Archive of Minutes 2011


Members met at the Ravenna Public Library.

Members present: Ron Snowberger, Ruth Weigand, Georgia Darrah, Norm Park, Evelyn Park, Helena Parry, Connie Evans, Dan McCombs, Jan Fencl, Mary Jane Brannon, Edith Scott, Marlene Strebler, Nancy Granville, Ken Granville, Barb Cribbs, Kay Wise, Saroj Sutaria, Jim Montaquila, Dave Gynn, Pat Gynn, Darlene Fetterhoff, Mary Ann Brockett, Richard Brockett

Ron called the meeting to order.

He announced that Judy Morgan would like all members to call her to give their number of service hours.

He announced that Georgia Darrah is accepting the nomination for Vice President with Jan Snowberger as assistant vice-president. He asked for a motion.

Darlene made the motion to accept the nomination of Georgia Darrah as Vice President and Jan Snowberger as assistant Vice-President, seconded by Kay Wise. Motion passed.

Corresponding Secretary – Barb Cribbs

Ron thanked Barb Cribbs for making the automated calling on Thurs., Nov. 3rd, to remind PCRTA members of the change of location to NEOMED on St. Rt. 44 in Rootstown for the November 17th and December 8th luncheon meetings, change of cost to $12, and Nov. 9th luncheon reservation deadline for the Nov. 17th meeting and Nov. 30th luncheon reservation deadline for the Dec. 8th meeting. Reservations should be sent to Marlene Strebler, St. Rt. 183, Atwater, Oh 44201. For more details , see your newsletter. Also there was a reminder that the Board members would meet at the Ravenna Library at 9:30 on Nov. 10.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff

Treasurer’s Report Nov 9, 22011 by D. Fetterhoff

Beginning Checking Account Balance $6,126.65

Income Total: NEOMED, dues and donations $2785.00

Expenses                                             716.55

Oct bank fee                                            3.00

Sep. Bank Fee                                         2.00

ORTA dues 390.00

Newsletters: Matt Leedom                       321.55

Checking Account Balance                      8195.10

Scholarship Total in Ck Account               2697.00

Working Amount in Ck Account             $5,498.10


1st Merit6,315.526/3/12.20$21.75
1st Merit4,310.887/10/12.19$16.73
1st Merit4,208.0010/19/12.14$72.82



Mutual Funds Summary

Feb. 15, 2011     $40,000.00

Sept. 31, 2011     $34,535.10

Oct 31, 2011       $37, 024.03

Darlene said her report shows and abbreviated version of the mutual funds and to take notice of the interest rate for the Gene Newton CD, which could not be changed to a better rate.

Ron said her report would be filed for audit.

Vice-President’s – Ken & Nancy Granville

Nancy said that our program would be Gene Easter presenting science concepts.

Ruth Weigand, Ken Granville, and Dave volunteered to be greeters and Dan McCombs will sell the 50-50 raffle tickets.

Ron will ask at the Nov. 17th meeting if members want to play bingo at the Dec. meeting; if so, someone needs to volunteer to call bingo.


ORTA Trustee – Dan McCombs

Dave, Pat, and Ron attended the ORTA meeting in Columbus. Ron is the ORTA trustee for PCRTA.

ORTA President Dave Gynn said that ORTA has named the upcoming year the Year of the Volunteer.

All members need to keep a major focus on the legislature for the pension reform bill.

This last quarter has shown a poor investment return, but for the whole year there was a 22% increase. STRS pensions need to keep the defined benefit, but there is a lot of pressure to switch us to defined contribution.

He said AMBA is willing to send a representative to one of our meetings to explain the benefits they offer.


ORTA President – Dave Gynn

Dave said he is trying to get members to serve on the ORTA legislative committee. He said the current retirees need to understand the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution.

There is no support to give current retirees COLA and support for health care.

Dave read a letter that was Emailed to PCRTA from a former student of Ruth Weigand, stating her student’s education to become a teacher, her years of teaching, and high praise and gratitude for Ruth, her third grade teacher.

Ron introduced Marlene Strebler, who volunteered after the last meeting to be PCRTA reservations chairman.

Ron announced that Richard and Mary Jane Brockett are the Pre-retirement co chairpersons.


Nominations – Jan Fencl

Jan stated that the following have accepted nominations: Vice-President – Georgia Darrah,

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand, and Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff.

Jan made a motion to accept the nominations, seconded by Pat Gynn. Motion passed.

She said at our Nov. 17th meeting, nominations will be accepted from the floor.

Then election and installation of officers will take place at the November meeting.


Newsletter – Pat Gynn

372 newsletters @ 49.5 cents each

356 mailed

postage and handling @ 38 cents each 15.8 postage & 22 folding & collating

87.5 cents per mailed newsletter

Total cost $321.55

54 on email list (saves $47.25)


Archival – Norm Park

Norm said that the Oct. 27th PCRTA Beckwith apple orchard tour article appeared in today’s Record Courier.


Legislative – Dan McCombs

Dan said that Ken Cardinal and Dan Gunyula will become legislative co-chairs.

Dan thanked everyone who supported the controversial State Issue 2 with a no vote.

He said that it is critical for all members to watch our defined benefit and we need to be looking for fairness in the redistricting. Presently everything is on hold.

Ron announced that there is a need to decide upon a future meeting place for the Executive Committee meeting. Ravenna Library charges a fee for use of the room, plus a fee for setting up chairs and tables and putting them away.

Kent Library opens later but allows free use of the room with a fee for setting up and removing tables and chairs.


Helena Parry made a motion that the PCRTA Executive Committee meet at 10:00 a.m. at the Kent Library and do our own setup and removal of tables and chairs for future meetings, seconded by Jan Fencl. Motion passed.


Membership – Helena Parry

Helena said that Ron and Adele helped her put info in the envelopes that were mailed to prospective new members. There were 170 letters mailed which netted three new members.

Helena asked everyone to try to help recruit new members.

Darlene suggested personal phone calls. It was suggested that Dave Gynn would develop a list of talking points for phone volunteers to use.

Darlene, Ron, Pat, Helena, Nancy, and Dave volunteered to make phone calls.


