Archive of Minutes 2013

PCRTA Executive Board Meeting, Nov. 14, 2013, Ruth Weigand, Secretary 

Barb Cribbs reported that the NEOMED staff gave money to the PCRTA Scholarship in memory of Barb Geisey, our deceased member who proctored many hours at NEOMED.

It was announced that Nancy Boomhower, President Elect of ORTA, recently passed away after another occurrence of cancer. 

Pre-Retirement: Richard and Mary Ann Brockett

 Co-Chairpersons Letters were sent out to allage County Schools.  Our workshop is April 17, with speakers John Buch from STRS; Ray Kline of Kline Investments in Stow; and John Flynn, attorney from Kent.

Treasurer: Darlene Fetterhoff   Working account balance as of Nov. 12, $6,080.19

By-Laws: Ron Snowberger, Chairperson To avoid the confusion between Executive Committee and Executive Board, after discussion the board, recommended we change the word Executive Committee to OFFICERS.  The vote on this matter would be taken of the membership at the next luncheon meeting. The By-Laws for the 501-C3 PCRTA Scholarship were accepted by the PCRTA Executive Board, pending the approval of the IRS. This motion was made by Dave Gynn and seconded by Mary-Ann Brockett.  

Scholarship: Jim Montaquila, Chairperson   

Jim Montaquila suggested that perhaps we, in the future, increase the scholarship given each selected student to $1500.00.  No action was taken.

Nomination: Jan Fencl, Chairperson   

Jan read the letter from Ria Mastromatteo stating her resignation as Assistant Treasurer for the PCRTA. The board accepted the resignation of Ria and appointed Darlene Fetterhoff to fill Ria’s unexpired term.  Jan Fencl made the motion for this action, which was seconded by Edith Scott. Jan announced that elections occur in odd-numbered years for vice-president, recording secretary, and treasurer.

Programs: Georgia Darrah, Vice President  

Georgia announced that Ron Snowberger would present his program about his trip to China in 2014 rather than in Nov. 2013.  Georgia asked for greeters and people to do the luncheon meditations for 2014. The November meeting will be a presentation by Bob Grau, who will share his experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Archival: Norm Park, Chairperson 

Norm announced that he turned 90 years of age.  Norm places the PCRTA news and publicity into the Portage County Historical Society collection.

Community Service: Judy Morgan, Chairperson 

Judy announced that the PCRTA has recorded 9,800 volunteer hours. Canned goods and money for turkeys are requested for Thanksgiving for the Center of Hope. Gift certificates totaling $95.00 and $120.00 in checks, along with thread, yarn, and fabric, were donated to the Giving Dolls at the September Luncheon Meeting.   Gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats are requested for the December meeting.

NEOMED Proctoring OrganizerEdith Scott, Chairperson 

Edith requested that proctors sign up for December due to the great need.  She stated that Barb Geisey is really missed.

Newsletter Editor: Pat Gynn  

Pat reported that 314 newsletters were printed and sent out to 298 single mail-outs with 105 people on email newsletter.  We are still asking for you to receive your newsletter via email to help save on costs.  If you have not done so, and are willing to get your newsletter via email, please contact Helena at  or Judy Kirman at

Protective Services: Kay Wise, Chairperson

Kay reported that Dr. Stacey Schneider and two of her students will be taking blood pressures of members prior to the Nov. Luncheon.

Social/Travel: John and Sandy Kerstetter, Co-Chairpersons J

ohn announced that the government shut down caused the PCRTA trip on the Cuyahoga RR Train to be cancelled. He announced the Western Reserve Band will perform on Dec. 15 at 4p.m. at the First Congregational Church in Hudson.  Then, attendees will meet at Zeppe’s for dinner.  Mama Mia will be at E. J. Thomas on Tues. ,  May 6, 2014. 

Luncheon Meeting November 21, 2013

President Helena Parry welcomed ORTA President Elect, Don Ullman; his wife, Delores, ORTA webmaster; and Bob Grau, the program speaker. She welcomed Len SuzelisDenise ColeNancy Smith,Ray Sheets, and Jeri Thompson from Southeast and Nancy Smith from Kent. Marty Hatcher from Southeast recruited five new members from Southeast whom she brought to the meeting.

Ron Aeschelmann made the motion to approve the 2014 slate of officers of Georgia Darrah for Vice-President, Ruth Weigand for Recording Secretary, and Dave Gynn for Treasurer; seconded by Pat Farley. The motion passed by vote of the membership present.

The 2014 PCRTA officers as pictured are Darlene Fetterhoff, Assistant Treasurer; Barb Cribbs, Corresponding Secretary; Dave Gynn, Treasurer; Georgia Darrah, Vice President; Ruth Weigand, Recording Secretary and Helena Parry, President.

Dave Gynn made the motion that we adopt the IRS 501c4 bylaws to promote legislation with one change in section V that every reference to Executive Committee be changed to Officers, seconded bySaroj Sutaria. The motion passed by the vote of the membership present.

Connie Evans, Webmaster, reported a new web email address:

Vice-President, Georgia Darrah, introduced Bob Grau, author of Five Million Steps on a Journey of Hope: Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail. Bob traveled fourteen states from Georgia to Maine in 170 days in 2011 on a trail of 2,181 miles.

Luncheon Meeting, December 1, 2013

President Helena Parry welcomed everyone including new member, Marilyn Sorrick.

Community Service chairperson, Judy Morgan, announced that PCRTA has 11,000 community service hours reported.

Edith Scott, NEOMED Proctoring Scheduler, thanked everyone who proctored and asked everyone to pick up their schedule before leaving today. She announced that the next orientation would be on Jan. 15 at 9:30 a.m. at the NEOMED. 

Dave Gynn suggested that members do not leave STRS health insurance by being tempted by other lower cost insurance. He warned if you do leave STRS health insurance that you can’t come back unless it is a life changing situation.

President Helena announced that Judy Hendershot will be the Membership chairperson in 2014.

Georgia introduced our program entitled, “A Musical Holiday for You,” with pianist Richard Worthing, flutist Michelle Worthing, and vocalist Sara Burkey. Towards the end of their program, they asked the audience to join in singing a couple of Christmas carols.


President Helena Parry called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary Ruth Weigand corrected the July 11 meeting minutes to add scholarship contributions from friends, not family, of Les Bennett and Alice Foldessy to the bank account. Corrected minutes were approved.

Vice President Georgia Darrah distributed the 2014 calendar of PCRTA events.

Corresponding Secretary Barb Cribbs received additional past scholarship recipient responses.

Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff reported a checking account balance of $11,193.61 ($5,642.58 scholarships and $5,551.03 working amount). She reported $14,842.43 in the First Merit account and $45,156.16 ($24,510.56 scholarship and $20,645.40 life membership) in the Stifel Nicholaus account. Darlene reviewed the 501(c)3 application. She and Alan Balog will apply for a 501(c)4 designation for our organization and form a scholarship organization with a 501(c)3 designation.

Georgia Darrah said that Jan Householder, founder and executive director of the Giving Dolls program, will speak at the September 19 meeting. She announced that we would donate $100 to the program. Georgia will distribute a survey at the November meeting.

Pat Gynn moved to accept the 2014 dates for the PCRTA calendar. Seconded by Ron Snowberger. Motion passed. Executive Committee meetings: January 9, March 8, July 10, September 11, November 13. Luncheon meetings: March 20, May 15, July 17, September 18, November 20, December 18.

ORTA Trustee Ron Snowberger said he will be attending the ORTA fall meeting on October 24. President Helena Parry asked if anyone was interested in running as the ORTA District Director. She said the Scholastic Book Fair is looking for volunteers. Information is on our website. A member request for financial assistance was discussed; the member was referred to community resources.

Legislative Chair Dan McCombs announced that the 12.5 percent rollback has been eliminated only on new tax levies. He said STRS has launched an updated, interactive website.

Membership Chair Dave Gynn moved that ORTA give Alan Balog a complimentary ORTA/PCRTA membership in appreciation of his work with our treasurer. Seconded by Connie Evans. Motion passed. Each retiree has received a packet with a welcome letter and brochure. Twenty 2012 members did not renew. Dues for 2014 are due by the end of 2013.

Memorial and Sunshine Chair Dee Smith reported that cards have been sent for illness, sympathy, 50th anniversary, congratulations and cheer. Proctor Scheduling

Coordinator Edith Scott said there were five new proctors at the most recent orientation.

Newsletter Editor Pat Gynn reported 320 newsletters were printed and 310 were mailed. The $237.72 cost is lower than usual because the newsletter was only eight pages. There are 101 email newsletters sent by Judy Kirman. Pat said she would not continue as editor, but would help the new editor.

Nominations Committee Chair Jan Fencl sent a report of nominees for officers and said Pat Gynn would arrange the installation at the November meeting.

Pre-Retirement Chairs Richard and Maryann Brockett scheduled the workshop for April 17 at Channels 45/49. Preliminary letters will go to superintendents. An STRS representative, attorney John Flynn, and a financial planner will present a program much like last year.

