasion tactics include claims of unlimited wealth and scarcity.

Profiling says to act in the next 24 hrs.

Source Credibility says I’m a senior VP.

Prevention Strategies show that victims get easily excited, don’t consider it a scam, don’t ask questions, and don’t read the info.

What you can do: Never make a decision in a heightened emotional state, ask more questions, and read about a product before buying.


Annual credit (not) annual credit this second one is bogus

Also call 877-322-8228

Go to three different ones by calling one every 4 months.

Use 6 digit password, but do not carry pins or passwords with you.

Shop on secure websites https.

Stop preapproved credit card applications or 888-5-OPT OUT

Cut down on junk mail by contacting the Direct Marketing Association at

Verify charities or charity

Amvets 7% helps vets

Watchdog alerts

AARP provided folders with AARP Watchdog Alert, Elder Fraud, the Con Artist’s Playbook, Phone scams, entitled ProSeniors and Where to Turn When You Have Legal or Long-Term Care Problems.

President Helen announced that Kathy Latimer won the AMBA raffle.

She said we’ll see you in July for the scholarship presentations and adjourned the meeting.

Upcoming Events;

June 7th Oklahoma Musical at weathervane theater 2:30

July 16th PCRTA Luncheon/ Elks Club in Ravenna 12:00



Members present: Kay Wise, Jim Montaquila, Barb Cribbs, Edith Scott, Darlene Fetterhoff,Dave Gynn, Connie Evans, Pat Gynn, John Kerstetter, Judy Morgan, Georgia Darrah, Helena Parry, Ron Snowberger, Ruth Weigand, Dee Smith, Judy Hendershot, Mary Ann Brockett President Helena Parry called the meeting to order and announced that Pat Gynn has an ad hoc position as PCRTA photographer.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand Ruth said that she emailed the January minutes to everyone that has an Email address. Kay Wise made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Connie Evans. Motion passed.

New Membership Chair – Judy Hendershot Judy said that she did not receive the minutes. Ruth apologized and said that she forgot to include her. Ruth said that she needs a new roster of the 2014 board members.

Treasurer – Dave Gynn TREASURER’S REPORT – March 13, 2014

BALANCE – January 28 Checking Accts.                  14,322.31   

Income: PCRTA Dues                                               120.00

ORTA Dues                                                            300.00

Scholarship 10.00                                                  430.00

Expenses: ORTA Dues                                              90.00

Bank Fees                                                                6.00

Scholarship transfer 10.00                                     103.00

BALANCE – March 13 Checking Accts.                 14,649.31

First Merit Checking

(includes $8,473.58 scholarship)                     4,229.31

Kent Credit Union Checking                                    420.00

NOTES: New accounts have been opened at Kent Credit Union for Portage County Retired Teachers and Portage County Retired Teachers Scholarship because IRS requires separate financial activities.  Features are:

  • No monthly service charge
  • The Credit Union paid for checks, notebooks, and endorsement stamp.
  • Online access to view accounts
  • Online availability to transfer funds
  • CDs linked as subaccount

Old accounts need to be changed:

  • Close out First Merit checking account
  • Create new Stifel Nicholaus account and transfer scholarship funds to a separate accounts


Taxes – Change address with Ohio and IRS after 990 is filed Bylaws 

Investigate bonding as required in bylaws

Dues – 86 members have not paid 2014 dues.

Mama Mia Reservations – $30 due (6 parking passes)

Cookbooks – 65 books ordered, 56 books paid

Audit – President Helena said that the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit. Darlene is in charge of PCRTA scholarship monies and Dave is in charge of PCRTA’S regular treasury.

Assistant Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff ASSISTANT TREASURER’S REPORT PCRTA Scholarship (501c3) 1/29 t0 3/14/14

Assets: First Merit Bank

Checking Account Part of 501c4 account temporarily              $8,473.58  

Savings Account Need to transfer                                        $14,845.87

Kent Credit Union Checking Account                                       $30.00

Savings Account – Donated to join                                               $5.00

NEOMED-to be deposited                                                         $1,875.00

Stifel Nicholaus as of 2/19 (45.72% 0f $40 K)                            22,237.06

Debts: State of Ohio – To be paid                                                  $50.00

Darlene requested that any scholarship money that is donated be directed to PCRTA Scholarship. At the end of December, 20 letters were sent out to members who gave scholarship donations. She said she will send one statement at the end of the year unless it’s a large one with a letter of thanks for donations to scholarships.