Memorial & Sunshine – Mary Jane Brannon

It was suggested that Mary Jane send cards to Richard Dorr and Les Bennett.


NEOMED Proctoring Scheduling Edith Scott

Edith said she is going to set up another orientation for new proctors.

She is in need of many proctors for the first three weeks of December.

Pre-retirement Planning – Richard & Mary Jane Brockett

Mary Jane announced that the tentative date for the pre-retirement seminar is March 13th, 2012.

It was suggested that she call channel 45/49, the place where PCRTA has held it in the past.


Informative & Protective – Kay Wise

Kay said that Dr. Schneider would have students taking blood pressure of PCRTA members before the Nov. 17th meeting.

At 2:00 P.M., members can go across the street to Giant Eagle to get their flu shots.

Public Relations – Georgia Darrah

Georgia said that she is able to submit pictures online for news articles to Record Courier. She said the picture of the PCRTA orchard tour is in today’s paper.


Reservations – Marlene Strebler

She said that she has 77 November luncheon reservations and 35 December ones.

Darlene spent $60 for a backup system for the printing of name tags.

It was stated it would be nice to know those who are guests.


Social/Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter

John said that the orchard trolley tour was cancelled due to bad weather, but PCRTA members enjoyed inside activities.


Telephone – Saroj Sutaria

Saroj asked Evelyn Park to be co-chair because she goes out of town.


Webmaster – Connie Evans

Connie wanted to know if there were any additions or corrections.

Kay said that PCRTA has good minutes and a good website.

Ron said that the Portage County chapter is one of the highest in count and one of the most active, especially with Dan’s influence.


Ron reminded everyone to stay informed with the legislature.

Darlene made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Helena Parry. Motion passed.

Ron adjourned the meeting.


PCRTA Luncheon Meeting November 17, 2011

Ron called the meeting to order at NEOMED.

Ken Granville led the pledge of allegiance.

Ron thanked the greeters: Dave Gynn, Ken Granville, and Ruth Weigand

He announced that Edith Scott needs many proctors for December.

New members are Janet Fox, Community Education, Linda Little, Tappan School in Ravenna, and Gary Motz Streetsboro mathematics,.

Ron requested that members turn in community service hours to Judy Morgan.

Judy said that we have close to 4,000 hours.

Kay Wise said that the robocall resulted in three people registered for flu shots today and if anyone else was interested to please let her know so that Giant Eagle can have the vaccine ready.

First time attendees were Norma Jackson and Barb Watkins from Green Local Schools, and Stan Christenson, KSU retiree.

Ron thanked everyone who participated in the 50/50 drawing today.

He said that there would be no door prizes today, but there will be at the December meeting.

He said that our chapter is the eighth largest in the state of Ohio.

Ron said that he is our ORTA trustee.

He announced that Dave Gynn is President of ORTA.

He said to stay aware of what is going on in Columbus and that the state is rewriting what was in issue 2. He said that we want to keep defined benefit.

He praised Pat Gynn for our newsletter and Connie Evans for our website.

John said 25 people enjoyed the Beckwith Orchard tour and had pie and ice cream.

John said that he and Kay Wise had the most corny jokes that day.

Our next event will be KSU’s performance of “Ragtime“, which includes interactions between WASP, Jewish immigrants, and African Americans along with ragtime music.

Perhaps members may enjoy going to dinner at Pufferbelly before attending the show.

Nancy Granville led the meditation with a poem, entitled “Leaves” by Elsie Brady.

Ron thanked Marlene Strebler for handling the luncheon reservations and asked that members get their December reservations in ASAP.

He also announced that we may acquire permanent name tags that we wear around our necks and return them before leaving at the end of each meeting.

He asked everyone how many were interested in bingo for next month with the result that there weren’t enough interested members.

He suggested that members bring a wrapped gift $5- $10 or a gently used item.

Ron called for nominations from the floor. Saroj made a motion to accept the slate of Georgia Darrah for Vice-President, Ruth Weigand for Recording Secretary, and Darlene Fetterhoff for Treasurer, seconded by Donna Hajek. Motion passed.

Dave Gynn spoke about plans for next year as ORTA President. He mentioned that ORTA is celebrating its 65th year and PCRTA is celebrating its 45th year.

He explained defined benefit and defined contribution and how it could effect us as retirees,

Dave installed the three officers.

Dan announced the 50/50 drawing was worth $128 and the winner would receive $64.

Judy McKinney donated the $64 for Thanksgiving food.

Ken Granville introduced Gene Easter, who has been a Streetsboro High School Teacher for 40 years, has also been affiliated with Kent State University and Western Reserve University, and instructor for Summer Science Workshops. He brought a collection of stuff to demonstrate some of the principles of physics with audience participation and his wife Linda acted as his assistant. He demonstrated some of Newton’s Laws of physics; namely, inertia, pressure, and sound with audience participation. All in all, it was very entertaining and he asked the audience to help clean up.


PCRTA Luncheon Meeting December 8, 2011

PCRTA President Ron Snowberger welcomed everyone.

Ron asked everyone to keep their gift at their seat.

He thanked the greeters, Nancy Granville and Ginger Murphy.

He also welcomed today’s entertainers, Ray Harcar, Sam Mayes, and Ken Granville.

Ron announced that the PCRTA Executive Committee would meet at Kent Free Library at 9:30 on Jan. 12 for the Executive Committee yearly planning session. He said that the March Luncheon meeting would be the third Thursday in March at NEOMED. He requested that members get their reservations in early.

He thanked members for their donations of hats and gloves and/or canned goods. He said our Community Service chair, Judy Morgan, would deliver the items to the Portage County Clothing Center and food banks.

Ron said that PCRTA members turned in 4,485 volunteer hours plus nearly 1,000 hours will be turned in today. Ron offered a challenge to PCRTA members to try to help accomplish 10,000 volunteer hours in 2012.

ORTA President Dave Gynn could not attend today. Dave tries to attend other chapter meetings.

Vice-President, Nancy Granville, gave thank you notes with a small stipend to the three musicians.

Then Ron asked everyone who brought a gift today to get up and trade it with someone.