Public Relations Chair Georgia Darrah commended Laura Nethkin for a good article in the Record Courier about our scholarship luncheon.

Scholarship Chair Jim Montaquila said the Scholarship Committee met to revise the current criteria. Darlene Fetterhoff moved that we accept the new criteria for submitting a PCRTA scholarship. Seconded by Barb Cribbs. Motion passed.

Social Committee Chairs John and Sandy Kerstetter sent information to Darlene Fetterhoff to announce the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR Train Ride is on October 10 and will cost $15.

Webmaster Connie Evans said that the proposed bylaws are on the website.

Bylaws Committee Chair Ron Snowberger presented proposed revisions to our bylaws. After much discussion and rewording the proposal, Dan Mc Combs moved we accept the proposed bylaws. Seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff. Motion passed. Maryann Brockett moved that the bylaws changes to printed in the next newsletter. Seconded by Pat Gynn. Motion passed.

LUNCHEON MEETING – September 19, 2013

Before the meeting, a Power Point presentation from ORTA was scrolling on the screen for member information about the benefits of joining ORTA.

Kay Wise announced the Ravenna Library’s book sale and said this weekend was the Balloon Affair’s 35th year.

President Helena led the Pledge of Allegiance. Helena announced that JoAnn Stikes could not take the job as Reservation Chairman.

Pat Farley and Ehrman Armstrong have volunteered to be Reservation co-chairs.

Darlene announced for John Kerstetter that the information for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR Train Ride was on each table. The cost is $15, not $5. The tour will be narrated one way. There will be a car for handicapped persons. Plan to bring a pack lunch and get your reservations in to Darlene by September 24.

There is a need for a Membership chairman, since Dave Gynn will become Treasurer in 2014. There is a need for a newsletter editor, since Pat Gynn is resigning at year’s end. Judy Kirman will continue E-mailing the newsletter.

Dave Gynn said that there are 94 retirees in Portage County and addresses are needed for nearly half of them. He asked everyone to look at the names on the chart and let him know if anyone has addresses for them. He said that a packet with a free lunch ticket and a pamphlet with info about ORTA and PCRTA had been sent.

Judy Morgan, Community Service Chair, asked members to record their hours on the form being passed around. PCRTA has 7,000 community service hours so far.

Dottie Emerick won the 50/50 drawing, winning $38 of the $76 collected.

Nancy Schubert gave the meditation. She showed her 25-year old Amish doll that her 3-year old granddaughter decided on her own that it should have a face.

Helena Parry had brought some of her own doll collection for centerpieces on the tables.

The speaker, Jan Householder, explained how the Giving Dolls started with a doll she created for a little girl going through chemo. The dolls are not sold. They are given when someone requests one for a child who is in need of special comfort. Later they started making small blankets and a tote bag to go with the dolls. The first doll was made 2006; and number 15,000 was made in April, 2013.

Guests at the luncheon were: Susan Adair, guest of Sally Hershiser; Connie Liston, guest of Carol Penn; Pat Moore, first time attendee with Kathleen LatimerDiana Kentner, guest of Mark Stahl; and Martha Ward, guest of Judy Morgan.

PCRTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Emergency Meeting August 19, 2013

Members present: President Helena Parry, Vice President Georgia Darrah, Recording Secretary Ruth Weigand, Corresponding Secretary Barb Cribbs, Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff , 2014 Treasurer Nominee Dave Gynn, Legislative Chairman Dan McCombs, and Scholarship Chairman Jim Montaquila Also present – Alan Balog, CPA

Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff introduced Alan Balog, CPA, who prepared the 501(c)(3) and submitted it to the IRS in August 2012 for PCRTA. Alan presented everyone copies of the four-page response from the IRS, prepared by Joanna Yawney from California, which stated “Your Attachment 5 states that Legislative concerns of retired teachers has always been included as topics of interest.” PCRTA is a chapter of ORTA and our August 2011 newsletter states “We have had a trustee on the ORTA board for about 20 years.”

Article III of PCRTA bylaws states “Only dual membership of ORTA and PCRTA” and Article II states that “These bylaws shall in no way conflict with the constitution and Bylaws of the OHIO RTA. The mission of ORTA is described on its website,, as “the voice of Ohio’s retired public educators.”  

Please be aware that ORTA is exempt under Code section 501(c)(4), not 501(c)(3). Generally, an organization which has chapters is exempt under the same code section as its chapters. However, you are a chapter seeking exemption under a different Code section. Despite the fact that your charitable and educational activities are substantial, it is unclear if classification under Code section 501(C)(3) is appropriate due to your significant legislative activities.

However, on the basis of the limited information provided, I am unable to determine whether your legislative activities constitute a “substantial non-exempt Purpose” as discussed below.  

In addition to your legislative activities, your social/travel activities do not serve 501(c)(3). Please consider the following tax law: Section 1.501(c)(3)-1(a)(1) of the income regulations and Section 1.501(c)(3)-1(c)(1) of the Regulations and the Supreme Court in Better Business Bureau V. United States, 326U.S. 279, 66CT.112, 90 L Ed. 67.   In all three, an organization has to be tax-exempt for all activities. Alan Balog spoke to Joanna Yawney, the IRS agent in California, for about a half an hour.  The solution seemed to be for PCRTA to file a 501(c)(3) under a new tax I.D with new name for PCRTA scholarships and file a 501(c)(4) charged with legislative issues for the benefit of the membership, not for charitable purposes. Two separate fees will have to be paid for (501)(c)(3) and (501(c)(4). Joanna gave us an extension of two weeks past the August 28, 2013 deadline.   Georgia Darrah made a motion to file a (501(c)(3) for scholarship monies and to file 501(c)(4) to cover non-scholarship activities and to cover any application expenses, seconded by Barb Cribbs. Motion passed.   Then it was suggested that since two names were needed and another tax I.D., so PCRTA Scholarship and PCRTA could be used with the executive committee as officers for both.   Dan suggested that the by-laws committee needs to meet. President Helena will call the members.  Helena thanked Alan Balog.   Dan McCombs made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff.   Meeting adjourned.

PCRTA Executive Committee Meeting July 11, 2013

Members present: Helena Parry, Georgia Darrah, John Kerstetter, Pat Gynn, Dave Gynn, Ron Snowberger, Darlene Fetterhoff, Barb Cribbs, Dan McCombs, Judy Morgan, Connie Evans, Jim Montaquila, Kay Wise, Jan Fencl, Mary Ann Brockett, Edith Scott, Ruth Weigand.

Guests present: Phil Faluotico, Ametek director of engineering and Stephanie Rummel from United Way President Helena Parry asked the guest speakers to say a few words before starting the meeting.It was explained that United Way hands out for local needs and works with these groups by reviewing that the money is spent wisely. The fund distribution is handled by requesting each agency to have a budget and there is a need for volunteers. The Campaign Committee requests volunteers such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, and retired teachers. They need to make decisions. President Helena Parry asked Connie to put the info on the PCRTA website. United Way can be contacted by face book or by phone 330 297-1424.  Fri., July 12, 2013 at 9:00 A.M. will be the organizational meeting and on August 29, 2013 the goal for this year will be announced. Helena requested if anyone present who is interested should contact United Way.  Dave Gynn also urged members to think about it.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand Helena ask if there were any questions about the May minutes. Kay Wise made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Mary Ann Brockett. Motion passed. Ruth Weigand requested members to please hand her a written report to make her job easier.

Corresponding Secretary – Barb Cribbs Barb said she sent out 40 letters to former scholarship recipients and received 7 or 8 responses. She said that last year she placed these replies on the table at the scholarship luncheon meeting.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff Treasurer’s Report 6/1 13 to 7/10/13

Beginning Checking Account Balance                             $15,826.38 Income total                                                                    320.00

Local dues                                                                         90.00

State dues                                                                       210.00

Scholarship                                                                        20.00 Expenses                                                                    6, 451.22

Pat Gynn website fees                                                         24.98

scholarships                                                                   5,000.00

(Brewster, Tuma, Spangler, Smith, Cooper) May luncheon                                                                                                                                         910.00

Newsletters                                                                       300.24

Balance                                                                       9, 695.16

Scholarship Total in Ck Account ($850 transferred from

scholarship to checking for 501c3)                                     3,881.50

Working Amount in Ck Account                                          5,813.66

Investments First Merit Business Account (Scholarship)   14, 841.85

Stifel May 31, 2013                                                          45,466.57

June 30, 2013                                                                $44,616.03

Darlene said that the $850 transfer was to cover the cost of the filing fee for the 501c3. She said that First Merit offers a business account and asked if we should invest in it for memorial scholarships.President Helena said the treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.

Vice-President Georgia Darrah Georgia said that next week’s meeting is the scholarship luncheon and September will be the giving dolls. Judy and Georgia went to the giving dolls headquarters and found out the whole thing started with one doll. Announcements

President Helena said Gary DeVito from AMBA will be at next week’s meeting and ORTA President-Elect Nancy Boomhower will attend out September meeting. ORTA Trustee

Ron Snowberger Ron said that ORTA has a slide presentation available to encourage new members. He said the Public Relations meeting has been canceled three times and Legislative hasn’t met. Ron said that Connie has been helping him with his slide presentation on China for the November program.