Darlene praised Alan Balog for all he does for PCRTA.

Vice-President Georgia Darrah Georgia passed out the this year’s calendar and said that it has been confirmed.


January 9 – 9:30 Organizational Workshop (Kent Library – 2nd floor) February 1 – Newsletter Deadline March 13 – 9:30 Executive Board Meeting March 20 – 12:00 Luncheon Meeting

  •  Program – George Sleigh: “Surviving The 91st Floor on 9/11”
  • Memorial Service

April 1 – Newsletter Deadline May 8 – 9:30 Executive Board Meeting May 15 – 12:00 Luncheon Meeting

  •  Program – Ron Snowberger / Trip to China

June 1 – Newsletter deadline July 10 – 9:30 Executive Board Meeting July 17 – 12:00 Luncheon Meeting

  •  Program – Scholarship Winners

August 1 – Newsletter Deadline September 11 – 9:30 Executive Board Meeting September 18 – 9:30 Luncheon Meeting

  • New Retirees

October 1 – Newsletter Deadline November 13 – 9:30 Executive Board Meeting November 20 – 12:00 Luncheon

  • Installation of Officers
  • Program – Mike Kerrigan / NEOMED

December 18 – 12:00 Luncheon Christmas Party

  • Program – Falcon Academy 6, 7, 8th Grade Choir Directed by Laura Goldman

ORTA Trustee – Ron Snowberger Ron said that ORTA’S long range planning is on finance and vision. He announced that the ORTA spring conference is on April 8. He said that he and Dave will attend. It was decided to have just one conference this year. It will be at the Columbus Historical Society and will be limited to 300 people. Ron said that he will mention the planned trip to China by NuVu Traveler at the general meeting. President Helena said that 10 new rosters have been printed, but are probably outdated by now. Board members can get it online by using their password. Helena said she assumes that Norm Park is no longer doing Archival.

Preretirement Planning – Richard and MaryAnn Brockett She said that the Preretirement Workshop is on April 17 from 5 – 7 P.M. at Channels 45/49. Reminders have been sent to the schools. Volunteers are needed for helping with registration and the food.

Community Service – Judy Morgan For May, members are to collect paper goods such as paper towels, toilet tissue, paper plates and cups, and napkins. Liquid hand soap also would be appreciated. There is a request from Big Brothers and Sisters for June for gift cards for summer activities. Dave suggested that we find out what denomination and what place. July collection will be for school supplies for Portage County Clothing Center to distribute.

Membership – Judy Hendershot Judy said that she is just getting acclimated. It would be helpful for her to have an updated list of new retirees and Portage County administrators. President Helena asked if there were any more brochures or if there needed to be new ones made.

Memorial & Sunshine – Pat Mazzer & Dee Smith Pat said there is nothing new and the info was in the newsletter. There were three deaths of PCRTA members in 2014, the most recent being Ken Cardinal. Pat Mazzer sent sympathy cards to their families. She said there would be a 5 minute memorial presentation at the meeting and there would be a display of pictures and info about the deceased. Kay said that Pat’s daughter had the prints and memorial cards made and that PCRTA should send a thank you to her.

NEOMED Proctoring Organizer – Edith Scott Edith said that a proctor is needed on Mar. 20 on the day of the luncheon meeting. A few proctors are needed for April and May. President Helena said that she put a special report about PCRTA proctoring in the ORTA report for a four month period documented and put in the newsletter. President Helena thanked Edie.

Protective Services – Kay Wise Kay said that AARP SMART DRIVER PROGRAM – 2014 will be on May 22, August 21, and November 20, 2014 at the Tallmadge Community Center, 80 Community Road, Tallmadge, Ohio 44278 330-633-5610 from 9:00 to 1:00 P.M. Course Fee: $15.00 for AARP member, $20 non-member. She said that fliers will be made available at the general meeting. St. Patrick’s Book Sale will be at Reed Memorial Library in Ravenna on Thurs. for members at 1:00 P.M. There is a new librarian. Fri. 11-5; Sat. 11-4; Sun. Take as many books as you want -hardbacks 50 cents.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Georgia said the article about the luncheon meeting was in the Record Courier. She said that the article about scholarship applications should be in the paper soon.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim said that he has been personally distributing scholarship info and meeting with counselors. A week ago he sent reminder post cards. He said that he has not received any applications yet and the deadline is April 4. Mon., April 21st is the selection date. He praised Norm, but he was unable to help this year. Lowell Meyers, Kay Wise, and Jan Fencl are the committee members. Darlene Fetterhoff said that she would like to be on the committee. $1500 is the amount agreed upon for each scholarship. Jim said that since we have the money, he requested that the scholarship amount to be awarded be increased to $1500. Darlene said it would be fine. Dave made a motion to accept 6 applicants, seconded by Judy Hendershot. Motion passed. Jim said that all applicants would receive a letter of congratulations or not.