Social Committee Chairman, John Kerstetter, offered an invitation to attend KSU’s Fri., Feb. 17th performance of Ragtime. A group ticket will cost $7.00 payable to John Kerstetter and must be paid by Feb. 1. He said to fill out the flier today or it would be on our PCRTA website.

He said it’s about life in the U.S. with issues of immigration, racism, and others of the day.

Also members are invited to meet at the Pufferbelly before the show for dinner. He asked interested parties to call him for the group reservation and to show up with one lousy joke.

Informative & Protective chair, Kay Wise, announced that Reed Memorial Library in Ravenna would be having a Friends of the Library book sale this coming Sat., Dec. 10 from 9:00 – 4:00.

Hardbacks will be four for a dollar.

Ron announced that ORTA is in need of Legislation and Publicity chairpersons.

Dan McCombs said HB 136 has legislation pending to expand the voucher program.

He asked members to contact their representatives to stop this bill, because it will be detrimental to all our school districts in the state.

He said that the present redistricting plan needs to be stopped and redone.

Ron said that the free ticket would be for door prizes that he collected. Then he asked everyone to trade their gift once again and this time they will keep that gift.

Joanne Seitz shared a turkey trivia.

Then she read a poem.

After lunch, Ray Harcar(Waterloo) on the trombone, Ken Granville(Streetsboro) on the Euphonium, and Sam Mayes(Wadsworth) on the bass trombone entertained with Christmas carols.

Dan McCombs said that the 50/50 raffle was $154 with Adele Fussner winning $77.

Then Ron had the drawing for the door prizes.

Edith Scott, proctor scheduling chair, put out a plea for help for proctors needed for next Tues., Thurs., and Fri. for 14 tests.

She asked members who were interested to attend the January orientation session by signing up today.

Ron asked everyone to please fill out the surveys and turn them in.

He said to check out our website and to have a nice holiday.

He said thank you to Ken Granville for bringing his group to entertain us today.

Ron announced that our next meeting is in March.


Executive Committee Minutes

September 8, 2011  
President Ron Snowberger introduced Brad Cromes, We Are Ohio field organizer, who asked for canvassers or phone bank volunteers to work encourage people to vote NO on state issue 2 to repeal SB5.

Secretary Ruth Weigand corrected the last minutes as follows:  Nathan Dreger was a Rootstown graduate, 10 membership brochures were sent to Ravenna, and there were 782 volunteer hours for the 2010-11 school year at NEOMED.

Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff reported a checking account balance of $5,330.45.  $40,000 has been invested with Stifel-Nicolaus mutual funds.

ORTA Trustee Dan McCombs reminded the committee that he is completing his final year as trustee and his replacement should be named by September.

Past President Dave Gynn said there is a need for volunteers to work to repeal SB5.  He said 2012 will be the 45th anniversary for PCRTA and the 65th year for ORTA.

Webmaster Connie Evans will attend an ORTA workshop and hopes to get information to set up a members-only page on our website.

Social/Travel Committee Chairs John and Sandy Kerstetter have planned a trip to Beckwith Orchard on October 27.  John is planning a trip to the Ravenna Arsenal.

Jim Montaquila was commended for the excellent scholarship program, and Edie Scott was thanked for coordinating the proctoring schedule.

Georgia Darrah, the Public  Relations Chair, thanked the Record Courier for the excellent coverage for our scholarship program.

Protective Services Chair, Kay Wise, informed us that Dr. Schneider will be unable to come to our next luncheon to talk about shingles. PARTA will bring a bus to promote the use of the transportation system.

Jan Fencl, Chair of the NominationsCommittee, nominated Ron Snowberger as ORTA Trustee for 2012-2014. It was seconded by Ken Granville and the motion passed.  The position of ORTA District IX Director is open.

Pat Gynn, Newsletter Editor, said there were 375  newsletters printed and 359 mailed at a cost of $312.57.  Newsletters were emailed to 62 people.

Edith Scott, Proctor Scheduling Chair, said more volunteers are needed for proctoring.

Membership Committee Chair, Helena Parry, announced that an updated list of new retirees and others receiving STRS benefits should be received soon.

Legislative Chair, Dan McCombs, said that the ORTA leadership states that the news people are very negative about public employees.  We need to keep our defined benefits and need to avoid becoming negative ourselves.  He spoke about HB194 which restricts voting rights; members suggested we should put all our efforts toward repealing SB5.

Judy Morgan, community Service Chair, said our September service project will be school supplies which will be donated to Portage County Clothing Center.  Maplewood Career Center sent a thank you note for our serving cake and cookies to GED graduates.  It was suggested the APL needs volunteers and could use old towels.  The November project will be collecting items for the food banks of Portage County.  We received a $20 donation for Safer Futures.

First Book Portage County has given many new books to kids.  They are requesting a artistically decorated book case for a fundraiser.

After a discussion about our luncheons at the Methodist Church, Kay Wise moved that we hold our November and December luncheon meetings at NEOMED; seconded by Ken Granville.  Motion passed.

PCRTA LUNCHEON MEETING – Sept. 15, 2011                 
President Ron Snowberger thanked greeters Ginny Buckley and Bob and Kathy Latimer.                       
Anna Russo, PARTA Community Coordinator, told about public transportation.  Passengers may travel on an existing route or register for door-to-door service.

Les Bennett is in assisted living and PCRTA needs someone to take the job of Reservations Chair.
First time attendees were introduced:  Pat Yountz, Jane Donnell, Debbie Stress from Streetsboro, and Terry Sheffler from Cleveland.

Ken Granville led the Pledge of Allegiance; Ruth McKay read a poem (see page 12) and gave the invocation.

Announcements:   Give Mary Jane Brannon names of members who need cards, give community service hours to Judy Morgan, the monthly service project is school supplies, Dr. Schneider was unable to come to the meeting to inform members about shingles shots, and remember the Ravenna Library book sale.

All members are needed to recruit some new members.

NEOMED proctors are needed; call Edith Scott.

John Kerstetter, dressed as an apple picker, announced a trolley through Beckwith Orchard on Thursday, October 27 from 2:00 to 3:30.  The cost will be $4 and will include coffee and a piece of pie.  Members are requested to bring a lousy joke

Dave Gynn asked members to vote NO on Issue 2 in   November to repeal SB5 and asked members to visit the website to volunteer to make phone calls or canvas homes.