Community Service -Judy Morgan

Judy said that members have been asked to bring school supplies for next week’s meeting. She said that PCRTA members have accumulated 3,900 volunteer hours so far this year. She said that members are requested to bring supplies for the giving dolls in September. It was suggested that teddy bears for Akron Children’s Hospital could be brought to next year’s March meeting. Yarn, woven cotton, cotton blend, muslin, lace, gift cards for Joann Fabric, Michael’s, Walmart, & Visa, postage stamps, poly-fill, thread, trims, and elastic were among the things suggested.

Legislative – Dan McCombs

Dan said that legislation for the GPO/WEP for social security has been reintroduced. He said that the state budget was 1500 pages. The 12 ½ % on property tax has been eliminated so the taxpayers will pay it only on new levies. He said that will be much harder for schools to pass levies, although it will only happen to newly passed levies. He said that Medicare expansion is to be reconsidered. Also the bill includes teacher evaluations and increased money for charter schools, even though they are failing.

Membership – Dave Gynn

Dave said that membership is a tough topic. PCRTA has 20 people who did not renew their membership for 2013. He said that our ORTA trusteeship is terminating this year, so it is important to keep our membership up. It has become harder and harder to acquire the names of retiring teachers from the schools. He said he has contacted STRS directly and his committee follows up with phone calls. Darlene sent 80 post cards at the end of May or June.

Proctor Scheduling – Edith Scott

Edie thanked Georgia and Pat for the wonderful coverage of the Proctor Appreciation Reception at NEOMED at May, 16th. Edie would like help in recruiting 6 or 7 more people to replace those who will no longer be available to proctor.For the August 14th orientation, interested members are to meet Edie at the door at NEOMED. President Helena thanked Edie for her efforts.

Newsletter – Pat Gynn

325 newsletters printed 314 newsletters mailed Total Expense $300.24 98 member Email list 10 on trying list 4 said yes 2 said no 4 waiting to hear from Pat will encourage more members to sign up for Email at the next meeting.

Judy Kirman will take over Email distribution. Pat asked if we should invite Sue Hricko to our scholarship luncheon. The answer was yes. Edie volunteered to call her.

Nominations- Jan Fencl

Jan said that elections for vice-president, recording secretary, and treasurer occur in odd-numbered years for PCRTA. Elections take place in November. Officers take office on January 1, 2014.Our nominations for 2013 include: Vice-President: Georgia Darrah Treasurer: David Gynn Recording Secretary: Ruth Weigand Jan said that we accept, with regret, the resignation of Darlene Fetterhoff. We commend her outstanding, over-the-top service. Thank you, Darlene.

Dan McCombs, a member of the nominating committee, will take care of the installation. Jan said another person is needed on the nominating committee. Georgia asked if we should get someone who would do the PR to get others involved.

Preretirement – Mary Ann Brockett M

ary Ann said that she thought there should be shorter presentations at the preretirement seminar. She said that perhaps the STRS speaker should speak first; then, Attorney Flynn should be second. Dave said that ORTA has a power point presentation to be sent to all chapters.

The preretirement seminar will be April 13th from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00P.M. at Western Reserve Media. Edie suggested doing some of the important info as a commercial.

Protective Services – Kay Wise Kay said that she will call Dr. Stacy Schneider to remind her to have students there before the meeting to do blood pressure checks.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Georgia said that there will be a notice in the Record Courier for next week’s meeting. She said that she will take pictures at the luncheon meeting to submit to the Record Courier.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim said that Connie and Georgia are putting together a power point presentation of the scholarship recipients for next week’s meeting. There will be posters on the wall and table tents on the four tables where the recipients, their families, and some of the scholarship committee members will be seated. Sarah McClure attended the last meeting. Also Dave Gynn presented her scholarship at Kent Roosevelt. Jim said that the recipients will participate in a question and answer session.He said that PCRTA received a thank you from Kent Roosevelt and stated that more than 40 of their students were awarded scholarships. Jim handed out a chart that showed that our first scholarship of $100 was awarded in 1994. The chart listed the names of all the Portage County schools. The records from 1994-1999 do not indicate what school our scholarship recipients were from. From the beginning of the PCRTA Scholarship Program through 2013, a total of $49,200 has been awarded to 87 deserving students in Portage County. The first scholarship awarded in 1994 was for $100 and has progressed to awarding scholarships of $1,000. Darlene said that the Teresa Bica family has faithfully donated to the scholarship fund at Christmas time in Teresa’s name. Also the families of Les Bennett and Alice Foldessy have donated. Edie suggested calling Norm Park about this. It was stated that after we receive our 501c3 we will be able to offer grants. ( Edie said that Kent Roosevelt awarded their first scholarship of $100 after having a Country Western concert there)

Social/Travel – John Kerstetter The social committee met and reviewed the interest survey. After discussion, it was decided that we would plan three events for next year – a museum or park event for fall, the Christmas Band Concert in Hudson followed by dinner at Zeppe’s, and a spring theater production. The three that are being planned are the following: Thursday, October 10 – A Fall Ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.  Depart from The Canal Visitor’s Railroad top  at 12:55 and returning there at 3:55.  It will be a guided tour telling about the history of the park and other highlights.  Cost: $5.00 per person.  Final count and payment due September 26th. December Band Concert in Hudson followed by dinner at Zeppe’s.  Time and place TBA EJ Thomas, Akron  Mama Mia – Musical Tuesday or Wednesday, May 6 or 7, 2014. 7:30 PM John said that Harry London Chocolate factory is still being considered.

Unfinished Business Pat Gynn’s credit card is used for our website. This year the fee was for our domain name and privacy. Next year the fee will be for the company that services our website which is charged every two years. The By-laws review committee are Jim Montaquila, Jan Fencl, Saroj Sutaria, Ron Snowberger, Dan McCombs and Dave Gynn. Ron will be chairman.  It was suggested that the committee meet in the library in the STEMM School. Kay Wise made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Georgia Darrah. Motion carried.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting July 18, 2013

President Helena Parry welcomed everyone and introduced Gary DeVito , Regional Vice-President for AMBA, the insurance company that ORTA recommends for retired teachers. Helena thanked the greeters, Pat Mazzer and Fran Pruschenko.

She welcomed scholarship recipients, their parents and guests; namely, Alexa Brewster and her parents, Jay and Michelle; Samantha Cooper and her parents, David and Kathy; Ashley Spangler and her mother, Tammy and her grandmother, Linda Carlin; Kayla Tuma and her parents Ed and Michelle. A power point presentation of the scholarship recipients scrolled on the screen for everyone to enjoy.

President Helena announced BP checks before the meeting and said that Dan McCombs is selling tickets for the 50/50 drawing.

John Kerstetter placed fliers on the tables for signup for the Cuyahoga Valley RR trip on Oct. 10 from 12:55 -3:55 for $5.00 and members should sign up by Oct. 3. Corresponding

Secretary Barb Cribbs placed info with comments of past scholarship winners with a request Tell Us Where They Are Now. Kevin White, 2007 recipient graduated from KSU in 2011 and has been a teaching assistant for 2 yrs.

Kera Lemaster, 2008 recipient, graduated from University of Mount Union in 2012 and is a math intervention instructor at Salem Jr. High School and tutor OGT Prep for HS students.

2009 scholarship recipient, Courtney Spellman, 2013 KSU graduate, will be a Mathematics teacher and cheerleading advisor at Southeast High School this fall.

Kelly Christensen, 2008 recipient, Bowling Green magna cum laude graduate in 2012, has directed three bands and tutoring grades 5-8 band students, and worked at band camps. She has substitute taught at Rootstown, Southeast, and Ravenna Schools. She is planning to pursue a graduate degree in musicology at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music.

Miranda Titko, 2010 recipient, in KSU Honors College for her senior year this fall majoring in Integrated Mathematics with a Mathematics minor and will be student teaching at Stow-Munroe HS next spring.

Kelsey Stummer, 2012 recipient, has completed her first year majoring in elementary education and minoring in French and global studies, and studied in India as a part of a study abroad with other education majors. She is involved in Project Citizen, Colleges against Cancer, Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma, the Purdue Student Education Association, and will be a College Ambassador next semester.

Lauren McBride is majoring in Special Education with concentrations in Mild-Moderate Math and Reading and Moderate-Intensive Education Needs at KSU. She is currently working at a Christian summer camp in Warsaw, Ohio that serves people of all ages with various types of disabilities.

Karlie Lieberth made the dean’s list both semesters at University of Akron this year, ran cross country, indoor, and outdoor track. She qualified for the conference championships in the 800 meters for indoor track. She has been admitted into the college of education and her classes will start this fall.