Social / Travel- John & Sandy Kerstetter John said that there are 24 signed up to see MaMa Mia on May 7th. He said the Western Reserve Community Band will perform on April 5 at 7:00 P.M. at the Hudson Middle School. The music will be Broadway shows and musicals. Ken Granville is in the band. John said that a flier will be placed on the tables at next week’s meeting asking members if there would any interest in a backstage tour of all the theaters and a preview of the fall shows at the Cleveland Playhouse. Mary Ann Brockett asked for a chance to talk at the next meeting to promote the Portage County Parks and Recs levy. Pat Gynn said she will be taking pictures for PCRTA and if anyone has some pictures about PCRTA to try to know the date.

Webmaster – Connie Evans Connie said that Karen Balog spent an afternoon with her and helped with the web. Pat Gynn suggested to Judy Hendershot maybe she would like to attend the ORTA meeting on April 8.

Old Business John questioned why 86 members have not paid their dues. Darlene said she used to wait till April and send reminder post cards. July 1st is the deadline. Dave said that it would be better to get people to pay by the end of December. President Helena asked for a motion to adjourn. Connie Evans made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Pat Gynn. Meeting adjourned.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting, March 20, 2014

Greeters were Judy Hendershot and Ruth Weigand.

President Helena Parry called the meeting to order and thanked the greeters. She asked if there were any guests. Janet WojnaroskiConnie Moir, and Carole Tosenberger, guests of Carol MacLeanDiane Roberts, retired school secretary and guest of Georgia DarrahPhyllis Cettomai, retired from Reed Memorial Library, guest of Kay WiseJames and Jay Rhodes, retired from Hiram College; Nancy Smith, guest of Wendy CooleyBarb Watkins, guest of Norma JackmanGene Sanford, guest of Geraldine RadcliffJames Wemyss, guest of Shirley Wemyss; and David Danesi, guest of Gail Danesi.

President Helena led the Pledge of Allegiance with the members. Membership chair, Judy Hendersh with Richard and Mary Ann Brockett have scheduled the Preretirement Seminar for April 17th from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M. at channel 45/49 in Kent on April 17. It was stated that retirement benefits are critical with lawmakers and there is a need to recruit younger retirees to bring new expertise.

District XI Director for ORTA, is Jean Slicker. She is a liaison between you and ORTA.  She tries to visit the retiree groups. The ORTA spring conference is April 8, 2014.

Community Service Chair, Judy Morgan, thanked everyone who brought things for Akron Children’s Hospital today. She said that paper goods for the Portage County Clothing Center will be collected for the May 15th meeting. She asked members to list their community service hours on the sheet that is being passed around.

NEOMED proctoring organizer, Edith Scott, said that she needs people to sign up for May and June.

Richard and MaryAnn Brockett talked about the funding crisis for the Portage County Park District. The park district’s present funding already comes from 50% donations. There are 1300 acres of park and 14 miles of trails. They requested members to sign a sheet for a newspaper ad to encourage voting for the ½ mill levy that will be on the ballot on May 6th for maintenance and development of park trails.

Darlene Fetterhof announced that there will be a free concert by the Western Reserve Band on April 5 at 7:00 P.M. at the Hudson Middle School at 77 Oviatt St. off Rt. 303. The music will be from movies and Broadway.

ORTA Trustee Ron Snowberger said that Dave Gynn, himself, President Helena Perry, and Judy Hendershot will be attending the ORTA spring conference on April 8th. He said members should give their concerns to him or Dave. Ron led the meditation, entitled “Mastering Emotions”.

Carol Kates Cotton won the 50/50 drawing in the amount of $42, half of the $84, collected by Ron Snowberger from attendees.

The Memorial Service was led by Dee Smith and Pat Mazzer. One of them read “A Tribute to a Teacher” by Myra Beth Lambert. Copies of the tribute with the list of seven deceased members for 2013 & 2014 were placed on each table. Also at the back of the room was a table with pictures of the deceased along with info about their lives; namely, Barbara T. Geisey, Phyllis Hecker, Orson E. Ott, Hilda Gwendolyn Rohlf, Lucy Huston Warner, Ruth White, and Kenneth E. Cardinal. President Helena thanked Dee and Pat for doing the Memorial Service and stated that both of them are retiring from the job because of health reasons. Vice-President Georgia Darrah introduced George Sleigh, who related his experience,

Surviving the 91st Floor on 9/11”.