Vice President Ken Granville introduced our speaker, Ralph Pfingsten, author of The History of the Ravenna Arsenal.  Ralph is a retired science teacher and has done biological surveys on the site. He said that during WWI there was a dire need for a munitions plant.  The Arsenal was started by workers digging by hand in 1940.   He described the munitions buildings and storage bunkers that were built as well as the sleeping quarters used every eight hours by a different worker.  Today the facility is a major training center for the Army National Guard from the Youngstown Air Reserve Station. There has been a major cleanup which is still ongoing.

Executive Committee Minutes

July 14, 2011  
Highlights from the last Executive Committee and luncheon meetings are provided below.  Many meeting details are included in other reports in this newsletter.  A complete set of detailed minutes is available to any PCRTA  member.  Call Ruth Weigand (330-673-4788), email, or locate the minutes on our website (


-Eighteen members of the Executive Committee were present at the meeting.  President Ron Snowberger called the meeting to order and asked Secretary Ruth Weigand to read the minutes of the July meetings.

-Ron welcomed Mary Ann Brockett and announced that she and her husband, Richard, will be the new chairs of the Preretirement Committee.

Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff gave the treasurer’s report and the Investment Summary of all PCRTA funds.  She also gave updates to the membership directory.

-VPs Nancy and Ken Granville reported that NEOMED will furnish a cake honoring the scholarship recipients for the July 21 meeting.  Nancy said Dr. Schneider will bring some students to do BP checks.  She also reminded the board to bring books to trade at the luncheon meeting.

ORTA Trustee Dan McCombs thanked everyone who had worked on increasing our membership because it guaranteed that PCRTA would continue to have a Trustee. 

-Dan announced that ORTA will conduct free half-day leadership workshops on September 19 and 20.  Two members can attend with one free member for the webmasters workshop from each local chapter.

-Past President Dave Gynn reported that President Ron Snowberger had attended the Henry County chapter with him.  Wood County has a medical college and is trying to set up proctoring exams for scholarship money like we do.

-Dave is also ORTA President-Elect and is looking for ways to celebrate ORTA’s 65th anniversary.  He was considering a statewide recipe book, but he would be interested in any other ideas from our members.

-Webmaster Connie Evans said we have had 2500 hits on our website.  It was suggested that a private section could be added for board members using a password.

-In John Kerstetter’s absence, Ron announced that John and Sandy Kerstetter, Social/Travel chairs, are still working on a tour of the Ravenna Arsenal.  They will also be scheduling a date for a pie and coffee tour of Beckwith Orchard.

Public Relations Chair Georgia Darrah said she is still trying to get our information on the Portage County   website.  It was suggested that whenever she puts any information in the paper that she include our website.

Informative and Protective Chair Kay Wise said that the osteoporosis machine is under repair so it will not be at the meeting.  Dr. Stacy Schneider will discuss flu shots/shingle shots with interested members.

Nominations Chair Jan Fencl announced that Michael Bridge has volunteered to be our new ORTA Trustee.

Newsletter Editor Pat Gynn reported that there are now 62 people who have opted to go paperless, receiving their newsletter by email each issue.  Each printed copy costs almost 50 cents, not including the mailing costs.

Proctor Scheduler Edith Scott reported she now has 40 proctors.  Sue Hricko of NEOMED will attend our July luncheon and provide a cake for dessert.

Memorial and Sunshine Chair Mary Jane Brannon announced that Kathleen Shutler died on June 6, 2011.  Ria Mastromatteo had back surgery.  Darlene Fetterhoff asked Mary Jane to inform her of any member deaths so she can keep our membership lists up to date.

Membership Chair Helena Parry said we have had 4 new members since January.  She sent out 75 membership packets to the new 2011 retirees in the county.

Legislative Chair Dan McCombs thanked everyone for signing the petition to get SB5 on the referendum this November.  He said there were 19,000 signatures from Portage County and 1.2 million for the whole state.

-Dan said this fall SB3 and HB69, the retiree bills, will be discussed.  He encouraged everyone to write to their legislators to ask them to keep the Defined Benefit Plan we now have.

Scholarship Chair Jim Montaquila reviewed plans for the Scholarship Luncheon.  The students will answer some questions to help us know more about each of them.  It was noted that their pictures appeared in the ORTA Summer Quarterly.

-Jim said that he presented the awards at the honors  assemblies at Kent, Rootstown, and Southeast Schools.  Kay Wise presented the award at Ravenna.

Ron Snowberger distributed the annual report forms to the six committee members who are required to have them ready at the end of 2011.



-President Ron Snowberger thanked Kay Wise and Jan Fencl for acting as greeters.  Ken Granville led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Les Bennett led the music, with piano accompaniment by Adele Fussner. Nancy Granville gave the meditation.

-Ron announced that Representatives Kathleen Clyde and Todd McKenney were unable to attend today.  Kathleen Clyde sent  congratulation letters to each of the scholarship recipients.

-There were three first-time attendees:  Margie Miller from Field Schools and Bev Cole from Tallmadge Schools and her husband, Larry Cole.

Community Service Chair Judy Morgan asked members to record their volunteer hours on the sheet she passed around.  She reminded everyone to remember to bring school supplies to the September luncheon. 

 Kay Wise thanked Dr. Stacy Schneider from NEOMED for doing blood pressure checks.  She reminded members to select books from the book exchange, and told them the remainder of books would go to the Ravenna Library.

Mary Jane Brannon, Sunshine Chair, placed sheets on the tables for members to write the names of people needing a get well, sympathy, congratulations, or thinking of you card.

Dan McCombs, ORTA Trustee, said that ORTA now only has 10 trustees.  We all need to work to keep our membership numbers high to keep having a trustee.

-Ron Snowberger thanked Edith Scott for acting as the scheduler for the NEOMED Proctor Project.  She thanked Sue Hrico and Lisa Morris of NEOMED who attended the luncheon and supplied the Thank You Cake.  Edith also gave a short history of the Proctor Project and how it has grown.