Sarah Briggs has completed her first year at the University of Mount Union on the Dean’s List and was awarded the full tuition Presidential Scholarship and is in the Honors College. She took her first education class and spent 30 hours observing in a second grade classroom at Marlboro elementary. She will major in Early childhood and double minoring in Intervention Specialist and Music.She is a member of the concert choir, a member of Kappa Phi, a Christian sorority, and will be serving as the active chaplain next year. She is leading a worship at a new church in Alliance. Barb listed the names of 45 recipients and requested that PCRTA members who know them to contact her with their address.

President Helena thanked the greeters and requested that the scholarship recipients come forward to help her lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Then Helena asked everyone to join in “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Helena asked guests to stand and give their names:  Kathy Cavalier, Ravenna; Dan introduced Barb Springer , KSU Communications and Journalism; Jan Zimmerman introduced Judy Moilitors and Diane Caslin from Crestwood, Connie Evans introduced Karen Balog from Ravenna, Gerald from N. Olmstead, Barb Geisey introduced Sondra Rorabach and Goldie Seitz, Jan Snowberger introduced new member Kathy Chappalear, Kent.

Dan McCombs announced that the 50/50 drawing will be half of $98. Membership chair Dave Gynn asked everyone to think of one of person who is retired that you could invite to attend our next meeting. He said that STRS will have the list of recent retirees for us by next meeting.

Community Service chair, Judy Morgan, thanked everyone for bringing school supplies to the meeting and said that members are requested to bring materials for the “Giving Dolls” next meeting. She said that a flier is being passed around for members to write their community service hours.

John Kerstetter, Social Committee co-chair, said that he followed the interest survey from last meeting to schedule our upcoming events. Darlene will collect the money for the Oct. 10 Cuyahoga Valley RR trip. He said that the Western Reserve Community Band Concert in Hudson in December will be followed by a meal at Zeppe’s and next May, Mama Mia will be at E.J. Thomas in Akron. The Harry London/Fanny Farmer trip hasn’t been forgotten.

Edie Scott, proctoring scheduling chair, asked all proctors to raise their hands and announced that the next orientation is scheduled on Aug. 14th and she will meet people at the door. She introduced Suzanne Hricko, NEOMED person in charge of proctoring.

President Helena asked Ruth McKay to come forward to give the meditation. Ruth read the ABC’s of a pastor and then led a prayer for grace.

Ken Granville won the 50/50 drawing in the amount of $49(half of $98).

Gary DeVito, AMBA representative, said that he placed cards on all the tables for people to mark what interested them and he would come around to collect them. He would draw one of them to award a $25 gas gift card. President Helena introduced Jim Montaquila, scholarship chair.

Jim welcomed everyone to our scholarship luncheon. He said that the scholarship committee members Dave Gynn, Jan Fencl, Lowell Myers, Norm Park, and Kay Wise met with him in early spring. He thanked Connie Evans, Georgia Darrah, Edith Scott, and the proctors. He said that PCRTA has been awarding scholarships since 1994 and have awarded 87 scholarships to deserving students, amounting to a total of $49,200.  Dave thanked NEOMED, Sue Hricko, Edith Scott, proctors, and people who contribute to the fund in memory of M. Alice Foldessy, Streetsboro, Les Bennett, Tallmadge-music, vocal KSU, PCRTA treasurer and song leader, and to honor Teresa Bica, an early advocate who even spearheaded the flea market idea to earn money for scholarships.

He said two of this year’s recipients are not present today: Sarah McClure from Roosevelt who will attend Bowling Green to study elementary education or Spanish education and Melody Smithfrom Field, who will attend KSU to study vocal and instrumental music.

Georgia Darrah introduced Alexa Brewster from Streetsboro who will attend KSU to study athletic training and physical education.

Kay Wise introduced Samantha Cooper from Field who will attend University of Mount Union and will study early childhood education.

Jan Fencl introduced Ashley Spangler from Waterloo who will attend KSU to study art education.

Norm Park introduced Kayla Tuma from Streetsboro who will attend KSU to study special education as well as elementary education.

Jim Montaquila said that this would be round robin questions, ones the recipients received earlier.

First – What college are you attending and why? Alexa KSU – excellent phys ed program Samantha – Mt. Union 98% placement rate Ashley – KSU excellent in art education Kayla  -KSU excellent  inspecial ed

Second question – What was the most memorable high school experience? Kayla -helped save one of her teachers jobs which was to be eliminated because of the economy Ashley – won first place at a KSU poster conpetition Samantha – was in the cast of the play Our Town – a good experience Alexa – played volleyball in the All-Ohio

Third question – Which teacher had the greatest positive influence? Alexa – her 7th and 8th grade health teacher Samantha – Her 5th grade teacher had her very own Boston Tea Party, attends her choir concerts. Ashley – her well-respected math teacher Kayla – Her Spanish teacher said to shoot for her dreams and to work hard no matter how hard it is. F

ourth question – Why education? Answers varied with love in helping people, most influential teachers, loved learning and tutoring and helping others to understand differences in life lessons, with self esteem, and being well rounded.

Fifth question – Why of your chosen field? One answer was what a teacher is – is more important than what she teaches them – Another answer was being the best role model.

Sixth question – Why choose teaching and not something else? A couple of them said that they wanted to be a teacher since they were little girls. Another said that Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and to get where you want Reading opens up your world and so does education. Knowledge is powerful and so is knowing the difference between right and wrong . Jim said that he is inspired to know that American education is in good hands with good people. He told the recipients that a member of our group will thank you for your good work.

President Helena said that Gary will collect the cards. She said thank you to Jim and the Scholarship Committee.

Georgia said that Jan Householder from Living Dolls will be here at the next meeting and PCRTA members are asked to bring fabric, thread, needles, gift cards for JoAnn, Michaels, etc. Helena thanked Georgia and asked for a show of hands for the scholarship recipients.. She thanked Marleen for handling the reservations and said that Marleen will be resigning in September. Gary DeVito, the AMBA VP, had the drawing for the $25 BP gas card and Ruth Weigand won. Meeting adjourned.

PCRTA Executive Committee Meeting May 9, 2013  

Members present: Georgia Darrah, Helena Parry, Ruth Weigand, Kay Wise, Dave Gynn, Jim Montaquila, Darlene Fetterhoff, Barb Cribbs, Pat Gynn, Judy Morgan, Ron Snowberger, Edith Scott, John Kerstetter, Sandy Kerstetter, Jan Fencl President Helena Parry called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand President Helena Parry asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes. Georgia Darrah said that the minutes stated that Connie Evans, not Georgia, will prepare a sheet for members to download adobe reader to help members to read the newsletter by Email. Kay Wise made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Georgia. Motion passed.

Corresponding Secretary – Barb Cribbs Barb said that she sent letters to past scholarship recipients asking what they’re doing now, but she received no responses.

Treasurer’s Report 4/3/13-5/7/13 by D. Fetterhoff

Income Total                                                    $15,093.92

Local dues 120                                                       437.00

State dues                                                             270.00

Scholarship                                                              35.00

Luncheon                                                                 12.00

Expenses                                                       $  1,829.54

ORTA dues                                                           $ 300.00

Newsletters – Matt Leedom                                      302.38

March Luncheon 69 X $13                                        897.00

Bank fees March and April 6 Federal 990,

2012 audit Alan Balog                                              220.00




OH registration fee for assets report Attorney Genera  50.00

Mailing labels D Fetterhoff                                          23.07

Balance                                       1                       3,701.38

Scholarship total in CK Account                               8,807.50

Working Amount in CK Account                               4,893.88

Business Savings Account 2013 as of 04-05-13     $14,840.14

Total  all scholarship funds (PCRTA Scholarship 29.04%) (Gene Newton 28.36%) (Wendall-Mary 42.855) Stifel Nicholaus Funds

Short History

March 31, 2013                                                                                   $44,881.44

Jan 31, 2013                                                                                       $43,465.52

February 28, 2012                                                                              $ 43,624.71

Dec 31, 2012                                                                                       $41,662.07


Stifel Nicholaus Funds

Stifel Nicholaus FundsInitial Investment$40,000Amended Investment$40,000March 2013

Explanation of amended investment: $1875 was added to scholarship and subtracted from life. Percentages were amended to reflect that change. This in accordance with passage of motion made in March Executive meeting. Growth figures will be based on the new percentages as is shown in this table.

Stifel NicholausFunds$3624.71 growth based on2/28/13Amended due to new percentages3/17/13
Life Membership$2129.5258.75%$1967.4954.28%

Audit, 990, OH Fees, status of 501 c3 The 2012 audit has been completed by Alan Balog. Everything balanced to the penny. Copies will be filed and some are available for your inspection. 990 was filed with the federal gov’t. I registered with the OH attorney general’s office and all fees were paid. The status of our 501c3 is still pending, On the federal level it has become a very slow process.

Dues Members who still owe 2013 dues were either contacted via email or with a postcard (72 or 74). Nearly 90 contacts were made. Payment needs to be made prior to June 15 and submitted to ORTA before July 1.