George said that he grew up in England and was a naval officer. He was offered a job opportunity in Canada in shipping and met a Canadian lady whom he married. Then he worked in Cleveland in shipping design.

In 1968 till 1983 he worked in the head office in Manhattan for the American Bureau of Shipping and lived in New Jersey to raise his family. 1989 a new company president transferred 1500 employees to Houston, but George along with 149 employees were left in New York on the 106h floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center.(He said that when you looked out the window from the 106th floor, you were above the clouds).

In 1991 25 employees were left and were moved to the 91st floor in the North Tower. On Sept. 11, 2001 it was a clear morning and by this time there were only 10 employees in their office. Their office worked on uniformity on decisions for shipping around the world. George said that he was on the phone when he heard a loud roar and an airplane was flying towards the building at 600 mph. His office collapsed with light fixtures falling and book shelves. (he showed a photo of the entry of the plane 25 ft. directly above his office with smoke billowing out). (He said that he was in the south tower in 1993 when there was an explosion in the basement, broke a door, hid under a ledge for two hours till the smoke cleared, and walked down 110 floors in complete black.)

On 911, he said that as he walked down, he knew nothing about other planes . There are 2 flights of stairs for each floor but two of them were blocked on his floor so they started down the third flight. People were calm and had to back up when firefighters were coming up the stairs with all their equipment. As they walked down, they were getting soaked by the sprinklers. He eventually made it to the concourse below the building which is connected underground with 7 buildings and has shops and eateries as well as a train that enters there. He said that it was very dark except for one light, but he eventually found a door and made it to the street above. He said his guardian angel helped him get to the street.

He showed a picture, taken by a British photographer, of himself walking with two survivors, all of whom were smoke covered. As they were walking away, he heard a second explosion around 10:00 A.M. He ended up in the ER and was treated for injuries, called his wife by pay phone from the hospital, and called a driver in NJ, who came to get him later that day.

The picture of him and those two other men was put on the news in England almost immediately, so one of his sons who worked there knew that his Dad made it out safely. George Sleigh retired in May, 2003 and he and his wife moved to Hudson where they had friends and have lived there ever since.

Vice-President Georgia Darrah thanked George Sleigh and said she can’t imagine his experiencing two world trade center bombings. Georgia announced that Ron Snowberger will be giving his talk on his trip to China at the May meeting. Meeting adjourned.


Members present: Richard Brockett, Mary Ann Brockett, Connie Evans, Judy Hendershot, Darlene Fetterhoff, Dan McCombs. Georgia Darrah, Helena Parry, Ruth Weigand, Jim Montaquila

President Helena welcomed Judy Hendershot as the new membership chair and said that Judy is a national certified teacher, Lion’s Club member, author of some children’s books, Akron U part-time teacher, and church organist. She thanked everyone for coming.

Recording Secretary -Ruth Weigand Helena asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes. Dan made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

By-laws committee member Jim Montaquila said that the by-laws are pending due to IRS acceptance of both sets of revised by-laws.

Treasurer-Darlene Fetterhoff Darlene said that she is treasurer for Dave Gynn till he gets back in March. Darlene submitted the 2014 budget.

2014 PCRTA Budget 1/9/14

Proposed by Darlene Fetterhoff, Ass’t Treasurer

INCOME SCHOLARSHIP INCOME (CHECKING) Carryover from‘13                                   6854.73

Anticipated income from 92 renewals         920.00

Total                                                       7774.73

Beginning Balance Carryover 13               8423.73

NEOMED (proctoring)                              7,500.00

Total                                                  15,923.73

EXPENSES 6 scholarships                                        6,000.00

Outstanding expenses 18 lunches              234.00

Dec ‘13 luncheon                                   1,053.00

Office expense                                          250.00

Dec’ 13 bank fee

3.00 total unpaid                                           1,056.00

Actual Amount for Budget                     6,718.73                                                


                                           Budget 2013       Actual 2013             Budget 2014

Newsletters and mailings               2,000.00          1,478.77                       2000.00 Printing of directories                        70.00                 1.13                           15.00 Office supplies/postage/copying        400.00             124.15                         150.00 Sunshine fund                               200. 00             123.06                          125.00 Auditing /990N fees                        250.00              670.00                         270.00 Bank fees                                        36.00                36.00                           36.00 Box of checks                                  30.00                 31.00                           30.00 Retirement planning workshop                                                                     150.00 (even yr only) Membership              500.00               104.27                         200.00 Speakers and entertainment          600.00                 300.00                         500.00 Website ($220 every 2 years)       110.00                  134.38                          150.00 Auto calls                                    100.00                     0.00                           50.00 Miscellaneous                              371.09                    50.00                         341.73 (Gifts to outgoing officers