Dan McCombs won the 50/50 raffle of $61, his share of the $122 collected and returned it to PCRTA. Kay Wise won the autographed David Baldacci novel, Fear No Evil, and Mary Ann Brockett won the Entertainment Book.

Lowell Myers awarded the Lowell Myers Scholarship in honor of his deceased wife Carol to Joshua Foerst.  Jim Montaquila awarded the remaining scholarships to Nathan Dreger, Melissa Mellinger, Lauren Stevens, Kayla Titko, Brittany Woodard, and Jasmine Wriston


Nineteen members of the Executive Committee were present at the meeting.  President Ron Snowberger called the meeting to order and asked Secretary Ruth Weigand to read the minutes of the March meetings.

Darlene Fetterhoff reported a treasury balance of $10,148.58 ($3,991.09 scholarship and $6,007.53 working balance).  There was income from dues, donations, and luncheons.  Expenses included the newsletter, audit/990 form fees, labels and postage, and ORTA dues.

Darlene said she sent out 35 postcard reminders for members to pay their dues by June 15.

Vice-President Nancy Granville said that Jane Bissler will be the speaker at our memorial luncheon.  Mary Jane Brannon and Joanne Cardinal will set up displays for the 16 deceased members, and Mary Jane will read a short synopsis of each person’s life.  Georgia Darrah will deliver the meditation.

ORTA Trustee Dan McCombs said that he had received official notice from Ann Hanning stating that our chapter qualified to have a Trustee because we were one of the ten largest chapters in the state.  Dan is finishing his term, so we need to get a new Trustee.

Past President Dave Gynn was attending another chapter meeting, but he sent a message encouraging PCRTA  members to use the ORTA and PCRTA websites and go into the Members Only area for up-to-date information.

Dan McCombs asked members to sign the petition to put the repeal of SB5 on the ballot.  He and Dave Gynn would both have petitions at the luncheon meeting.

Community Service Chair Judy Morgan said there were many items donated, plus $94 and Acme cards donated for Freedom House at the March meeting. We will collect items for Safer Futures at the next luncheon.

-udy Morgan, JoAnn Stikes, and Ruth Weigand were judges at the Future Educators Association conference at KSU on March 25.

PCRTA members will help serve refreshments at the GED Graduation at Maplewood on June 9.  Let Judy know if you can bake some cookies or help (614-309-4893 cell).

Legislative Chair Dan McCombs gave a synopsis of the many bills now pending: US HB 1332 for the GPO/WEP has 62 sponsors; HB 153 budget bill passed the house and may be placed in the pension bill, reducing funding for K-12 and higher education; HB 21, Teach for America for education licensure passed; HB 36 restores two calamity days; HB 136 for state vouchers allows money left over to be put into a college account.  He said that the ORTA Executive committee and ORTA legislative committee both support placing SB5 on the ballot for referendum.

Helena Parry, Membership Chair, reported she sent out 34 packets for prospective members, which is about half of the teachers retiring this year.

Pat Gynn reported that the number of newsletters emailed has nearly doubled.  387 stamped newsletters were mailed.

Jan Fencl, Nominations Chair, said the offices up for   election this year are Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Trustee.

Kay Wise reported that the AARP Safe Driving Program will be May 17 at Ravenna HS.  Dr. Schneider from NEOMED will bring students to check blood pressures at the July meeting.

Georgia Darrah, PR Chair, said she is trying to get our  notices on the Portage County list of activities online.

Jim Montaquila, Scholarships Chair, said there were 22 applicants from ten schools who applied for this year’s scholarships.  Seven $1000 scholarships will be awarded.

John Kerstetter, Travel co-chair, said he is working on planning tours at the Ravenna Arsenal, a return tour of Beckwith Orchard, and a Cuyahoga Valley National Railroad trip.

-Webmaster Connie Evans reported that there are now downloadable membership and luncheon reservation forms available on our website at


Ann Spence and Ken and Nancy Granville were the greeters.

New attendees at the luncheon were Phyllis Spangler and Michael Bridge.                                                                         

Georgia Darrah read a meditation entitled “Sea Shells” and Les Bennett led the group in singing.

Judy Morgan announced she needs volunteers to bake cookies and to help serve cake and punch at the GED graduation party on June 9 at Maplewood.  Call her at 330-653-8174 if you can help.

Dan McCombs thanked the Membership Committee for recruiting enough new members to move PCRTA from  11th place to 8th place for ORTA membership, thus qualifying our chapter to have a Trustee.

Several members had petitions for people to sign to put SB 5 referendum on the ballot.

Edith Scott, NEOMED Proctoring Coordinator, asked proctors to sign up for tests before the end of the meeting.

 Mary Jane Brannon, Memorial and Sunshine Chair, led the group  in honoring the 16 deceased members:  Robert Dunn; Victoria Germaine Gunther; J. Arthur and Martha Herrick; Arthur L. Kaltenborn, Jr.; Mary Lou Kosar;  Craig Lucas; Carole Joyce Meyers; John James Michaels; Frank Mills; Jane C. Osborne; Judith Richards; Glen C. Ruttan; Alfred Saupe; Eloise  Seacrest; and Anthony A. Silvidi.

-wo guests were in attendance to help honor their loved ones-Eunice Michaels, wife of John James Michaels, and Lowell Meyers, husband of Carole Joyce Meyers.

Georgia Darrah introduced the speaker, Jane Bissler, the founder and clinical director for wellness in Kent and who also does grief counseling. She spoke about remembering and forgetting-using a special memory to help bring joy to life.

A brass trio of Ken Granville, Sam Mayes, and Ray Harcar entertained us with special music.

The winner of the 50/50 drawing received $73 out of the $147 collected.  Dan McCombs was the winner and he donated it to the Scholarship Fund.  Georgia Darrah also won in the drawing-two tickets for “Chicago” at the Porthouse Theater.


March 10, 2011

Members present: Ron Snowberger, Dave Gynn, Ruth Weigand, Helena Parry, Pat Gynn, Nancy Granville, Kay Wise, Jim Montaquila, Georgia Darrah, Darlene Fetterhoff, Edith Scott, Mary Jane Brannon, Norm Park, John Kerstetter, Saroj Sutaria, Connie Evans

President Ron Snowberger called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand

Ruth read the minutes to everyone. There were three corrections, two of which had been corrected before the minutes were emailed to all committee members on May 15. The AARP Safe Driving course will be on May 17th, not May 19th.