A reminder that a Theresa Bica Memorial Scholarship will be given. Also our general memorial scholarship should include specific mention of Les Bennett and Alice Foldessy since contributions were made in their names. Darlene said that PCRTA had to absorb a $1 per person (=$69) because the increased price was not made known to members. She said that she paid the $50 registration fee, based on our assets, to the Ohio Attorney General. The charts in the notes reflect the history of our savings growth. She said that the books balanced to the penny and there are copies of the audit and no word on 501c3. President Helena said that the report would be filed for audit.

President Helena Parry asked for discussion to use the 50/50 fund for the general fund. Edith Scott asked if we could award more scholarships. Dave Gynn made a motion to use the 50/50 drawing for PCRTA operating funds, seconded by Jan Fencl. Motion passed.

Vice-President – Georgia Darrah Georgia said Randy Overbeck, author of Leave No Child Behind, will be our speaker at next week’s luncheon meeting. Dave Gynn will introduce him. He wants a recommendation to do this in other states. She said she will be using table decorations that she saved from last year. She talked to Dawn at NEOMED to use room 1 for our meetings since it has a stage. She reminded everyone about the NEOMED reception at 10:00 A.M. for all the proctors.

ORTA Trustee – Ron Snowberger He said that there were 4 district reports and 5 chapter reports at the ORTA convention. He said Dave showed a large chart with the number of volunteer hours for each chapter and wanted the chart in the newsletter and on the website. Twenty-five chapters had no reports. The ORTA newsletter editor did a power point with 36 slides for preretirement. Ron requested a disk of his slides and his commentary. Ron read and discussed his PCRTA Trustee’s report for ORTA. He said our holiday luncheon at NEOMED concluded with a productive 2012 at which we welcomed our new president Helena Parry and members donated hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens for Portage County Clothing Center.

He said in 2013, he would be serving as past president for PCRTA and participating in the ORTA Legislative, Public Relations, and Vision/Goals committees. He said ORTA continues to review and update the 2006 Strategic Plan. He also explained that PCRTA has 6 officers and 16 committees with reports on progress and concerns for the organization. He mentioned that the luncheon meetings are held at NEOMED and our March program featured veterans and a speaker from Honor Flight who provides trips for vets to Washington , D.C. Other programs this year include: Randy Overbeck, shining the spotlight on heroic teachers, six future teachers who will be receiving our scholarships; “Giving Dolls” program for hospitals; and Ron’s recent trip with retired teachers to China which included teaching opportunities for both elementary and secondary schools. He stated that our community service committee collects goods and money for different community organizations at each luncheon meeting.

With the ORTA focus on membership and volunteer hours, PCRTA was proud to report 10,874 hours for 2012. Our high volunteer project is for our members to proctor tests for NEOMED students. He concluded by saying as his term as trustee ends that PCRTA strives to continue to boost our membership. Our website and our newsletter are outstanding and are exceptional sources of information for members and potential members. We encourage our members to visit our website ( and click on the newsletter tab.

Dave received a request from Florida for a copy of the skit, performed at the Dec. luncheon meeting by a few PCRTA members. (A picture of the actors in the skit appeared in the ORTA quarterly.)

PCRTA president Helena Parry and Dave Gynn attended the April 19th ORTA meeting for president, and vice-president and/or membership chair with this year’s goal being membership.

Community Services – Judy Morgan Judy said that members are requested to bring items for the animal shelter to the May 16th luncheon meeting. She announced that that the GED graduation at Maplewood Career Center will be June 6th. She said that PCRTA members have turned in 1700 hours from Jan. to April. When it was suggested to honor members for volunteer hours, Judy said that most do not want that. School supplies will be collected in July and materials and/or money donations for the giving dolls in September.

Membership – Dave Gynn The committee meeting members delivered membership packets to the schools. ORTA will give one free membership per year(not a life membership). PCRTA will also add a PCRTA membership.

Memorial & Sunshine -Pat Mazzer & Dee Smith Pat Mazzer had eye surgery. Dee Smith would be asked to send her a card.

Proctoring Scheduler – Edith Scott Edith said there are 45 proctors on the list but it varies with 35. She said she is pleased. She said the reception for proctors is at 10:00 A.M. on May 16 in Meshel Hall.

Newsletter -Pat Gynn 328 newsletters printed $162.36

318 newsletters mailed                                        52.52

Supplies                                                               2.50

Labor                                                                 85.00

Total for April-June Newsletter                           $302.38

85  Email people Pat requested that all newsletter info be in by June 1.

Nominations -Jan Fencl

Jan said that 2013 election would be held at the November luncheon meeting. Officers to be elected are Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Preretirement – Richard & Maryann Brockett

It was reported that the preretirement meeting for active teachers will be in April instead of March in 2014. There will two presentations, one from STRS and one from ORTA. Financial planning was suggested for a separate meeting.

Informative & Protective Services – Kay Wise

Kay said there would be blood pressure checks on July 18th before the luncheon meeting.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah

Georgia said that the notice for the May luncheon meeting and the article about the KSU Fashion Museum attended by some PCRTA members appeared in the Record Courier.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim said that the Scholarship Committee members; namely, Dave Gynn, Jan Fencl, Norm Park, Kay Wise and Jim Montaquila met April 15 to read the applications. He said rubrics were used to rate and to make a composite for the selections. It was still difficult to make choices. Those selected were invited to our next meeting. Letters were sent to scholarship recipients, guidance counselors, and rejection letters.

After July, Jim suggested the scholarship committee meet to discuss changes for scholarship applications and present them to the by-laws committee. By-laws committee was appointed by the president; namely, Dave Gynn, Pat Gynn, Jan Fencl, Saroj Sutaria, Ron Snowberger, and Jim Montaquila. Jan will chair if Saroj doesn’t.

Social & Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter

John said there were 45 responses from members for social activities which included theater, music, Paskey tours, and museums. To help promote activities, it was suggested to try to schedule shortly after the luncheon meetings so it would be fresh in everyone’s mind.

Webmaster – Connie Evans

Connie changed the purpose of the PCRTA website to explore subjects of interest to retirees, to inform members of changes coming to health care and retirement benefits, to serve the community in many ways, and to provide scholarships to deserving students.

Unfinished Business At the last meeting, suggestions were discussed to earn monies for our general fund. We already use scholarship fund monies to pay for guests at the scholarship luncheons. It was stated that the $850 fee for filing the 501c3 would be taken from the scholarship fund. Since Sarah McClure cannot attend the July luncheon, it was suggested to invite she and her parents to the May luncheon, rather than present her scholarship at her school. Kay made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jan. Motion carried.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting May 16, 2013

President Helena Parry welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order. Dave Gynn led the pledge of allegiance. She welcomed Sarah McClure and her parents and also Elaine Lumley, guest of Kathy Lilley and Kathy and Bill Wilen, guests of Kathy Latimer. It was noted that Elaine Lumley and Kathy Wilen PCRTA became members today. It was noted that the names of Kathy Lilley and Kathy Latimer would be in a drawing today for having recruited new members.

Kay Wise announced a book sale of military and history books would be at the Ravenna Library.

Helena said that Portage County Gardeners would have a plant sale on Fri. 4:00-7:00 P.M. and Saturday 9:00 -2:00 P.M.

President Helena announced that the Executive Committee decided that 50/50 drawing will go to the general fund rather than the scholarship fund. Pat Gynn would be going from table to table for a signup sheet for Email of the newsletter or let her know if you still prefer to receive it by mail.

John Kerstetter from the social committee said that the social activity survey showed a high interest in theater productions, musical events, and Paskey tours. He said 20 signed for Harry London factory. Dave Gynn, membership committee chair, asked members to look at the chart on the table to see if you know anyone and pick up a brochure for them.

The drawing for a gift certificate to Laziza’s was between Kathy Lilley and Kathy Latimer for having brought a new member to the meeting. Kathy Lilley won.

Judy Morgan, community service chair, said there is a chart going around for members to write down their number of volunteer hours. She said June 6th is the GED graduation at Maplewood Career Center. She would like members to sign up to help and/or bake cookies, It was announced that 3 good spellers are needed this Saturday from 10:30 – 1:00 with free lunch at Maplewood Spelling Bee.

Edith Scott said that she is very proud of our team of proctors who respond positively. She started with 19 proctors in 2007 with 57 tests and 141 proctors with 435 hours. For 2011 – 2012, there were 114 tests with 292 proctors with 869 ½ hours. She said the proctors attended the appreciation meeting by NEOMED this morning. She said the NEOMED vice-president thanked us. Everyone gave Edie a hand for the scheduling and calling the night before. She said that there is a need to recruit more proctors with 150 freshman coming in. There will be an orientation in August. If you want to do it, attend the orientation. Proctors covered all the tests except two in the last two years. She said today the NEOMED staff did the proctoring so PCRTA members could attend today’s meeting.

Dan McCombs said the 50/50 drawing had $116 with $58 won by Ruth Weigand, part of which was donated to the animal shelter and for the purchase of Leave No Child Behind. President Helena thanked Marleen for doing the reservations and Darlene for handling the money. She thanked Georgia for the program and the decorations and Kay Wise and Connie Evans for being greeters.

