Archive of Minutes 2012

PCRTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING November 8, 2012 Members Present: Jim Montaquila, Dan McCombs, Dee Smith, Pat Mazzer, Darlene Fetterhoff, Connie Evans, Pat Gynn, Jan Fencl, Helena Parry, Sandy Kerstetter, John Kerstetter, Georgia Darrah, Ron Snowberger, Ruth Weigand Ron called the meeting to order. He announced that PCRTA member, Les Bennett passed away. Darlene suggested that members may wish to donate to the scholarship fund to remember him. There is a proposed calendar for PCRTA with NEOMED for 2013 and the Kent Library room has been reserved for the Executive committee meetings. Ron said the ORTA reports need to be done. He said that he already has Mary Ann Brockett’s report for Retirement Planning. He said Barb Cribbs is on vacation, Dave Gynn is in Columbus, and Kay Wise is in Hawaii. He said Judy Morgan has 7,000 community service hours from PCRTA members and hopes to receive more from members at the meeting on Nov. 15. He said that Marleen has 56 reservations for the Nov. 15 meeting and 35 for the Dec. 13 meeting. Secretary – Ruth Weigand Ruth announced one addition to the Sept. 8th minutes; namely, Pat Gynn’s newsletter report for Sept. 8 stated that there were 360 newsletters printed, 350 mailed, and 72 sent by Email at a cost of $313.31. Darlene Fetterhoff made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Helena Parry. Motion passed.Treasurer-Darlene Fetterhoff Report for 10/8/12-11/7/12 Beginning Checking Account Balance     $9,130.73 Income Total: dues, donations                 850.00 Expenses                                              866.76 D. Fetterhoff-labels, paper, envelopes        17.52 Oct. bank fee                                           3.00 ORTA dues                                           540.00 Matt Leedom-newsletters                       306.24 Checking Account Balance                  $9,113.97 Scholarship total in Ck Account           $5,640.00 Working Amount in Ck Account           $3,473.97Summary of Investments 1. Closed matured CD (Gene Newton) at $4.214.34 on Oct. 22. 2. Deposited that amount in Business Savings Account which also earned $.47 interest. New total is $14,857.32. 3. Stifel -Nicholaus remains as reported earlier at $40,514.30 (Aug. 31). Treasurer’s Notes Nearly 30 post cards to those who have not paid 2012 dues were sent Sat. Nov. 3. I requested that dues be paid by Dec. 15 to meet the Dec. 31 deadline. At that time, membership will end if not paid. Using the STRS list sent to us by ORTA, seventeen hours was spent comparing that data with my records and then rectifying discrepancies with Judy Durst’s records at ORTA. Task has been completed. No information has been received from IRS concerning 501c-3 at this time. Ron said that the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit. Vice-President & Public Relations – Georgia DarrahFor the Nov. 15th meeting, the speaker will be Debra A. Easton, speaking on “Combating Negativity in Today’s World”. Nancy Boomhower, ORTA Eastern Area Vice-President, will conduct the installation of officers. Georgia said that the 2013 programs are scheduled through July. At this week’s meeting, there will be a survey for members to offer program suggestions and greeters. Georgia said that the Record Courier published the article about PCRTA member, Adele Fussner, who recently participated in her first triathlon at age 75 and also had the notice for next week’s luncheon meeting. ORTA Trustee – Ron Snowberger Ron said that he was in China during the ORTA fall conference and was not allowed to send a substitute, so our chapter report did not get published. Community Service – Judy Morgan Ron requested members to Email their community service hours to Judy real soon. He said members have been to asked to bring canned goods and to donate money for turkeys for this meeting and for the December meeting to bring hats, neck scarves, and gloves/mittens. Legislative-Dan McCombs Dan said that he invited four candidates to attend our Meet the Candidates on October 22, but only one candidate, Kathleen Clyde, showed up. Dan said that he helped process about 20,00 absentee ballots. It was a close election. Helena thanked Dan for helping with membership and thanked Darlene for her input. STRS sent the list of recent Portage County retirees. Helena sent PCRTA info to retirees who have retired in the past two years . There was a discussion about why members drop out and how to keep members.  It was suggested that March be membership month for PCRTA. Memorial – Pat Mazzer & Dee Smith Pat said that members are contacting her for sending cards. Proctoring – Edith Scott Ron said that recently 138 M1 and M2 students and 110 in another room were being tested, needing many proctors. Ron said that Edith has a very hard job. Newsletter – Pat Gynn Pat said she mailed 345 newsletters and emailed 78 at a cost of $306.24. It’s budgeted for $400. Nominations – Jan Fencl President – Helena Parry; Assistant Treasurer – Ria Mastromatteo; Corresponding Secretary – Barb Cribbs Informative & Protective – Kay Wise Ron announced that members may have their blood pressures checked at the meeting. Social/Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter Social committee members are Darlene Fetterhoff, Saroj Sutaria, Ken Granville, and Nancy Granville. Proposed Activities: Christmas Concert Sunday, December 16, 2012 around 4:30 PM Western Reserve Band Concert 1st Congregational Church, Hudson Dinner following at Zeppe’s or Yours Truly or Aladdins Bowling at the 11th Frame Thursday, February 7, 2013 10:00 AM March –Interest Survey to be handed out at General Meeting KSU Fashion Museum Guided Tour, Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:00 AM Lunch at Lazizi’s following tour around 12 noonWebmaster – Connie Evans Connie said that there have been over 5,000 hits on the PCRTA website. Ron adjourned the meeting after he told about his great trip to China. Minutes of the Portage County Retired Teachers Association Luncheon on