charitable donations,

ORTA area meeting costs,

Board approved items)                 4667.09                3031.76                       4017.73 


1) Actual amount brought in was $2,559.00 Membership Summary for 2013

2) Actually spent $3,031.76. ($400 for IRS) 1) 11 non-renewals

3) Continued need for “tightening the belt” as we did in 2013 2) 5 deaths

3) 16 NEW

4) 431 reported to ORTA as dual members

Darlene made labels for the next newsletter and will make 10 new directories. Mary Ann Brockett made a motion to accept the budget, seconded by Ruth Weigand. Motion passed.

Vice -President Georgia Darrah Georgia said that all programs except for November are set for next year. It was suggested to ask someone from NEOMED to speak at that meeting. She said that our March speaker survived the 91st floor in the World Trade Center bombing and PCRTA will give him a $100. President Helena said that she contacted Tim Ryan’s office and spoke to his aide and told him that she didn’t like the military budge cut down by 1%. She also said that ORTA sent a letter to the statehouse about the Social Security mandate.

She gave the website for officers to accept the membership directory. Connie said that the PCRTA website online is easy: President Helena said that she was able to do one ORTA report and included the community service and membership, etc.

Legislative – Dan McCombs Dan said that our state lawmakers are not doing anything right now because they are preparing for the next election. He said he was upset with the governor over the extension of Medicaid without the General Assembly ‘s approval. He said that new retirees will not receive a COLA increase for five years, but the other STRS retirees will receive an increase after July 1, 2014.

Membership – Judy Hendershot Judy said that she was gathering materials and procedures and time-lines to follow for membership. Dan said that legislative is critical for membership. He said that we need to keep enough members to have an ORTA Trustee. He said there are 185,000 STRS retirees. There was some discussion about the difficulty administrators and teachers are having with the new requirements.

Sunshine – Pat Mazzer & Dee Smith It was stated that 5 members passed away, but only four need to be honored, because one of them was honored this year. Georgia said that Pat Mazzer wants to do a slide show to honor them in March.

NEOMED Proctoring – Edith Scott January 15, 2014 is the date for orientation for new proctors. There were 47 tests for the 4 months from September to December using 133 proctors for 412 hours. $1,875 is paid to PCRTA quarterly. Edie requests that proctors call to get on the schedule to proctor.

Newsletter – Helena Parry Helena said she’ll have the newsletter ready by mid-February.

Pre-Retirement Richard & Mary Ann Brockett Mary Ann said that the second letter to superintendents have been written and are ready to be mailed the last week of January. Letters to each school containing copies of fliers will be mailed the first of March. All speakers and contacts at Western Reserve Media will be contacted again the third of March. NEW STRATEGY WE ARE TRYING TO SEND FLIERS TO EACH SCHOOL Follow with up with a phone call. President Helena said that there will be an STRS rep, an insurance rep, and an attorney present. Mary Ann suggested that the membership chair be present to sign them up for membership. Darlene suggested that some of the newer members help to recruit.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Helena thanked Georgia for all her hard work.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim said that the schools would receive the scholarship info by the end of January. Jim requested that $1500 scholarships, rather than $1,000 be awarded. Darlene said that the IRS is making students get a receipt from the bursar’s office. After some discussion, Kay Wise made the motion to award $1500 scholarships, seconded by Georgia. Motion passed. S

Social/Travel John & Sandy Kerstetter The plans for the Mama Mia show for May 6, 2014, at the E. J. Thomas hall in Akron are in place. There are 25 members and friends who have signed up. With our 25% discount, each ticket costs $39.00. Parking passes are $5.00 At this time, there are no other plans in the making. The early sign-up was necessary to receive the discount.

New Business Darlene possibly needs to buy office software for Dave and herself with a price range: $80, $100, $200. Kay Wise made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff. Motion passed. President Helena thanked Judy