Barb Geisey gave a short meditation from Baha’i writings accompanied by musical whistling before and after the meditation by James Geisey.

Scholarship Committee Chairman, Jim Montaquila, said that the committee met in April and found it difficult to choose candidates from better and best. There are 6 scholarship winners and each will be awarded $1,000. One winner, Sarah McClure, could not come in July, so she is here today with her parents. In July, she will participate at bowling Green State University in the President’s Leadership academy. Jim presented her certificate and her money. Sarah said that she always wanted to teach. At age 5, she taught her animals and at age 10 she used a chalkboard and a dry erase board. She was inspired by her first grade teacher as well as some of her other teachers. She praised her parents. She was a camp counselor from grades four through six, helped at church and with soccer. She liked the teachers who challenged her. She plans to study early childhood education. She thanked PCRTA for her scholarship. Dave Gynn said a hero is a model and today’s teacher is a hero. There is a National Leadership Award . Teachers are the real American heroes.

Dave introduced Randy Overbeck, author of Leave No Child Behind, a book about teachers as heroes when their students were threatened by a person or persons who threatened or committed an act of terror. He said there is a need to change the image of heroes in America. Heroes should be people who share care and concern and believes in the worth of every individual, and one who works without fanfare or flash; rather than sports heroes, movie stars, beautiful people, elected officials, and those in power. Randy’s book is in its second printing and has received the silver award. He gave everyone two bookmarks, one to keep and to share with a friend. PCRTA members and guests were able to purchase his book at a discounted price. Randy autographed the books for those who purchased one. President Helena thanked Dr. Overbeck and said hope to see everyone in July.

PCRTA Executive Committee Meeting March 14, 2013

Members present: Jim Montaquila, Barb Cribbs, Judy Morgan, Richard Brockett, Dan Mc Combs, Darlene Fetterhoff, Pat Gynn, Kay Wise, Edith Scott, Norm Park, Evelyn Park, Connie Evans, John Kerstetter, Sandy Kerstetter, Ruth Weigand, Helena Parry, Georgia Darrah, Pat Mazzer

President Helena Parry called the meeting to order. She asked If there were any additions or corrections to the minutes from the last meeting. Darlene Fetterhoff made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff

Darlene distributed copies of the dissolution statement for addition to the by-laws from the July 12, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting which was signed by PCRTA President Ron Snowberger, Vice-President Georgia Darrah, Secretary Ruth Weigand, Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff, Corresponding Secretary Barbara Cribbs.

Treasurer’s Report for March 9, 2013 through April 3, 2013:

Beginning Checking Acct. Balance:         $ 13,938.63 Income:                                               $ 1,522.50

Local dues                                                  121.00

State dues                                                  330.00 Scholarship                                                 177.50

Luncheon                                                    924.00 Expenses:                                               $ 367.21

ORTA dues                                                  120.00

Pat Mazzer-Memorial                                    129.06

Darlene Fetterhoff-Postage & printing                8.15

Dues overpayment refund                               10.00

Honor Flight Cleveland                                  100.00

Ending Balance:                                 $ 15,093.92

Scholarship Funds in Checking            $ 8,772.50

Checking Working Balance                  $ 6,321.42


The financial committee (D Fetterhoff, D Gynn, J Montaquila, H Parry, R Snowberger) met on Feb 10 to discuss financial concerns due to declining operational funds. The likelihood that our income would not support our expenses in 2013 was realized. Our decision is to put $1,875 (the most recent check from NEOMED) into general funds and not into scholarship funds at this point. We agreed not to withdraw funds from the Stifel Nicholaus account. Helena will discuss the cost saving measures that were discussed.

Business Savings Account 2013 First Merit Feb. 12, 2013

($10 account maintenance fee withdrawal)

Total $14,839.56 which is all scholarship funds:

PCRTA Scholarship 29.04%

Gene Newton        28.36%

Wendall Mary        42.85%

Stifel-Nicholaus Funds February 28, 2013         $43,624.71

Jan 31, 2013                 $43,465,52

Dec 31, 2012                 $41,662.07

Initial total investment:  $40 K

Initial Life Membership portion       $23,498.34    58.75%

Initial Scholarship portion              $16,501.66     41.25%

Stifel-Nicholaus Value Growth Allocation as of 2/28/13

Total Growth                                   $3,624.71

Life Membership:                            $2,129.52

Scholarship:                                   $1,495.19

Discussion over the financial committee decision of Feb. 10 ensued . Dan McCombs made the motion that the latest scholarship NEOMED check be placed in the general operating fund and at the same time internally transferring from Stifel-Nicholaus Life Membership to Scholarship which will change the percentages of Life membership and Scholarship in those funds, seconded by Connie Evans. Motion passed.

The 2012 books will be given to Alan Balog for audit.

President Helena Parry presented suggestions from the finance committee for increasing our spendable money. Some suggestions were using the 50/50 drawing, a book sale each month, mini-Chinese auctions, some donations of books as prizes, or pass a $1.00 donation basket each month. Pat will personally go to each table to ask members to sign up to receive the newsletter by Email to save money. Georgia will prepare a sheet for members to download adobe reader to help members to read the newsletter by Email.

Vice-President – Georgia Darrah Georgia said that our program on Mar. 21 will be Honor Flight, a program presented by Janet Merrick, which pays for veterans to visit the WWII Memorial in Wash., D.C.  Janet will accept a $100 donation to help the veterans. For September, the speaker will accept a donation. In Dec., Michelle Worthington plays the flute. Georgia said that she has stored table decorations from last year, but has none for Christmas. It was suggested that someone from STRS and OPERS talk about insurance

Community Service -Judy Morgan Judy said that an appeal for community service hours is needed. For the March meeting, members are asked to bring toilet tissue, paper towels, drinking cup, and liquid hand soap for the Portage County Clothing Center. For the May meeting, members are requested to bring used blankets and towels for the Portage County Animal Protective League. Darlene suggested bringing school supplies for the July meeting, rather than September . There is also a request for supplies for Giving Dolls. For November, it will be canned goods and money donations for turkeys for Center of Hope. For December, it will be hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens.

Darlene read a card from Kathy Morris, an STRS retiree who lost her disability a few years ago and was given $500 from PCRTA a few years ago. She receives a partial pension from STRS. She’s been sick, but wants to live in her own home. She is looking for 10 people to give $10,000 for a land contract to buy her own home.

Legislative – Dan McCombs Dan said watch for many changes this year. He said Tom Sawyer is on the education committee.

Membership – Dave Gynn Pat gave Dave’s report and said there are 1200 STRS members in Portage county, but only 400 of them are members of PCRTA. Pat passed a jar of peanut M & M’s and asked all board members to open the jar and take any amount you like. After everyone chose their M & M‘s, she said that number is the number of people you should bring to the next general meeting. Then she explained the display board that she brought to the meeting. It showed a list by schools of the most recent Portage County retired teachers. All the new retiree members who are members of PCRTA have smiley face stickers. Board members were asked to look at the chart to invite any of those you know to the meeting. She said that Dave is trying to get names from people in different schools.

Memorial/Sunshine – Pat Mazzer &Dee Smith Pat thanked everyone for replenishing the sympathy cards. She said Dee Smith’s father is in a nursing home. Then she explained that they put the names of the deceased honorees of this past year along with some of their info in a printed booklet by Kinko’s.  She said there would be votive lights on each table along with a few booklets for members to read. She said she will read some of the info about each one at the meeting.  Darlene told Pat to turn the bill in, because there is a budgeted amount of $200 for that purpose.

NEOMED Proctoring Scheduling – Edith Scott Edith said there were 5 members at the recent proctor orientation. She said that there have been many problems and a few dropped out. Edith thanked everyone present who have been proctoring.

Newsletter – Pat Gynn Pat said there were 329 newsletters at the cost of $301.33 @ 91 and ½ cents per issue. She said 81 members received newsletters by Email. The cost of 10 directories was $11.13.

Pre-Retirement: Richard & Mary Ann Brockett Richard said they will start in September with the planning of the next Pre-Retirement seminar to be held in March, 2014.

Protective Services – Kay Wise Kay said that she took the memory test at Robinson. She said there will be 30 memory screening pamphlets available from the Alzheimer‘s Foundation of America at the luncheon next week.. Also there will be 50 File of Life kits available.

Dr. Stacey Schneider will be available with her students to take blood pressures at the July and November In the name of PCRTA, Kay sent $25.00 to WRAPPS Western Reserve Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling). Donna Kuczynski forwarded an e-mail about an 8 yr. old named Patrick who had been chosen to participate in a storytelling festival in Florida and who needed financial assistance. If we ever wanted him to do storytelling for us, he would oblige us. I haven’t heard him, so I couldn’t speak for his expertise.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Georgia submitted the article to the Record courier announcing the final date for scholarship applications and the date of our upcoming meeting.