Barb Cribbs will mail copies to Mary Jane and Edith; Norm said that he doesn’t mind waiting until the newsletter comes out.

Ron announced that the NEOEA Spring conference would be in Garfield Heights on April 13 at 9:00 A.M., which includes a continental breakfast and lunch for $20. He said legislative updates, pension reform, health care, and navigating face book and skype will be some of the topics discussed. He said the registration forms have to be in by April 4th.

Ron announced that the NEOEA Spring conference would be in Garfield Heights on April 13 at 9:00 A.M., which includes a continental breakfast and lunch for $20. He said legislative updates, pension reform, health care, and navigating face book and skype will be some of the topics discussed. He said the registration forms have to be in by April 4th.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff

Jan. 27 – Mar. 9, 2011

Beginning Checking Account Balance $48,636.36

Income Total                                    $1985.00



ORTA                                                     90.00

B Cribbs postage                                     59.38

D Fetterhoff office supplies                       15.48

M Leedom newsletters                            351.82

M Leedom directories                               70.00

Stifel-Nicolaus Investment                  40,000.00

  (from Life cd and scholarship monies
in checking account)

Bank fee – Feb.                                         2.00

Total Expenses                               $40,588.68

Checking Account Balance                  $10,032.68

Scholarship Total in Ck Account            $3,723.59

Working Account in Ck Account             $6,309.00

Investment Summary

NameAmountMaturity dateRate
1st Merit:Wendall-Mary6,293.776/3 /11.3450
1st Merit: Scholarship5,653.987/10/11.3450
1st Merit: Gene Newton4,135.4111/19/111.23

Mutual Funds


(checking account)

From Life CD:23,498.34

From Scholarship: 16,501.66

Begin date:



Darlene asked what her duties about the investments in the mutual funds should be.

Ron suggested that she make a quarterly report on the investments.

Darlene announced that she received 30 invitations, all of which had been addressed to her. She passed them to everyone whose names appeared on the invitation. The invitations were for a tea sponsored by the Portage County Literacy Coalition to celebrate National Reading Day on March 2. The problem was that the invitations arrived on March 2, the day of the tea. The invitation included a teabag. Participants were supposed to sit in the comfort of their own home and read a book with a cup of tea. The RSVP included a request for a donation to this non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to educating adults on the awareness of illiteracy in the county. The contribution will help recruit tutors and purchase materials.

Darlene said the 2011 directories were ready. Executive Committee members informed everyone of recent changes in their Email addresses.

Vice President – Ken & Nancy Grandville

Nancy said that she will do the meditation for the March 17 luncheon meeting.

She said that Gerald Payn, the guest speaker will portray Abe Lincoln.

She said that May is our memorial meeting and Ralph Pfingsten will speak about the history of the Ravenna Arsenal at the Sept. meeting.

Dave said that he acquired two Applebee’s gift certificates to put in the 50-50 drawing to encourage more people to participate. So there will be three chances in the drawing; namely, money and/or the gift certificates.

ORTA Trustee – Dan McCombs

In Dan’s absence, Dave Gynn said he would give the report under Legislative. Dave and Ron attended the STRS Pensions Champions meeting.

It was stated that PCRTA will not know if we have a trustee until May 25. It was also stated that Dan McCombs has served two terms as trustee, so he could not serve next year.

ORTA trustees are required to attend ORTA meetings twice a year, are also required to attend the committee meetings in which they are involved, and give reports to their local organization and to ORTA.

(The district director represents those organizations who do not have a trustee).

Archival – Norm Park

Norm said that he has nothing new, but has something to place in our archives which are stored at the Portage County Historical Museum.

One of the committee members presented Norm with a news item that about Ashley Bolt, one of PCRTA’s 2008 scholarship recipients, who was recognized for being outstanding in sports at Marietta College.

Community Service – Judy Morgan

In Judy’s absence, it was reported that Judy said that she has enough volunteers for judges for the Future Educators Association Ohio State Conference at KSU on March 25.

Ruth Weigand said that she enjoyed judging posters last year by following the FEA Ohio Chapter rubrics.

Dave Gynn judged speeches according to the rubrics (A timer was also used in that judging).

The March service project will be for Freedom House, a transitional shelter in Kent for male veterans who may also be homeless.

Freedom House has requested the following items: canned fruit, pancake or waffle mix, pillowcases, plastic containers with lids, and money donations for meat.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila

Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff requested permission to write a check, because a PCRTA member donated one check with instructions to give a certain amounts to Freedom House and to Scholarship.

Jim said that Norm worked with him in getting the PCRTA scholarship info to the Portage County Schools.

To date, He said that there has been only one scholarship application submitted which was from a Rootstown student. Jim stated that he sent post card reminders about the April 1 deadline to the guidance counselors in all of the Portage County Schools.

Mon. April 11, the Scholarship Committee will meet to choose the scholarship recipients.

Dave suggested Georgia Darrah put an article in the newspaper to advertise the deadline.

Legislative – Dan McCombs

Dave reported that HB69 and SB3 concerns the pension funding of the retired teachers and SB 5 for active teachers.

Retired and active teachers wish to see the Defined Benefit plan for funding pensions continue and for the five-point plan to be adopted. The defined benefit plan has not been discussed by lawmakers.

STRS Ohio plan:

Change in Eligibility for Retirement Beginning Aug. 1, 2015 Age and service requirements for retirement would increase to a minimum age of 60 with 35 years of service beginning Aug. 1, 2015. (Members may still also retire at age 65 with a minimum of five years of service.)

Change in Benefit Formula Beginning Aug. 1, 2015 New formula would be 2.2% for all years of service and the current 35-year enhanced benefit formula would be eliminated . Teachers retiring with 35 years of service at age 60 or older would receive 77% of their final average as a pension. Those who have 30 years of service; who are age 55 with 25 years of service; or who are age 60 with five years of service as of July 1, 2015, would receive the greater of: (a) The benefit as of July 1, 2015, under the current formula; or (b) The benefit upon retirement under the new formula.