Nov. 15, 2012 The luncheon at NEOMED was attended by around 80 people. All enjoyed a delicious baked turkey dinner with several sides. Before the luncheon began, blood pressure was offered to be taken by those who desired it by Dr. Stacy Schneider’s NEOMED students. Cookbooks were sold at the registration table. Extras can be purchased by calling Jan Snowberger. A membership sign and membership forms were available at the registration table. President, Ron Snowberger welcomed everyone and then had Dan McCombs handle the motions for new officers. Helena Parry for President was motioned by Richard Dorr with a second by John Kerstetter. Sam Rico made the motion to accept Ria Mastromatteo as Asst. Treasurer with a second by Adele Fussner. Connie Evans gave the motion to accept Barb Cribbs as Assistant Secretary with a second by John Kerstetter. All motions passed. Later Nancy Boomhower of ORTA installed the above officers to serve for a two year term. The other officers for 2013 include Georgia Darrah, Vice President, Ruth Weigand Secretary, Darlene Fetterhoff, Treasurer, Ron Snowberger, Past President. Nancy thanked those who had served as officers for 2012. Gerogia Darrah asked for members to fill in green sheets available on the dinner tables if one could be a greeter or give the meditation. Ron mentioned that there was a fantastic collection of canned goods donated for the Center of Hope, and that next month PCRTA would collect hats, scarves and mittens. Ron also reported that there were over 8,000 volunteer hours given by PCRTA members for 2012. Edith Scott thanked those proctors who called her to let her know that they could proctor and asked for more proctors for the month of Dec. 2012. She gave her phone number 330-297-1812 for others to call her if they could proctor. The Social Committee activities were reported by John Kerstetter as follows: a Christmas concert by the Western Reserve Band at the 1st Congregational Church, Hudson on Sun.Dec.16, 2013 at 4:30 PM; Bowling at the 11th Frame Thurs., Feb. 7, 2013; KSU Fashion Museum Guided Tour at 10 AM on Thurs., Apr. 11, 2013, followed by lunch at Lazizi’s around noon. Richard Dorr announced that on Dec. 9, 2012 at 4p.m. the Hudson Community Chorus will hold their Holiday Concert at the Hudson High School Auditorium. Among the selections sung by the chorus is Dormi Jesu, with classical, traditional music and a sing- along. The Wood Elementary Students from Hudson will also be featured. Tickets from Rick are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children up to 12 years of age. Tickets at the door are $12.00 and $6.00. For more information, check Pat Schubert gave the meditation. Edith Scott donated her half of the 50/50 drawing ($52.50) back to the Scholarship Fund in memory our late Les Bennett. Ron Snowberger mentioned his trip to China that was sponsored by the Shaker Heights Retired Teachers Association. There will be more forthcoming trips for next season. The Luncheon Meeting was completed with Debra Easton of KSU speaking about Combating Negativity in Today’s Society. In an interactivity, one should have discovered that a problem needs to be viewed by those involved as to what was their part in the problem as they themselves could have accountability as well. She mentioned the late Dr. Ray Heisey of KSU asking one to bring two solutions to the table in their department for any problems that arose. Debra ended her talk by singing a humorous song about excuses that her students give as to why they couldn’t accomplish something. The minutes for this meeting were recorded by Helena Parry in Ruth Weigand’s absence. The next luncheon meeting will be Dec. 13th at noon.   PCRTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING September 13, 2012 Members present: Ron Snowberger, Georgia Darrah, Saroj Sutaria, Dan McCombs, Norm Park, Judy Morgan, Jim Montaquila, Darlene Fetterhoff, Edith Scott, Connie Evans, Barbara Cribbs, Jan Fencl, Evelyn Park, Helena Parry, Dee Smith, Richard BrockettPresident  – Ron Snowberger called the meeting to order. Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand In Ruth’s absence, these minutes are being taken by Barb Cribbs, Corresponding Secretary Several more past scholarship awardees have responded. Their letters will be sent to Connie for inclusion on the web page.Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff July 2, 2012- September 13, 2012 Beginning Checking Account Balance                    $7004.52 Income                                                            $2515.00 Expenses                                                          $ 861.26 Ending Checking Account Balance                         $8658.26 Scholarship Total (Deposited in Checking Account)  $5452.00 Actual Working Amount in Checking Account           $3206.26 We will lose 31 members if they do not pay their dues by December 31. This could put us in danger of losing a trustee. They have been contacted, but we will try again. Darlene reported that our application check for the 501C3 has been cashed, the application is in review, but it will take about 3 months to get a response. Ron spoke on a change in our investment strategy. We have four funds, but one, the American High Income fund, is an all bond fund. Bonds are predicted to lose value, on the advice of our financial advisor that money was moved to Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth fund. Ron also asked that we make a $35 payment to the Silver Sneaker’s trainer who will present at our September luncheon. She doesn’t charge, but will be missing a class to be with us. Vice-President Georgia Darrah Georgia presented the proposed 2013 calendar. Moving the January organizational meeting from the 2nd Thursday to the 3rd Thursday was discussed. It was also suggested that the Christmas luncheon be moved from December 19th to December 12th. It was pointed out that moving the luncheon would put it just 2 weeks after the November luncheon. Moving these meetings would also be a break in routine, so it was decided to leave the organization meeting on January 10 and the luncheon on December 19. ORTA Trustee – Ron Snowberger Ron reiterated the need to retain our members so that we do not lose out trustee. Archival Committee – Norm Park Norm shared the Record Courier’s full page “spread” of the scholarship luncheon. Thank you to Georgia Darrah who arranged for the coverage. Darlene commented how she enjoyed Norm’s newsletter article about his summer jobs. He will make index cards available at the luncheon for members to report on their college/summer jobs and will follow up with another newsletter article. Community Services – Judy MorganJudy is still reminding people to turn in volunteer hours. We are not yet at Ron’s goal of 10,000 hours. We will be collecting school supplies at the September luncheon. In November we will collect foood and turkeys.  In December we will collect hats, scarves,and gloves.  Judy commented that she sometimes feels we could be more “creative” in our collections, but it was felt that there is a comfort level with our pattern of collections and we have targeted organizations with ongoing needs. Legislative – Dan McCombs Dan was pleased to report that the pension legislation has passed. All that is needed is the Governor’s signature, which should be forth coming. With this the pension fund should be solvent for the next 30 years. The changes will go into effect January 2013, but most will not be implemented until July or later. This legislation was critical. Without it, the state could have taken over out pension system. Dan has arranged a Meet the Candidates meeting for October 22, at 11:00 at the Kent Library. Membership – Helena Parry Helena is continuing to target recent retirees. She will mail information to other recent retirees as soon as she gets the list from STRS.Memorial /Sunshine- Dee Smith Fifteen cards have been sent, 9 for illnesses, 3 sympathy cards and 3 congratulation cards. NEOUCOM Proctoring Project – Edith Scott Edie recently held a training session, but needs “gobs” of proctors. She only has about twenty that she can count on, but needs to 127 for the year. Newsletter – Pat Gynn Pat needs information by October 1st. Helena Parry complemented Pat on the newsletter. She said she showed it to a friend an all they could say was, “WOW!” Nominations – Jan Fencl Jan accepted Ron’s resignation as President and commended him for his service. As stated in our by-laws the election of the following officers occurs in even-numbered years. The slate as follows: President – Helena Parry, Assistant Treasurer – Ria Mastromatteo and Corresponding Secretary – Barbara Cribbs. Dave Gynn has agreed to replace Helena Parry as Membership Chair. Pre-Retirement Planning – Richard Brockett  No reportInformative and Protective Services – Kay Wise Kay was not present at the meeting, but sent word that blood pressure readings would be taken at the Novemberr meeting. She has also suggested a possible program about two Portage county brothers who had climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Georgia plans to ask Adele Fussner about submitting an article about her participation in the Triathlon. She did submit the article on the scholarship luncheon. Reservations – Marleen Strebler Marleen reports that we currently have about 75 reservations for the September luncheon. Ron and Georgia will be meeting with the NEOMED staff to set up menus and reservation dates for next year. Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim shared thank you notes he had received from scholarship awardees. He was thanked and congratulated for his presentation. Georgia Darrah Jim Montaquila, and Connie Evans were also commended for the visual presentation they prepared. Social/Travel – John and Sandy Kerstetter John and Sandy were not at the meeting; however they reminded us of the “apple pie tour” Telephone/Communications – Saroj Sutaria No report. Saroj announced that she would be resigning from her position. Website – Connie Evans Connie has added a site map to the web page. New Business Edie Scott donated an autographed copy of a book from last fall’s ORTA regional meeting to be used as a door prize. The meeting was adjourned at 10:57 PCRTA Luncheon Meeting. September 20, 2012 President Ron Snowberger welcomed everyone and led the Pledge of Allegiance. He said Ohio retired teachers have a strong voice in Columbus because the legislators passed the bill sponsored by STRS keeping defined benefits for 30 years in both houses (the governor still has to sign it). Ron thanked Virginia Buckley and Kathy Lilley for acting as greeters. He asked everyone to bring a non-member to the next meeting and stated that some members still need to pay their dues. He welcomed new member, Ehrman Armstrong, KSU and Ruth Seton. He thanked members for the school supplies. Social Committee co-chair, John Kerstetter, announced that the Beckwith Orchard tour will be Oct. 18 at 2:00 P.M. at a cost of $5.00 for fresh apple pie and ice cream. The tour includes a trolley ride through the orchard and a tour of the sorting room and the sale/ tasting room. If interested, please call 330-673-0129 and make a reservation and pay at the door. Legislative Chair, Dan McCombs, said this a serious time with a bipartisan suppport to protect our pensions for 30 years. Dan thanked Dave Gynn for testifying in Columbus and going around Ohio to promote this plan. Dan thanked PCRTA member, Norm Parks, who was his seventh grade teacher, for his inspiration and his dedication. Dan said he was inviting all on October 22 to a legislative session with four legislators for Meet the Candidates at the Kent Free Library at 11:00 A.M. He thanked members for their Emails, letters, and personally attending meetings. Ron announced for Informative and Protective committee chair that there blood pressure would be taken at the November 15 luncheon meeting. He said give a call to the sunshine committee chair if you know a member needs a card. He said that Barb Geisey is helping Edith Scott today and to sign up for proctoring. He thanked members who volunteer and to give their community service hours to Judy Morgan. Ron stated that our organization was the only one in the state of Ohio to give seven scholarships. Dan announced that half of 50/50 drawing is for scholarship. Ron said that there will be installation of officers at the November meeting. Nominations chair, Jan Fencl has Ria Mastromatteo for assistant treasurer, Barb Cribbs for corresponding secretary, and Helena Parry for President. Ron will be ORTA trustee next year. Dee Smith gave a short history of Johnny Appleseed, stating that Johnny owned 1200 apple orchards with apples being used for cider. He spread religious teachings , was an animal activist, a vegetarian, and a hero in the war of 1812. Then Dee gave the meditation. Ron introduced the guest speakers for the Silver Sneakers, Health and Fitness for Seniors: Debbie Tatro and Margo Terry. Debbie is coordinator for Assuremed Corporate Fitness in Twinsburg and Margo Terry is a Fitness trainer for Tallmadge Recreation Center. Deb Tatro stressed strength training and range of movement for people past 50. She said that Healthways has developed the Silver Sneakers program and Summa has adopted it.  For everyone, the hardest part is motivation in addition to health issues and family. She suggested trying new things. She showed a short film on Aging, Exercise, and Metabolism that stressed strength training for people past 50. Training muscle, the engines of our body, can increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve blood pressure, increase metabolism, physical strength, bone mineral density, glucose metabolism, and speeds up food transit. It also can improve lower back health and reduce arthritic pain. She recommended 30 min. of strength training 2-3 times per week. She said to work hard while doing it: exercise intensity, not duration. She suggested that people can go to when out of town. Ron thanked Mary Evelyn Shabino, Judy Morgan, and Georgia Darrah for helping set up for today’s meeting. Janet Zimmerman won the 50/50 drawing receiving $74 out of the $125.Jim Montaquila won the second drawing, a novel, entitled Leave No Child Behind. The program continued with Margo Terry, Tallmadge Recreation Center trainer, who humorously had members get involved with doing some simple exercises that can be done while watching TV. She recruited Ron Snowberger to demonstrate on the other side of the room. She demonstrated exercises that improve muscles in the arms, legs, abs, and back. She showed how not to do some things that can hurt you neck and back and not to do too many repetitions.  She stressed challenge your self, but don’t overexert.  She recommended a book, Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman. Ron announced that Adele Fussner recently won in a triathalon competition.  In August, Adele participated in the Girl’s Tri-Two in the age 75 and up age group. She swam, rode a bike, and hiked. The cookbooks will be in at the end of September. Ron said see you in November(15). Then he reminded everyone about the Meet the Candidates at the Kent Library on Oct. 22. The meeting was adjourned. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING – July 12, 2012Members present: Jim Montaquila, Judy Morgan, Kay Wise, Georgia Darrah, Dan McCombs, Saroj Sutaria, John Kerstetter, Richard Brockett, Barb Cribbs, Drema Smith, Connie Evans, Marlene Strebler, Jan Fencl, Darlene Fetterhoff, Ruth Weigand, Edith Scott. (Dave and Pat went to Columbus) Vice-President Georgia Darrah called the meeting to order and said that she is presiding for Ron since he is on vacation. Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand Connie Evans made a motion to accept the minutes for the May meetings as recorded by Barb Cribbs in Ruth’s absence, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed. Georgia thanked Barb and Ruth also thanked Barb for recording the May and March minutes. Corresponding Secretary – Barb Cribbs Barb said that there are 84 past PCRTA scholarship winners and she mailed notices to 34 of them and received 5 responses with one returned. Vice -President – Georgia Darrah Georgia said that the programs are set for the rest of this year ORTA Trustee -Ron Snowberger, as reported by Dan McCombs Dan said that the Ohio legislature has adjourned. Dan said that the ORTA Quarterly had a good report about the study of the Defined Benefit Plan. Dan suggested that members should send a note to thank Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown for sponsoring Senate bill 342 and to let them know that they need to get this done this year. He said that STRS members received COLA this year, but will not receive it in 2013. He said the GPO/WEP, the government offset for social security, never gets out of committee. Reservation Chairman – Marlene Strebler Marlene said that she has 66 reservations including scholarship recipients and their families for the July 19 luncheon. Corresponding Secretary Barb Cribbs said that she made robocalls for PCRTA meeting reminders. There was a discussion about the necessity for meeting reminders and it was decided to leave it up to Ron. Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff 6/11/12 thru 7/10/12 Beginning Checking Account Balance 14,623.11 Income total:                               Dues 80.00 Expenses                                       5,336.57 Sarah Briggs                                   1,000.00 Jesseca Greene                               1,000.00 Karlie Lieberth                                1,000.00 Lauren McBride                               1,000.00 Abigail Wemhoff                             1,000.00 May and June bank fees                         6.00 Matt Leedom-newsletters                   320.57 Pat-Gynn-yearly public domain fee         10.00 Checking Account Balance               $9,366.54 Scholarship Total in Ck Account       $4,391.00 Working Amount in CK Account       $4,975.54   2012 Investment Summary (updated July, 2012)

NameAmountMaturityRateInterest yr to date
1st Merit: Wendall-Mary CD6,315.526/3/12.20CLOSED
1st Merit: Scholarship CD4,315.097/10/12.1950CLOSED
1st Merit : Gene Newton CD4,208.2310/19/12.145$0
1st Merit Business SavingsStifel-Nicholas Mutual FundsInitial InvestmentFeb 15, 2011Dec 31, 2011Jan 31, 2012Feb 29, 2012March 31, 201210,641.15From Life CD:23,498.34From Scholarship:16,501.66$40,000.00$38,243.55(fees withdrawn)$37,185.27$38,457.54$39,382.82$39,653.43Begindate:2/15/11.250Created on 6/12/12

Darlene said she closes each CD as it matures due to such low interest return and transfers the money to the newly opened business account. Darlene handed 5 envelopes enclosed with a $1,000 check in each to Jim Montaquila, Scholarship chairman, so he could present them to each scholarship recipient at the luncheon meeting. Dave Gynn had asked Darlene to discuss forming a resolution statement in the event that PCRTA had to dissolve and should have a plan for distribution of the monies in our treasury. Darlene said that Alan Balog completed the paper work for PCRTA to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization for a tax-free status by the Internal Revenue Service. After some discussion, the PCRTA Executive Committee asked for a motion. Darlene made the following motion: In the event of dissolution of PCRTA, the Executive Committee shall, after paying and making provisions for the payment of all liabilities, distribute all the assets of PCRTA over to an organization dedicated to charitable and/or educational purposes and which has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. The motion was seconded by Barb Cribbs. Motion passed with 16 members present. It was stated that the motion would become an addendum to the PCRTA bylaws. Darlene said she would prepare a document with the above resolution as adopted by the Executive Committee and would bring it to the July 19th meeting for the Executive Committee officers to sign. Darlene said presently the Lowell Myers is the only designated scholarship.   Community Services – Judy Morgan Judy said that she received a thank you note to PCRTA for the five members who helped serve refreshments at the GED graduation at Maplewood Career Center in Ravenna. Judy said PCRTA members are asked to bring school supplies to the September meeting. Judy stated that PCRTA members completed 2,087.5 volunteer hours so far for 2012. She said that Portage County Clothing Center needs volunteers.   Membership – Helena Parry Darlene said that there are over 35 members who still owe dues. Ron will call these members and Darlene will send them post cards reminders.NEOMED Proctoring Scheduling – Edith Scott Edith said that there would be an orientation session for new proctors at the end of August or the first part of September. She said four people are interested and she would make a plea at next week’s meeting.   Newsletter – Pat Gynn Georgia read Pat’s report stating that 370 newsletters were printed, of which 358 were mailed for the June/July issue and around 70 were Emailed. A few newsletters were sent to the scholarship recipients and a few will be distributed at the meeting. The cost for printing, collating, folding, and bulk mail assembly and postage was $320.57. Judy Kerman who retired from Kent Roosevelt volunteered to help Pat with the newsletter.Memorial & Sunshine – Drema & Pat Mazzer Edith thanked Drema for the nice memorial program at the May meeting. Nominations – Jan Fencl Jan said that she is planning to ask Ron to appoint a standing committee of three members to help prepare a slate of nominees for President, Assistant Treasurer, and Corresponding Secretary. Dan McCombs volunteered to be on the committee. Pre-Retirement Planning Committee – Richard and Mary Ann Brockett Richard said that he sent the final report to the state. He volunteered along with Ron to contact people who haven’t renewed their membership. Public Relations – Georgia Darrah Georgia said that she hopes Record Courier will allow a full page to cover the PCRTA scholarship Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim said that PCRTA received 12 applications from 8 different schools. He said that a power point presentation was prepared with Connie and Georgia and will be running during next Thursday’s meeting. He said five awards will be presented at next week’s meeting, while Kelsey is in Europe with her family. He thanked Norm Park for presenting her award at her school. One of our scholarship committee persons will be seated at the tables with the recipients families. There will be table tents and posters of a few of past recipients and info about what they doing now. Jim said that he received thank you notes from Lauren, Abigail, and a second letter from Kelsey. Jim thanked Norm Park for presenting Kelsey her award at Aurora’s honors awards. Jim said that PCRTA has awarded 84 scholarships totaling $43,200 with the first one as a fundraiser. Barb Cribbs sent thank you notes to individuals who made donations and to NEOMED proctors. Jim thanked his committee members; namely, Dan McCombs, Lowell Meyers, Kay Wise, and Jan Fencl.   Social Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter John said that PCRTA only had two social events this past year and wants suggestions. He also requested committee members. Darlene volunteered. Kay suggested a trip on the Cuyahoga Valley train. Webmaster – Connie Evans She said there would be a PDF slide show and a google map of where our meeting is located on the website.Announcements Portage County Election Board needs poll workers. Kay said that poll workers get paid, so it could not be counted as volunteer work. Edith thanked Connie for her hard work on the PCRTA website. It was suggested that PCRTA ask NEOMED to furnish a cake for the luncheon meeting, but some were of the opinion that NEOMED already supplies a variety of desserts. Edith said she would call Sue Hricko on Monday. Darlene made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Kay Wise. Georgia adjourned the meeting.   PCRTA Luncheon Meeting July 19,2012 President Ron Snowberger welcomed everyone and led the pledge of allegiance. He thanked Joann and Ken Cardinal for being greeters. He elcomed new member Mark Stahl and guest Linda Foster from Suffield along with Dave Gynn and Ruth Weigand, both of whom have had recent health problems. Finally, he welcomed Sue Hricko, the NEOMED testing coordinator. Ron announced that Judy Morgan, Community Service chair, would be passing sheets for members to record their community service hours. He said that PCRTA has 3,000 hours with the goal to be 10,000. Edith Scott, PCRTA scheduling coordinator, announced that there would be an orientation session in late August or early September. From last meeting, Ron said the Regina Brett books that sold for a total of $262 plus the $200 donation for Regina’s favorite charity, one which gives help to families dealing with cancer totaled $462. Ron thanked reservation chairman, Marlene Strebler for taking the reservations. Ron acknowledged Alan Balog for completing the paperwork for the IRS 501(c)(3) tax free status. He also said that it is time to pay the annual dues. There was a sheet being passed for members to order the ORTA 60th anniversary cookbook, for which PCRTA is charging $10 per book with $4 going for scholarships. Representative Kathleen Clyde was invited, but couldn’t be present for today’s meeting. Social Committee chair, John Kerstetter, said that he needs some committee members and some ideas. Ron announced that Dave Gynn and Diane Bowman are selling 50-50 tickets. The program for September 20 will be Silver Sneakers. RSVP needs volunteers. Board of Elections needs poll workers and there is material on the tables for voting and registration. Portage County Clothing Center needs volunteers. Ron suggested that PCRTA members thank our senators for getting the STRS bill passed and suggested that members read about it in the ORTA Quarterly. Ruth McKay read an Irish blessing for the meditation. Ron noted the power point presentation about the scholarship recipients scrolling the screen. ORTA President Dave Gynn thanked everyone for the phone calls and the get well cards. Dave said that he is back to doing visits to other chapters, but Pat has to drive him there. As a response to notes sent by Corresponding Secretary, Barb Cribbs, 5 responses from former PCRTA scholarship recipients were returned with info about what they’re presently doing. This information has been placed on some of the tables and should be passed for members to read. Responses are from Rachel Baughman-2008, Brandon Broadwater, Jessica Grabnic – 2007, Alex Wolfe -2010, and Lauren Stevens – 2011. After lunch, Jim Montaquila welcomed five of the six scholarship recipients, their parents, and everyone in attendance. Jim said that it was hard to choose, so winners were chosen between the good and the better. He thanked Edith Scott and all our members. He said that PCRTA has awarded $43, 200 for 84 scholarships since 1994. He said Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff received anonymous congratulatory notes with $50 enclosed , which he will present along with the PCRTA scholarship today. Jim said that according to a study by the New York Times, the value of a teacher lasts a lifetime due to their influence, effort, and knowledge. He said that he received a thank you note from scholarship recipient, Kelsey Stummer, stating she would be attending Purdue University and she is passionate about teaching. She is in Europe with her family. Norm Park presented Kelsey’s scholarship to her at Aurora High School Awards assembly. Vice-President, Georgia Darrah, introduced Sarah Briggs who likes to take things to the fullest extent. Lowell Myers, who in the name of his wife, Carol who taught 27 years at Crestwood and Streetsboro, awarded a scholarship to Jesseca Green, an all-around girl who works and plans to teach seventh grade math. Norm Park introduced Karlie Lieberth, who will attend Akron U and plans to teach middle school. Dave Gynn introduced Lauren McBride, Ravenna valedictorian, who plans to teach special education. Jan Fencl introduced Abigail Wemhoff, who has a summer job window washing and will play basketball at the University of Mount Union. Jim Montaquila conducted a round robin question and answer session with questions recipients received beforehand. The questions included: what college and why, most memorable high school experience,most rewarding high school activity, the teacher with the greatest positive influence, why you want to be a teacher, area of teaching and why, and what they hope to be 30 years from now. The graduates all reflected the desire to be a positive influence with their students by the example of former teachers as follows: Sarah’s 7th & 8th grade teacher, Jesseca’s 7th grade social teacher, Karlie’s third grade math teacher & her freshman history teacher, Lauren’s band director & family friend, and Abigail’s English/basketball coach. These future teachers chosen fields are: Sarah, grades 4 & 5; Jesseca, middle school math; Karlie, middle school math; Lauren, special ed.; Abigail, high school math. Jim thanked the parents and the scholarship committee for the good work and said he thinks education is safe in America. (The scholarship members were: Jan Fencl, Dave Gynn, Jim Montaquila, Lowell Myers, Norm Park, and Kay Wise). Ron thanked Georgia for the decorations and NEOMED for the fine facility. Edith Scott won $77.50 out of $154 collected in the 50/50 drawing and donated it to the scholarship fund. Ron said that PCRTA wants to keep our numbers in membership. Nancy Granville won the name tag drawing for a free lunch. Ron asked members to see Edith about proctoring. Ron adjourned the meeting. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING – May 10, 2012Corresponding Secretary, Barb Cribbs, submitted the minutes from the last meeting and will be taking the minutes until Ruth Weigand is able to return. The minutes were approved with one correction/clarification from Marleen Strebler: Members should make advanced luncheon reservations rather than paying at the door. Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff gave the financial report. There is $5,417.26 in the checking account plus $8,342.00 designated for scholarships. Dan McCombs made a motion that as the CD’s mature they be moved into a business account. Georgia Darrah seconded the motion and it passed. Vice-President Georgia Darrah reported that Regina Brett, our luncheon speaker is accepting a donation to her favorite charity, The Gathering Place, a community that supports people touched by cancer through free programs and services. Ron Snowberger moved that we donate $200 from our treasury plus the profit we make from the sale of her books. Mary Ann Brockett seconded the motion and it passed. We will have 40 copies of Regina Brett’s new book, Be The Miracle, and 10 copies of her old book, God Never Blinks. We paid $16 per book which usually sell for $22. Dan McCombs suggested we sell them for $20, with the $4 to be used as a donation to The Gathering Place as well. Georgia reported she has two possible programs for next year: the Honor Flight, a program that takes WWII vets to Washington, D.C. and The Giving Doll program that provides dolls to sick or lost children and children of service men and women. ORTA Trustee Ron Snowberger said he has been to Columbus four times. They have been reviewing the chapter yearly reports. He complimented Judy Morgan on her report for Community Services. Our chapter is second in the state for the number of volunteer hours. Pat Gynn reported that ORTA President Dave Gynn said he is proud of our chapter. He said that the Trustee report Ron Snowberger gave to ORTA was outstanding. Community Services Chair Judy Morgan reported she received a letter thanking us for our donation to Safer Futures. We will collect diapers for the Clothing Center at the May luncheon. She asked for ideas for other groups to help. Georgia Darrah suggested stuffed animals for hospitals. Pat Gynn mentioned the APL. Judy also announced volunteers are needed to make cookies for the GED Graduation June 7 at Maplewood.Membership chair Helena Parry reported that Connie Evans had designed a new flyer printed in black and white on colored paper for 18 cents each. Darlene Fetterhoff said we just got two new members, but we have more than 40 dual members who have not rejoined for 2012 as of this date. Legislative Chair Dan McCombs told about the changes STRS is suggesting: no increase in employer contributions; member contributions increased by 4%, phased in over 4 years; Final Average Salary based on the highest 5 years as of August 2015; eligibility for full benefits increased to 35 years service by 2023 with a minimum age of 60 as of 2026; no COLA is 2013, 2% COLA thereafter; new retirees receive no COLA for 5 years; and no increase in benefits with 35 years service. ORTA supports the STRS plan. Pat Mazzer and Dee Smith will be co-chairing the Sunshine Committee. They send get well, sympathy, and congratulations notes to members. They will conduct the memorial service at the May luncheon. There will be six members honored. Only one family member wished to attend. Pat suggested the practice of inviting family members to be discontinued. Newsletter Editor Pat Gynn is looking for someone to help with the newsletter. Saroj Sutaria suggested that the names and phone numbers of board members should be in the newsletter. Connie Evans questioned having the phone numbers on our website. Georgia Darrah suggested eliminating the phone numbers on the website edition. Nominations Chair Jan Fencl says she needs someone to replace her as she is often out of town. Richard and Mary Ann Brocket reported that only one other chapter had more attendees at their pre-retirement program. Ron congratulated them on the program. Reservations chair Marleen Strebler wants to stress advance reservations and no paying at the door. Scholarship Chair Jim Montaquila reported we had 12 applications from 8 schools. Six scholarships will be awarded at the July luncheon. Evelyn Park will aid Saroj Sutaria in taking requests for rides to the meeting. Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff reported on the filing of the 990 Form. Our accountant, Alan Balog, suggested we consider applying for 501(c)3 status. This would designate us as a not for profit/ tax exempt organization and anyone donating money to PCRTA could claim a tax deduction. After lengthy discussion, Darlene Fetterhoff moved that we proceed with trying to attain 501(c)3 status. Jan Fencl seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. LUNCHEON MEETING-May 17, 2012 Pat Farley and Margie Miller were the greeters. Dottie Emerick read the meditation written by Adele Fussner, who had been called out of town. President Ron Snowberger called the meeting to order and led us in the Pledge. He thanked members who had brought diapers for the County Clothing Center or had donated money to the cause. Ron commented that our chapter’s Trustee report to ORTA is being used as a model. He urged members to check legislative websites and contact legislators as the discussion of pension changes continue. Ron mentioned that 10 PCRTA members will attend the Regional ORTA meeting next Tuesday in Canton. Edith Scott made an appeal for more proctors. Dee Smith and Pat Mazzer led a Memorial Service for six of our members who passed away this year. These members represent a total of more than 207 years as role models, leaders, guides and friends. They were: Margaret Matjunas, 32 years in Ravenna; Kay Shutler, 40 years in Tallmadge, Mesopotamia, Randolph, and Kent; Robert Stokes, 39 years in the Kent State Biological Sciences Department;Betty Theiss, first grade teacher in Ravenna for over 30 years; Douglas Bennett, 33 years in instrumental music at Old Trail School and Ravenna; and Marjorie Butler, 33 years in Garfield Schools. Regina Brett, New York Times best-selling author and award-winning Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist was our speaker. She shared memories of some of our members who were her past teachers. Copies of her books were available and after the program, she graciously held a book signing. A donation, as well as proceeds from the sale of the books will go to Regina’s favorite charity, “The Gathering Place, a community that supports, educates, and empowers individuals and families touched by cancer through programs and services provided free of charge.”   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING – March 8, 2012 The meeting took place at the Kent Library with 11 members in attendance. Barb Cribbs, Recording Secretary, took the minutes in the absence of Ruth Weigand.Darlene Fetterhoff, Treasurer, was absent recovering from surgery.  She emailed her report to Ron Snowberger via email, but he was not able to open the file.  Her    report will be addressed at the May meeting. Vice-President Georgia Darrah reported that Safer Futures will make a presentation at the March luncheon.  Since they do not charge, she asked if we should make a donation to the group in addition to the items collected.  Judy Morgan said there are usually cash donations from members, so it was felt a further donation would not be necessary. Georgia also reported that Regina Brett will be our speaker for the May meeting.  Knowing that we cannot afford her usual $3500 speaker’s fee, she has asked that we donate to The Gathering Place in her name. Regina Brett’s book will be on sale at the luncheon.  The price is still under consideration.  It may be available at a reduced price for our members. Ron Snowberger said a Silver Sneakers instructor will speak at the September luncheon.  She doesn’t charge, but will be missing a class to meet with us.  He asked that we set aside $50 to compensate her lost earnings. Ron said he has been to two ORTA meetings since we last met.  They looked through the chapter committee reports to determine the “best practices” from the various chapters. He said when reporting volunteer hours to include travel time in your report. Ron reminded everyone of the ORTA Regional meeting on March 20 in Canton. Ron reminded everyone to submit recipes for the ORTA Cookbook project, “Easy Recipes for Busy Volunteers.” Community Services Chair Judy Morgan said the charity for May will be the County Clothing Center.  We will be collecting children’s diapers and adult Depends. Legislative Chair Dan McCombs asked if we should host a “lunch with the candidates” before the election.  The response was affirmative, and based on last year’s high turnout, he will look for a larger venue. Dan reported that ORTA has asked for a member to be our contact with each legislator.  He will put the details in the next newsletter. Dan noted that new actuarial assumptions will have a negative effect on pension funding:  inflations has been reduced from 3% to 2.75%; retirees are living longer, increasing our liability; investment return has dropped from 8% to 7.75%.  He is pretty sure there will be no legislative action until after the election, but they are still looking at increasing the retirement age and reducing the Part B Medicare reimbursement.  It will be nearly impossible to retain the COLA at the current level. Membership chair Helena Parry was absent, but Ron and Kay Wise reported that had made phone calls to   prospective members.  Several cited the $30 ORTA fee as an obstacle.  Ron said we need a new brochure.  Connie Evans said she would make up a new one. We still need someone to serve as Memorial and Sunshine Chair, and also Public Relations. Georgia is currently doing the PR in addition to Vice-President. Richard and Mary Ann Brockett said 38 teachers were registered to attend the Pre-Retirement Workshop on March 13. Jim Montaquila reported the scholarship applications are due on April 6.  The committee will met on the next Monday to review them.  Georgia said she would put an article in the paper emphasizing the April 6 deadline. Marleen Strebler said she will take reservations by phone and will accept payment at the door.  She has made some reusable nametags for members to wear. Saroj Sutaria thanked Georgia for including her name and number in the newspaper article so anyone needed transportation could contact her. Edie Scott reported that the interoffice newsletter at NeoMed included an article about PCRTA and the   proctoring project.  It was titled, “Portage County Retired Teachers-Our Most Valuable ‘Employees.’”  She stressed the need for more proctors.  For the first time, there was a test scheduled on a Saturday that we were unable to cover. Pat Gynn reported the newsletter costs nearly $1 and stressed the need for more people to take it on line. PCRTA LUNCHEON MEETING – March 15, 2012Greeters Millie Keller and Ruby Nance wore their St. Patrick’s finery to greet members at the luncheon.Dave Gynn filled in when President Ron Snowberger was called away.  After welcoming new and first-time members, he thanked everyone for their donations to  Safer Futures.  He announced that Judy Morgan was circulating signup sheets so everyone could record their volunteer hours. Edith Scott made an appeal for more proctors. Dave thanked Richard and Mary Ann Brockett for their work in organizing the Pre-Retirement Workshop.  Over 30 teachers attended. Legislative Chair Dan McCombs reported that things in Columbus are changing daily, but he doesn’t expect any action until after the election. Dave mentioned that 10 PCRTA members will attend the Regional ORTA meeting next Tuesday in Canton. He said that as ORTA President he has declared this the Year of the Volunteer” and has asked members to submit “quick and easy recipes for the busy volunteer.”   To be included in the new ORTA cookbook, recipies are due by April 15. Georgia Darrah announced that Regina Brett will speak at the May meeting.  She asked for a count of those who would be interested in purchasing a copy of Regina’s new book. Dottie Emerick gave the meditation.  She spoke on St. Patrick’s life and on the history of St. Patrick’s Day. Ken or Gary Moss won $60 in the 50-50 drawing.  They were sitting next to one another and weren’t sure who the winning ticket belonged to.  They donated their winnings to the scholarship fund!   PCRTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Jan. 12, 2012


Members met at the Ravenna Public Library.

Members present: Ron Snowberger, Ruth Weigand, Georgia Darrah, Norm Park, Evelyn Park, Helena Parry, Connie Evans, Dan McCombs, Jan Fencl, Mary Jane Brannon, Edith Scott, Marlene Strebler,

Nancy Granville, Ken Granville, Barb Cribbs, Kay Wise, Saroj Sutaria, Jim Montaquila, Dave Gynn, Pat Gynn, Darlene Fetterhoff, Mary Ann Brockett, Richard Brockett

Ron called the meeting to order.

He announced that Judy Morgan would like all members to call her to give their number of service hours.

He announced that Georgia Darrah is accepting the nomination for Vice President with Jan Snowberger

as assistant vice-president. He asked for a motion.

Darlene made the motion to accept the nomination of Georgia Darrah as Vice President and Jan Snowberger as assistant Vice-President, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

Corresponding Secretary – Barb Cribbs

Ron thanked Barb Cribbs for making the automated calling on Thurs., Nov. 3rd, to remind PCRTA members of the change of location to NEOMED on St. Rt. 44 in Rootstown for the November 17th and December 8th luncheon meetings, change of cost to $12, and Nov. 9th luncheon reservation deadline for the Nov. 17th meeting and Nov. 30th luncheon reservation deadline for the Dec. 8th meeting. Reservations should be sent to Marlene Strebler, St. Rt. 183, Atwater, Oh 44201. For more details , see your newsletter. Also there was a reminder that the Board members would meet at the Ravenna Library at 9:30 on Nov. 10.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff

Treasurer’s Report Nov 9, 22011 by D. Fetterhoff

Beginning Checking Account Balance $6,126.65

Income Total: NEOMED, dues and donations $2785.00

Expenses 716.55

Oct bank fee 3.00

Sept bank fee 2.00

ORTA dues 390.00

Newsletters: Matt Leedom 321.55

Checking Account Balance 8195.10

Scholarship Total in Ck Account 2697.00

Working Amount in Ck Account $5,498.10


1st Merit6,315.526/3/12.20$21.75
1st Merit4,310.887/10/12.19$16.73
1st Merit4,208.0010/19/12.14$72.82



Mutual Funds Summary

Feb. 15, 2011 $40,000.00

Sept. 31, 2011 $34,535.10

Oct 31, 2011 $37, 024.03

Darlene said her report shows and abbreviated version of the mutual funds and to take notice of the interest rate for the Gene Newton CD, which could not be changed to a better rate.

Ron said her report would be filed for audit.

Vice-President’s – Ken & Nancy Granville

Nancy said that our program would be Gene Easter presenting science concepts.

Ruth Weigand, Ken Granville, and Dave volunteered to be greeters and Dan McCombs will sell the 50-50 raffle tickets.

Ron will ask at the Nov. 17th meeting if members want to play bingo at the Dec. meeting; if so, someone needs to volunteer to call bingo.

ORTA Trustee – Dan McCombs

Dave, Pat, and Ron attended the ORTA meeting in Columbus. Ron is the ORTA trustee for PCRTA.

ORTA President Dave Gynn said that ORTA has named the upcoming year the Year of the Volunteer.

All members need to keep a major focus on the legislature for the pension reform bill.

This last quarter has shown a poor investment return, but for the whole year there was a 22% increase. STRS pensions need to keep the defined benefit, but there is a lot of pressure to switch us to defined contribution.

He said AMBA is willing to send a representative to one of our meetings to explain the benefits they offer.

ORTA President – Dave Gynn

Dave said he is trying to get members to serve on the ORTA legislative committee. He said the current retirees need to understand the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution.

There is no support to give current retirees COLA and support for health care.

Dave read a letter that was Emailed to PCRTA from a former student of Ruth Weigand, stating her student’s education to become a teacher, her years of teaching, and high praise and gratitude for Ruth, her third grade teacher.

Ron introduced Marlene Strebler, who volunteered after the last meeting to be PCRTA reservations chairman.

Ron announced that Richard and Mary Jane Brockett are the Pre-retirement co chairpersons.


Nominations – Jan Fencl

Jan stated that the following have accepted nominations: Vice-President – Georgia Darrah,

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand, and Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff.

Jan made a motion to accept the nominations, seconded by Pat Gynn. Motion passed.

She said at our Nov. 17th meeting, nominations will be accepted from the floor.

Then election and installation of officers will take place at the November meeting.

Newsletter – Pat Gynn

372 newsletters @ 49.5 cents each

356 mailed

postage and handling @ 38 cents each 15.8 postage & 22 folding

_______________ & collating

87.5 cents per mailed newsletter

Total cost $321.55

54 on email list (saves $47.25)

Archival – Norm Park

Norm said that the Oct. 27th PCRTA Beckwith apple orchard tour article appeared in today’s Record Courier.

Legislative – Dan McCombs

Dan said that Ken Cardinal and Dan Gunyula will become legislative co-chairs.

Dan thanked everyone who supported the controversial State Issue 2 with a no vote.

He said that it is critical for all members to watch our defined benefit and we need to be looking for fairness in the redistricting. Presently everything is on hold.

Ron announced that there is a need to decide upon a future meeting place for the Executive Committee meeting. Ravenna Library charges a fee for use of the room, plus a fee for setting up chairs and tables and putting them away.

Kent Library opens later but allows free use of the room with a fee for setting up and removing tables and chairs.

Helena Parry made a motion that the PCRTA Executive Committee meet at 10:00 a.m. at the Kent Library and do our own setup and removal of tables and chairs for future meetings, seconded by Jan Fencl. Motion passed.

Membership – Helena Parry

Helena said that Ron and Adele helped her put info in the envelopes that were mailed to prospective new members. There were 170 letters mailed which netted three new members.

Helena asked everyone to try to help recruit new members.

Darlene suggested personal phone calls. It was suggested that Dave Gynn would develop a list of talking points for phone volunteers to use.

Darlene, Ron, Pat, Helena, Nancy, and Dave volunteered to make phone calls.

Memorial & Sunshine – Mary Jane Brannon

It was suggested that Mary Jane send cards to Richard Dorr and Les Bennett.

NEOMED Proctoring Scheduling Edith Scott

Edith said she is going to set up another orientation for new proctors.

She is in need of many proctors for the first three weeks of December.

Pre-retirement Planning – Richard & Mary Jane Brockett

Mary Jane announced that the tentative date for the pre-retirement seminar is March 13th, 2012.

It was suggested that she call channel 45/49, the place where PCRTA has held it in the past.

Informative & Protective – Kay Wise

Kay said that Dr. Schneider would have students taking blood pressure of PCRTA members before the Nov. 17th meeting.

At 2:00 P.M., members can go across the street to Giant Eagle to get their flu shots.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah

Georgia said that she is able to submit pictures online for news articles to Record Courier. She said the picture of the PCRTA orchard tour is in today’s paper.

Reservations – Marlene Strebler

She said that she has 77 November luncheon reservations and 35 December ones.

Darlene spent $60 for a backup system for the printing of name tags.

It was stated it would be nice to know those who are guests.

Social/Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter

John said that the orchard trolley tour was cancelled due to bad weather, but PCRTA members enjoyed inside activities.

Telephone – Saroj Sutaria

Saroj asked Evelyn Park to be co-chair because she goes out of town.

Webmaster – Connie Evans

Connie wanted to know if there were any additions or corrections.

Kay said that PCRTA has good minutes and a good website.

Ron said that the Portage County chapter is one of the highest in count and one of the most active, especially with Dan’s influence.

Ron reminded everyone to stay informed with the legislature.

Darlene made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Helena Parry. Motion passed.

Ron adjourned the meeting.