Reservations – Marleen Strebler Marleen said that she has 57 luncheon reservations for the March meeting. It was announced that Bob Stein and Fanny Everson from STRS, candidates for election to the STRS board will talk at the meeting.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim said he met at the end of January with Evelyn and Norm Park. They divided up the county and delivered in person letters and scholarship applications to all the schools. This week Jim sent reminder post cards to all the schools, stating that the due date is April 5. The scholarship committee members; namely, Jim Montaquila, Kay Wise, Dave Gynn, Norm Park, Lowell Meyers, and Jan Fencl will meet April 15 to select the winners.

Social & Travel- John & Sandy Kerstetter John said that interested PCRTA members will attend the KSU Fashion Museum on April 11. Afterwards, the plans are for everyone to eat at Laziza’s. John said that there will be surveys for suggested social activities for members to filled out at the meeting.

Webmaster – Connie Evans It was mentioned that the newsletter can be located on the front page of the website. if you couldn’t click on the address that Pat had on her email. There was a request for the volunteer hours for community service to be posted on our website. Meeting adjourned.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting March 21, 2013

Kay Wise announced that members could pick up a file for life from the fire department on the table. She said that she took the memory screening test from Alzheimer’s Association at Robinson . Anyone interested could pick up a flier on the table also.

Helena announced that Bob Stein, STRS Board member, and his wife Sandy Anderson were present.

Then Helena requested that all veterans present should come forward to help lead the pledge of allegiance.

President Helena Parry announced that PCRTA is in need of suggestions to increase spendable cash.

Edith Scott, proctoring scheduler, announced that she is in need of proctors for a couple of Saturdays, plus some proctors for April and all of May.

Community Service chair, Judy Morgan, said that PCRTA members acquired over 10,000 volunteer hours last year and requested that members turn in their 2013 hours today or by Email.

Newsletter editor, Pat Gynn, said that 82 members receive their newsletters by email and with use of her I-Pad she will go from table to table to demonstrate how to get to the link to read the newsletter by Email. Helena said that there are 215 PCRTA life members and the rest pay $10 yearly. PCRTA spends around $4,000 yearly.

Dan McCombs announced that Bonnie Shimmel won $47 out of $94 in the 50/50 drawing and was donating part of her winnings to Honor Flight. Dan announced that members need to stay vigilant with our legislators and to keep copies of their addresses from our newsletter.

Dave Gynn, membership chair, said that there are 400 PCRTA members out of 1200 STRS members in Portage County. Dave said that membership matters and there is strength in numbers. He suggested that those present today take a look at the display on the table. He said that he requested in the last newsletter that members invite a new member to join and to bring them to today’s meeting. He said there would be a drawing at the May meeting for those members who bring a new member to the meeting.

He said that Randy Overbeck, who talks about teachers as heroes in his book, Leave No Child Behind, would be the speaker at the May meeting.

Social Committee chair, co-chair, John Kerstetter, requested that everyone fill out the survey for suggestions for social activities that were placed on each table. He said that the next activity will be a tour of the KSU Fashion Museum on Thursday, April 1

1 at 10:00 A.M., followed by lunch at Laziza’s. There will be 5 displays to see. He said there’s a glass collection from the Roman era till now, pandemonium showing fans spanning 3 centuries, vestments that Catholic priests wear, fashion timetable–a whole era of fashions, such as tie-dye and undress –underwear.  He said that the museum is located on the corner of Lincoln and East Main.

Bob Stein, a candidate running for reelection to the STRS board, spoke to PCRTA members He said that Jim McGreevy was also running for reelection. He said that there were a lot of changes for STRS retirees for this year, one of which was no change in COLA for this year which was due to the delay in pension bill being passed because the unfunded liability had to be paid. He said the new retirees will not receive a COLA increase for five years after they retire. He said those who are in the middle of their careers have more time to prepare for retirement than those who will soon retire. He said many states lost pensions and/or health care. For STRS, the present changes in health are good till 2016. He said for his reelection that he has been endorsed by OEA and OFT. His fliers have his phone number and members may call him.

Norm Park gave the meditation. He said he was able to spend the whole day in Washington, D.C. when he went with Honor Flight to see the WWII memorial and said it was a time for remembering. He said he had a chat with Senator Bob Dole, a veteran who suffers from injuries.

Pat Mazzer, Memorial & Sunshine co-chair, said that each table has a couple of booklets with the names and info on this past year’s PCRTA deceased members. She said Dee Smith will review each one of the 12 lives and said that half of them were in their nineties. Karin Shipley taught for 33 years; Virginia Kichin taught in Kent and Rootstown; Lois Stewart who lived 100 years and taught in Brimfield, Garretsville, and Lordstown and was interviewed for PCRTA’S 40TH Anniversary celebration( copy on DVD); Marian Gussett, a field teacher; Pat Pownall a Crestwood home economics teacher; Les Bennett, a veteran, true calling in MI, taught in Toledo and Tallmadge and was PCRTA assistant treasurer and song leader; Helen Holbrook, during WWII one of the Rosie riveters, taught second grade at James A. Garfield; Dave Moulton, vocational agriculture teacher at Maplewood Career Center as well as Waterloo School wrestling coach and Rootstown football and wrestling coach, and liked farming; Hazel S. Cunningham Hanning, Southeast elementary teacher; M. Alice Foldessy, a Streetsboro elementary teacher; Harvey Shumaker, a history and English teacher; Betty Jean Pierson, elementary teacher in Kent Schools.

Before Vice-President Georgia Darrah introduced the speaker for Honor Flight, she said she saw a group of Honor Flight veterans when she was in Wash., D C. and talked to some of them. Then she introduced Janet Merrick, who is the Board Secretary for Honor Flight Cleveland.

It was noted that Norm Park and John Lilley have enjoyed the Honor Flight and were asked to sit and face the audience, while Janet explained the mission of Honor Flight.

In 2005 Earl Morris worked at VA hospital and heard about the WWII Memorial being dedicated. Earl mentioned it to some of the WWII veterans who came for appointments and they were embarrassed because they hadn’t seen it. Earl thought it was an atrocity that they waited 63 years for their memorial, were up in age, could not travel, and hadn’t seen it. Earl contacted a flying club in Cincinnati and the VFW who collected $2,000, and the first flights included 5 planes with one veteran and one pilot on each plane.

Presently, Honor Flight Cleveland, takes two planes with 25 veterans and 25 guardians along with 25 wheelchairs on each plane for one day in Wash., D.C.(Guardians are able-bodied volunteers who will push the wheelchairs and assist the needs of the veteran -they fill out an application, go for some training and pay $250 for their own flight). Veterans do not pay. The veterans get a goody bag with a disposable camera, which the guardians are supposed to help the veteran in taking some pictures in front of the memorial.

John Lilley and Norm Park shared their joys about the trip. John shared some of the things in his bag.  While there, there is a ceremony with TSA color guard, national anthem, and a military priest or chaplain who gives a prayer. Active duty military salute the veterans. Buses drive past all the other memorials and take them to Arlington Cemetery for the changing of the guard and laying a wreath. Afterwards, they personally talked to them and answered questions. A cookie lady brings them cookies and thanks them for their service.  Any veteran who is terminally ill and can still travel gets placed at the top of the list.  Janet thanked PCRTA members for their donations to Honor Flight which amounted to $450.

President Helena Parry thanked all the veterans who were present at the meeting.  Helena said that Art Fesemeyer and Tom Campana have also made the honor flight.

She thanked Bob Winkler for acquiring a flag for the pledge of allegiance today. She thanked Community service chair, Judy Morgan, for handling the donations of paper products for the Portage County Clothing Center. She thanked Pat Gynn, Newsletter editor, for going to each table to demonstrate the way to receive the PCRTA newsletter online. She also thanked Dave Gynn, membership chair, for the chart showing the most recent Portage County retired teachers who have not joined PCRTA.

President Helena Parry adjourned the meeting. Note: Several members were handed invitations with one teabag included from the Portage County Literacy Coalition. This invitation invited a person to stay at home to celebrate National Reading Month by grabbing a book and a having a cup of tea on March 1. Then you fill in your card and send a donation to the PCLC. The problem is the card is always received after March 1, the designated day for participation.


Members present: Darlene Fetterhoff, Ruth Weigand, Helena Parry, Georgia Darrah, Jim

Montaquila, Kay Wise, Ron Snowberger, Barb Cribbs, Evelyn Park, Norm Park, Richard Brockett, Mary Ann Brockett, John Kerstetter, Dee Smith, Connie Evans

President Helena Parry called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand

Ruth Weigand asked if everyone received their minutes by Email and then distributed copies of the November and December minutes to those who did not receive them. Connie Evans made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff. Motion Passed.