Increase in Final Average Salary (FAS) with Years Beginning Aug.1, 2015 –FAS calculation would be based on the five highest years of earnings; the current FAS period is three years.

Reduction in Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) beginning July 1, 2012 Current retirees would receive an annual 2% COLA; members retiring Aug. 1, 2012, and later would also receive a 2% COLA, but it will not begin until 60 months after the date of retirement.

Increase in Member Contributions Beginning July 1, 2012 Increase member contributions by 3%, phased in 1% per year beginning July 1, 2012, through July 1, 2014.

Dave said they met with Todd McKinney, one of five on the subcommittee, and suggested some of us should go as an individual and try to get on the schedule of testimony for HB 69 in Columbus.

He said that Kathleen Clyde who is on the SB5 subcommittee will hold office hours in Kent from 11:00 A.M.-12:30P.M. this Fri., Mar. 11 at Scribbles Coffee Co. and on Sat., Mar.12 Todd McKinney will be at the Waterloo Restaurant in Akron from 7:30 – 8:30 A.M.

Darlene suggested that Record Courier has many negative opinions on the subject. She suggested that PCRTA needs to prepare a letter to the editor with correct information and present it to the general meeting next week, personalize it, and then submit it to the newspaper editor.

Dave said that one of the real problems is the composition of the 5 active teachers on the STRS board who do not need a COLA and the 2 retired teachers on the board don’t seem to have a voice.

Membership – Helena Parry

Ron, Dave, and Helena met at a restaurant brainstorming ideas for new membership: how to contact schools and perhaps a committee go to talk at the schools. Saroj and Adele are willing to help.

It was suggested that perhaps we should have a pre-retirement seminar this spring due to the possible changes for pension funding and maybe include a membership drive at the meeting.

Memorial – Mary Jane Brannon

Mary Jane said that Jane Bissler will be the speaker for the May 19 Memorial meeting.

She said that there are10 deceased members to be recognized.

NEOUCOM Proctor Scheduling – Edith Scott

Edith announced there will be an orientation for new proctors on April 4 at 9:30 A.M. at NEOUCOM.

She said there is a new security policy at NEOUCOM. Proctors should enter at the first door on the left and will go to the Academic Affairs office for a guest badge.

Edith said that the schedule for Feb.-July had 6 pages and cost 61cents per copy to mail.

The cost for 25 copies was $32.14 and she requested to be reimbursed.

Since there was nothing listed in the budget for proctoring, Edith was told to turn it in as an expense. donation.

Newsletter – Pat Gynn

Pat said there were 396 newsletters mailed and 9 extra ones at the cost of $351.82.

Pre-Retirement Planning

Ron said that a chairman is needed for pre-retirement planning.

Informative & Protective Services – Kay Wise

Kay said that the 4 hour AARP Driver Safety course is scheduled for May 17 at the Methodist Church.

There needs to be at least six signed up.

Ron said that he recently had shingles and it was miserable. He suggested that members check in to getting the shot. One member said she was counseled by a nurse before it was to be administered and was told that you can not be around pregnant women and small children for six weeks because the shot can possibly cause you to develop a light case of shingles.

Publicity- Georgia Darrah

Georgia said she submitted the Mar. 17 luncheon meeting notice to the Record courier ten days before the meeting and it appeared in the paper on March 9.

She was told to contact Connie to also put it on the website.

She needs info from Vice-President Nancy Granville for the meetings.

Reservations- Les Bennett

Always contact Les for luncheon reservations at least one week before the luncheon meeting.

Social & Travel – John & Sandy Kerstetter

John said that a few members signed up for the Hamlet study groups.

The play Hamlet starts April 13 and will be performed on multiple dates.

In looking for a spring tour, he would like to schedule a tour at the Ravenna Arsenal and have lunch in Newton Falls. It was mentioned that the National Guard conducts the tours and does very few of them.

Telephone – Saroj Sutaria

Saroj said that she hasn’t had any requests for transportation.

It was mentioned that Bob Stanton might come if someone offered to bring him to the meeting.

It was noted that Dick Roberts might also attend if someone offered to bring him.

Website – Connie Evans

Connie said that she added to the website a way to click on to copy the mail-in form to copy for the luncheon reservation.

Helena Parry requested that she put a click for copying the membership form.

Nancy Granville said that she needs to get greeters for next week’s meeting. Someone suggested she choose a new member.

Ron requested a motion to adjourn.

Kay Wise made the motion to adjourn, seconded by John Kerstetter.

Meeting was adjourned.


PCRTA Luncheon Meeting

March 17, 2011

Newly elected President Ron Snowberger called the meeting to order.

He thanked Adele and Bill Fussner for being greeters.

He said that this was the biggest attendance in awhile with over 90 people present.

He offered a challenge to all those present to bring a friend to the May meeting and to bring them back as a member at the July meeting.

He thanked Public Relations chairman, Georgia Darrah, for the two announcements in the Record Courier.

He thanked everyone for the great amount of donations to the Freedom house for Community Service.


NEOUCOM proctoring CHAIRMAN, Edith Scott, thanked all the proctor volunteers and announced that the next orientation session would be Mon., April 4 at 9:30 A.M.

She said to enter the building at the Security office to the left of the main entrance and go to the Academic Affairs office to get a badge.

Ron announced that the fliers for becoming a Legacy Corp volunteer are on the table and are also on the website.

Connie said they are on the PCRTA and ORTA websites.

It was announced that there would be two Applebee’s gift certificates in the 50/50 drawing in addition to the money drawing.

Ron announced that the Northeast Ohio Education Association- Retired (NEOEA-R) spring conference would be in Garfield Heights on Wed. May 13. Interested attendees will be learning how to use face book and skype. Ron said that he and Dave Gynn will be in attendance.

Community Service Chairman Judy Morgan said the Ohio Future Educators Association will have a competition for posters, displays, and speeches by future educators at KSU on Fri., Mar. 25. She said some PCRTA members are going to be judges.

Informative & Protective Services chairman, Kay Wise, announced that there is an AARP Safe Driving course being offered here at the Methodist Church if six people sign up and four have already signed up. She said there is a discount on auto insurance by some companies.

She said there is a Friends of the Library book sale at the Ravenna Library on Friday and Saturday.

Social Committee Cochairmen, John and Sandy Kerstetter, announced that KSU will present the play, Hamlet, which will open on April 15. John said, “To be or not be” “To attend or not to attend”.

He said he would like some of our members to meet at the Pufferbelly restaurant in Kent and then to attend the play as a group some evening. He said the details are on our website.

Ron said that Legislative chairman, Dan McCombs, is on vacation.

Ron said that he and Dave Gynn spent the whole day in Columbus yesterday.

Dave Gynn gave testimony to the subcommittee hearing comments on HB69. He encouraged the legislature to the adopt the January recommendations from STRS which will strengthen the STRS system.

Dave said that STRS has taken responsible and prudent steps with the five-point plan that shows everyone has to give a little due to the present dire situation with the pension system.

STRS has information kits stating the facts.

HB 69 and SB3 is for retirees.

Dave stressed all PCRTA members should be informed and be active.

Dave said that it was suggested at last week’s Executive Meeting that PCRTA present their own letter with correct facts to the editor of the Record Courier.

He said that copies were being passed around for members to sign.

The letter reads as follows:

Retired teachers in Portage County are concerned about our retirement. We endorse the recommendations of the State Retirement System to amend pending legislation House Bill 69 and Senate Bill 5 govern Ohio’s Five public employees’ retirement systems.

STRS operates the retirement program for 470,00 active and retired teachers. This is the first time in 90 years that the system is recommending reduced benefits which are necessary to stabilize the system.

The STRS system is funded by contributions from active teachers, school boards, and investments. It is not funded from the Ohio budget.

Historically 75 percent of benefits are paid from investment income. Teachers do not pay into Social Security and will not receive Social Security benefits.

STRS recipients in Portage County received $81.5 million in pension benefits in 2010. Much of this earned pension was spent in Portage County, making retired teachers an important economic influence.

We support the recommendations to change our retirement system, even though it will reduce our annual cost of living adjustment, because it is necessary to stabilize the system. Our website ( has links to the details of the proposed legislation.

70 members signed the letter to be sent to the Record Courier.

He announced that the legislative testimony would be on our website Tues. at 7:00 p.m. and at 2:30 P.M.

He said if we can’t agree on a plan, the legislature will develop a worse plan.

Ron introduced newly-elected ORTA president, Karen Butt.

Karen said that she was from Johnstown, close to Newark and 23 miles north of Columbus, in Licking Co.

and she retired from Greenville County Schools.

She praised Dave Gynn, Dan McCombs, and Ed Hall who have been very active in ORTA.

Karen said Ann Hanning, Executive Director, attends all the meetings.

She suggested that ORTA members read the ORTA Quarterly and to go to the ORTA website.

The phone number for ORTA is free.

She stated that she’s concerned about what’s going to happen to active older teachers who stayed in teaching because they loved it and we should tell them that we’re really behind them.

Contact legislators with a short message by writing Emails and letters.

Keep diligent.

Ron mentioned that PCRTA needed to stay in the top ten in number of ORTA members in order to keep an ORTA trustee.

Les led the music, accompanied by Adele Fussner.

Ken Granville led the pledge of allegiance.

Nancy Granville led the invocation.

Adele and Bill Fussner dismissed the tables for lunch and handed each person a raffle ticket for a chance to win an Applebee’s certificate and/or the 50/50 drawing.

Ron asked who were first time attendees and new retirees.

New members present were Bob and Carole Stokes from KSU and Kathy Lawson from Streetsboro.

First time attendees were Diana Cain and Neil Jennings.

Ron announced that two more people are needed to sign up for the AARP Driver Safety course to be held here at the church and PCRTA is in need of a committee chairman for Retirement Planning.

There were fliers on all the tables for the PCRTA dinner at 5:30 on Tues., April 19 at the Pufferbelly and the Hamlet production at KSU Curtis Theater at 8:00 P. M. at a cost of $7.00 prepaid for no reserved seats. If interested, please mail your money and reservation to Kerstetters by April 4.

Vice-President Ken Granville introduced Ralph Payn, guest speaker, who portrayed our 16th U. S. president.

“Abe” said that his father kept him home on the farm and he only attended school a few weeks here

and a few weeks there. He said the Civil War was a terrible war with Americans against Americans and sons against sons. When Abe ran for president, his name was not on the ballot in the southern states.

When Abe was elected president, a departure crowd saw him off on Feb.11, 1861 and it took him two weeks to arrive at Washington City. His train car was pulled by an “iron horse” and made many stops to get water. Abe gave talks at many of these stops with the basic theme that “we do not to go to war and promised not to interfere with slavery in the south”.

His stops in Ohio were in Alliance, Ravenna(Feb. 15), Hudson, and Cleveland. During the Ravenna stop, the cowcatcher got caught on the platform. A salute to Abe broke the train window when someone overloaded the cannon.

Abe said he was the first president to communicate with generals on the field with the telegraph. The Pony Express carried news out west.

A lady wrote to him that since his face was so thin, he should grow chin whiskers (ladies did not vote at that time). When he was in Westfield , PA, he asked Grace Bedell in the crowd how she liked his chin whiskers.

The home of Frederick Loudon, one of the two slaves freed by Lincoln, is still in Ravenna.

General Grant, General Sherman, and General Sheridan were all from Ohio.

After his talk, “Abe” answered questions and returned to being Gerald Payn for personal questions.

Mr. Payn’s wife was present dressed in costume of the day.

Mr. Payn said that he was a junior high science teacher. Once he became interested in being a Lincoln presenter, he visited everywhere Lincoln lived and the civil war sites. He is a member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters, attends conventions, and is a member of the Wayne County Historical Society.

Ron asked everyone to bring a friend in May and return in July with a new member.

Ken announced that Sylvia Armstrong won $92.50 from the 50/50 drawing.

Judy McKinney and Michelle Worthing won the Applebee’s gift certificates.

Ron adjourned the meeting.