Corresponding Secretary – Barb Cribbs

Barb said that she received a Christmas card from Matt Leedom who prints our newsletters and directories with a note thanking PCRTA for the business.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff
11/08/12 -12/31/12
Beginning Checking Account Balance$  9,113.97
Income Total: dues, donations, luncheon6,488.50
Deborah Easton -speaker Nov100.00
Nov and Dec bank fees6.00
DFetterhoff-postcards &postage12.64
ORTA dues1,140.00
Ck to Center of Hope (replacement)10.00
15 cookbooks90.00
G Darrah-Supplies12.80
NEOMED Nov luncheon816.00
Forever Harmony Chorus50.00
Dfetterhoff-Snowberger gift card25.00
G Darrah candy18.94
NEOMED Dec luncheon1,056.00
Checking Account Balance12,217.09
Scholarship Total in Ck Account88,480.00
Working Amount in Ck Account37,737.09
Business Savings Account Dec 31, 2012
PCRTA Scholarship 29.04%4,315.09
Gene Newton 28.36%4,214.34
Wendall-Mary 42.85%6,315.52
Total  all scholarship funds14,858.46
Stifel-Nicholaus Funds
Dec 31, 2012 Not available yet
Initial investment:40,000.00
Life Membership58.75%23,498.34
Working amount in CK account42.85%$3,737.09
2013 PCRTA Budget:  1/10/2013 
Proposed by Darlene Fetterhoff, Treasurer
INCOME Checking Scholarship
Carrying over from 2012 Checking account3,737.00
Anticipated annual renewals 93 x $10=930.00
Income – Scholarships
Carry over 20128,480.00
EXPENSES – Scholarships
5 scholarships5,000.00
Bica scholarship1,000.00
18 lunches234.00
2014 Carryover  (includes $50 from BICA    9596.009,596.00
General Expenses
Newsletters and mailings2,000.00
Printing of directories70.00
Memorial service flowers and supplies100.00
Sunshine fund100.00
Auditing/990N fees250.00
Bank fees and box of checks66.00
Retirement planning workshop
  (even yr only)
Speakers and entertainment600.00
Website($220 every 2 years)110.00
Auto calls100.00
 (Outgoing officers, awards,
  charitable donations, ORTA area meeting
  costs, Board approved items)

Concerns and observations:

1. Dropped 10 dual members for year. Most in past eight years has been four or less.

2. Anticipated income from current members if all renew is $930.

3. Total income $$23,321.50 and total expenses $22,966.89 Gain is $354.61 for year.

4. Areas with greatest expenses are mailing newsletters ($1620.25) and Speakers/entertainment ($498.43)

5. Office supplies total is $216.97 that includes all postage, printing, copying, labels for newsletters mailings and ink.

6. Lunches for scholarship recipients and relatives, printing and mailing costs, and other miscellaneous items turned in by scholarship chairman are taken out of scholarship funds.

7. If we need to withdraw funds which were originally in Life membership CD, for chapter management, all are in Stifel-Nicholaus account.

8. 501c3 has not been finalized. IRS letter indicated a long waiting list which probably Means more than 6 months before they indicate problems. Cost was $850.

Suggestions to initiate some thinking on about how to improve our weakening financial condition: These are my personal thoughts which are meant to stimulate your though

1. Increase revenue with big membership drives but take minimal funds out of budget. Develop creative ways to handle costs.

2. Find creative ways to handle speaker/entertainment costs. Perhaps add a minimal fee to each lunch reservation. Use more talent of membership when possible for entertainment speaking. Help by offering to create audio/visual presentations. Example “My Best memory of Teaching” or “My Interesting Trip” with numerous people contributing. Incorporate Social committee ideas in luncheon meetings.

3. Form committee to contact by phone each member to initiate more electronic newsletters. Shorten newsletter or have fewer. Reservations could be made for 2 luncheons if fewer newsletters.

After Darlene gave a summary for the year’s end, she stressed that years ago our CD’s were our cushion for our yearly operation and now these 3 CD’s are in our business account. Barb Cribbs made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Dee Smith. Motion passed. President Helena Parry said that the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit.

Darlene read the IRS letter about the status of our 501c3 application which states it will be delayed. Darlene said that there were 10 non-renewals of memberships this year. Darlene proposed the with the goals to approve or change the budget, to have a ways and means committee, and to review all financial aspects for the stability of our treasury.

Ron Snowberger, Helena Parry, and Jim Montaquila volunteered to be on the committee. It was suggested to ask Dave Gynn to be on the committee also. Connie suggested the need to keep good speakers. It was also stated that receiving the newsletter electronically would save money. Ron Snowberger made a motion to accept the proposed budget, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed. Vice – President –

Georgia Darrah Georgia said that the surveys resulted in enough members signing up to be greeters and/doing the meditation for our meetings. She tried to choose people who did not do it in 2012.

Program for March will be Janet Merrick who will explain Honor Flight which pays for a Washington DC trip to visit the WWII memorial for vets who apply. Janet requests a donation, not a fee.

March program will honor 11 deceased PCRTA members of 2012 and one from 2008. July program will be to award and honor the 6 scholarship recipients.

September program will be Paul Stutzman who has bicycled the Appalachian Trail and across America.

Members decided that Ron Snowberger should give a talk on his travels in China for November. For December, it was discussed that some PCRTA members would present another play, followed by a Christmas carol sing-along. Table decorations for the meetings was discussed and deemed possibly unnecessary to save money.

ORTA Trustee – Ron Snowberger

Ron thinks he’s on publicity this year at ORTA and said there is a need to watch ORTA’s expenditures. He said they wish to do things by Email to save expenses.

Membership – Dave Gynn

Helena presented Dave’s report in Dave’s absence as follows: Membership Matters. Membership should be everyone’s concern. Membership matters in the Ohio Legislature. The recent pension reform legislation guarantees what we will continue to receive our defined benefits – for now. Legislators listened to the ORTA members who contacted them with personal stories of the importance of this pension reform. They listened, and responded in a bipartisan way. ORTA will continue to monitor proposed changes to insure the pension benefits remain.

Membership matters at ORTA. Only the ten chapters with the highest membership can appoint trustees to the ORTA board. We must continue to maintain and increase membership to retain a trustee. Our trustee helps form ORTA policies and activities. Membership matters in Portage County. PCRTA members volunteer a huge number of hours for local organizations as well as provide support through community service projects to local agencies. Membership matters for scholarships. We can be pleased with our efforts to offer scholarships to high school seniors who will be future teachers. Helena said that Dave requested us to look at our goals and mission and to bring ideas in writing or Email them to him. Ron said that Dave will have a membership meeting at the end of February.

Telephone/ Communications – Evelyn Park

Evelyn will do communications and Norm Park will do archival on his own.

Community Service – Judy Morgan

Ron Snowberger gave Judy’s report in her absence. Ron said that 92 PCRTA members completed 10,678 community service hours in 2012. Ron said that there is a request for donations by Portage County Clothing Center for toilet tissue, paper towels, drinking cups, and liquid hand soap since their funding is less now. Ron made a motion that PCRTA members should bring these items to the March meeting, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

Memorial/Sunshine – Dee Smith

Dee said that she sent 25 cards for hospitalized members, for joy, and for deaths of family members. PCRTA deceased members who will be remembered at the March meeting are as follows: Harvey Shumaker. Betty Pierson, Karin Stohl Shipley, Virginia Kitchin, Lois Stewart, Marion Gussett, Les Bennett, Patty Pownall, Helen Holbrook, Dave Moulton, Alice Foldessy, and 2008 Hazel Hanning.

NEOMED Proctor Scheduling – Edith Scott

Edith was having a proctor training session today at NEOMED for some PCRTA members to be proctors. Edith says she still needs more people.

Newsletter – Pat Gynn

Helena said that Pat requested that all info for the newsletter be in to her by Feb. 1.

Pre-retirement – Richard & Mary Ann Brockett

Mary Ann says that preparation for the 2014 Pre-retirement meeting will start this fall in 2013. Mary Ann suggested that a PCRTA member give a testimonial talk. Richard said that the meeting is tight with time because the goal is to be finished in two hours. It was suggested that perhaps Connie could prepare something to project on the wall as participants are arriving and sitting down with their snacks. Ron suggested to include becoming a life member with PCRTA and ORTA.


Kay said she will contact Dr. Stacey Schneider at NEOMED about having blood pressure checks a half hour before the March meeting. Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Georgia said she will have a notice in the Record Courier before the March meeting and an article after the meeting.

Reservations- Marleen Strebler

Marleen said she has a concern about late reservations.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila

Jim said that the printed letters for scholarships will be sent to the principals and guidance counselors on Jan. 31. The scholarship applications will be due at the end of the first week of April. Jim said he would be contacting members of the committee. Darlene mentioned that the Bica family is trying to continue the Teresa Bica scholarship memorial. Jim asked if there were any suggestions for the program for the recipients. Georgia will do the news release for the program.

Social/Travel John & Sandy Kerstetter

John said that 20 people attended the Christmas concert in Hudson and 15 ate at Zeppe’s. John said for the February bowling, there is very little interest. April 11, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. there will be a guided tour of the KSU fashion museum, followed with lunch at Lazizi’s downtown Kent.

Webmaster – Connie Evans

It was suggested to look at our mission on the front page of our website. The updated roster of PCRTA members will be Emailed to Connie to put on our website, although only Executive committee members can access the info. Mary Ann Brockett made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned.