Archive of Minutes 2009


November 5, 2009

Members present; Edith Scott, Kay Wise, Dave Gynn, Saroj Sutaria, Jim Montaquila, Dan McCombs, Art Fesemyer, Darlene Fetterhoff, Terrie Sargi, Nancy Granville, Ken Granville, Evelyn Parks, Norman Parks, Pat Gynn, Jan Fencl, Judith Morgan, and Ray Troxtell

Absent: Ruth Weigand, Mary Jane Brannon, Ria Mastromatteo, Connie Evans, and Carol Kates

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff

October 15 to November 5, 2009

Beginning Checking Account Balance $12,656.20

Income $590.00

Expenses $543.97

Newsletters 343.97

ORTA 200.00

Ending Checking Account Balance $12,702.23

Scholarship Total(Deposited in Checking Account) $7.395.24

Actual Working Amount in Checking Account $5,306.99

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted with a motion by Dan McCombs, seconded by Terrie Sargi with unanimous vote.

It was announced that the meeting place for the November and December luncheons are affected by the closure of Twins Lakes Country Club.  Dave researched a number of sites and an agreement has been made with the American Legion in Kent for November and December only. The cost is $12. As Les gets reservations, Saroj will call individuals to inform them of the location and cost changes. Collection of additional monies will be made at the luncheon. Other locations will be considered for the future.

Saroj suggested that in 2011 executive meetings should be at least two weeks prior to luncheons so there is more time to take care of problems. It cannot be done in 2010 because the present schedule has been reserved with KSU’s Alumni Center.

Dave will run bingo for the December luncheon.  Pat asked members to bring a white elephant item or baked goodies.

Retirement Planning – Ria Mastromatteo

Ria was absent. The October Retirement Planning Seminar was cancelled due to only five planning to attend.

Legislative – Dan McCombs

Dan, Dave, and Ray recently attended the ORTA Legislative committee meeting to come up with proposals. All three commented on the positive, open communications with legislators who want to know what we think.  Handout attached is entitled Comparative Summary of Proposed Funding Plans.  ORTA‘s legislative committee works closely with STRS executives allowing ORTA to be influential.  Dan told of a number of proposals that were made which will be published in our March 2010 newsletter.

Membership – Art Fesemyer

Art stated that he sent out over 200 brochures and letters in his campaign so far. He will have more of them printed and will stay within budget. Darlene reported that there are 23 members who will be dropped on December 31 if payment is not received. She passed a list to the committee to gain information about individuals. Also, some committee members will make personal contacts to ones they know. Darlene will send out the second round of post cards in November to these individuals.

Community Service – Judy Morgan

Judy said so far for 2010 there are two projects to be noted; namely, the Maplewood GED reception in late May and National RTA service day on September 11. On October 24, 2009 eight PCRTA members participated in Make a Difference Day. They collected five carts of groceries and $114.40. It was suggested that PCRTA members participate in bell ringing for the Salvation Army. There will be a signup sheet at the November luncheon.

Newsletter – Pat Gynn

Pat has been conversing with Rapid Mailing Services who recommended that we change the way we mail our newsletters. Pat is looking into getting a non-profit organization status from the post office. She has the form for the permit.

Social Committee

Suggestion: Contact other retired teachers’ chapters when we have a trip scheduled. Sometimes each chapter needs just a few more to make a trip a “go.” Dolores Ullman, ORTA’s webmaster, could be contacted to get info out to other chapters.

Scholarship Committee – Jim Montaquila

Jim stated that in January he will start contacting schools.

Proctor Scheduling – Edith Scott

Edie said we have six new proctors that will be trained in November. She said that we now have 25-30 proctors which is a good working number. Darlene mentioned that we had not received a check from NEOUCOM since last July.  Dave said that he sometimes has had to remind them in the past. Edie will mention this at her next proctoring contact time.

Nominations – Jan Fencl

PCRTA elections occur in odd-numbered years for vice-president, recording secretary, and treasurer. PCRTA accepted with regret, the resignation of Terrie S. Sargi as vice-president as of 12/31/09. We commend Terrie for her outstanding service.

Nominations of officers for 2009-2010 include: Vice-President, Kenneth and Nancy Granville; Treasurer, Darlene Fetterhoff; Recording Secretary, Ruth Weigand.  Daniel McCombs was unanimously elected at our September meeting to be our ORTA trustee for a two-year term.

Ray presented the PCRTA Meeting Schedule for 2010

December 17, 2009 Luncheon Meeting

ORTA Committee Reports for 2009 —- due Jan. 15, 2010

Proposed Calendar for 2010

March 11, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting

March 18, 2010 Luncheon Meeting

ORTA Regional Meetings to be determined

May 13, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting

May 20, 2010 Luncheon Meeting

July 8, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting

July 15, 2010 Luncheon Meeting

September 9, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting

September 16, 2010 Luncheon Meeting

November 11, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting (subject to change–ORTA)

November 18, 2010 Luncheon Meeting

December 16, 2010 Luncheon Meeting

Service Projects

May, 2010 GED Maplewood

September 11, 2010 National RTA Service Day

Informative & Protective Services – Kay Wise

Kay attended OELMA(Ohio Educational Library Media Association) in Columbus. She acquired a lot of very good information. Kay will copy “Yet Another 100! Top Ten Great Websites” by Drs. Brodie and Byerly for the November luncheon meeting. Kay will attend Dr. Brodie’s presentation December 8 at the Hudson public library on picture books. She will copy the bibliography for the December meeting.

Memorial & Sunshine – Mary Jane Brannon

Due to Mary Jane’s absence, Darlene will inform her of the recent death of member Clinton Hobbs.


2009-2010 Updates;

Ray stated that all committee reports are due by Jan. 15, 2010.

On April 14, 2010, the ORTA Regional Board Meeting will be held at the McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton.

On November 12, 2009, Dan, Dave, and Ray will attend the ORTA Board meeting.

Darlene continued a discussion regarding needed changes for our treasureship which initially began at our September meeting. Regarding trying to get more interest for our investment, a motion was made by Kay Wise and seconded by Dan McCombs that we authorize Darlene to move accounts from First Merit Bank to other bank(s) at the treasurer’s discretion. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Some decisions were made that will affect our bylaws. An Ad hoc committee of Saroj Sutaria, Darlene Fetterhoff, and Pat Gynn was formed to handle the following changes: 1. Associate membership is open only to those who are not eligible for active membership. The motion was made by Dave Gynn, seconded by Kay Wise. The motion carried by unanimous vote. 2. The Assistant Treasurer’s duties will be defined as being able to actively assist the treasurer with duties and to be trained to fill the position permanently or periodically if the treasurer is incapacitated. The motion was made by Dave Gynn, seconded by Pat Gynn. The motion carried by unanimous vote. Other discussion led to an agreement that a voluntary committee position of Reservations Chairman would be created. Darlene will inform Les of these changes.

Dave has discussed with a local Brimfield business about a service of generating automated calls for PCRTA. There is no cost to set up for the services, but it will entail a cost of 15 cents per call up to one minute. The intent would be to limit its use for timely matters such as when we recently needed to inform luncheon attendees that the flu shot would be given at the luncheon. One person would be in charge of keeping the membership phone numbers on a computer and generating the sublists for the calls. Dave made the motion that we create a list and seek services as needed, seconded by Darlene Fetterhoff. The motion carried with one opposing vote.

Dan McCombs made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Evelyn Parks. Motion passed unanimously.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting

November 19, 2009

Greeters Nancy and Ken Granville

Community Service Collection: food and money donations for Thanksgiving turkeys for Center of Hope

Ray welcomed everyone. He asked for first time visitors or new members to introduce themselves which included Connie Oliver from Maplewood Career Center, Lynn Garver from Cuyahoga Falls High School, and Jerry May from Southeast High School.

Les Bennett led the music.

Terrie Sargi gave the invocation.

Ray thanked Les for taking the luncheon reservations and leading the music.

Lunch was served at the American Legion by Special Moments catering.

The program was Love on a Leash with LuAnn Rogers. The program included four companion dogs and their handlers who go to Robinson Memorial Hospital to visit patients, staff, and children at least twice a month. Three of the dogs were King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and the other was a Bichon Friese. The handlers belong to the Delta Society Pet Partners. The veterinarian checkup evaluation has to be sent to the Delta Society. The handlers as well as the dogs have to pass testing. Then the handlers and dogs have to be reevaluated every two years. The dogs have to be bathed and groomed on the day of their visit which usually lasts only an hour at the hospital.

The dogs’ obedience skills are to walk, sit, down, and stay. They receive treats during training. The dogs have to be calm, have to accept rough petting and being touched on the paws, ears, tail, and tolerate loud noises, and also no barking. Each patient receives a bookmark with the dog’s and handler’s names.

Business Meeting

Terrie Sargi awarded certificates for Let’s Make a Difference Day at the Kent Acme to Judy Morgan, Mary Jane Brannon, Adele Fussner, Pat Gynn, Dave Gynn, Charles Morgan, Terrie Sargi, and Saroj Sutaria. (It was noted now that there are more rules by the stores.)

There was a request by Salvation Army for bell ringers during the Christmas season.

Ray asked PCRTA members to show appreciation for Terrie Sargi’s hard work this past year.

Ray said that in the last week in October he heard on the news that Twin Lakes was closing.

Ken and Nancy Granville were on the committee to find a place for our November luncheon. The December luncheon will also be at the American Legion, but another place will have to be found for the 2010 meetings.

Pat thanked Terrie Sargi for being Vice-President this past year.

Pat reported for Jan Fencl, nominations chairman, that Ken and Nancy Granville have been nominated for Co-Vice-Presidents; Darlene Fetterhoff for Treasurer; as well as Ruth Weigand for Recording Secretary. Dan made a motion to make it unanimous to elect the full slate of nominations, seconded by Edith Scott. Motion carried.

The 50/50 raffle was worth $112 with the winner Ruth Weigand receiving $56 and donating $30 of it for the purchase of turkeys.

It was announced that the Walgreen’s in Solon has the H1N1 shot available.

On April 17, 2010 Reed Memorial Library will have the program presented by “Jackie Onassis.”

Edith Scott announced that there are 5 new proctors and that she has 7 slots left for proctors to sign up for December.

Terrie Sargi said that she would like to congratulate John Powers who will be celebrating his 90th birthday.  She said reminded everyone to bring a white elephant or home-baked goods for Bingo prizes at the December meeting. She announced that the program will be the Kent Roosevelt High School choral group, ACES.

Terrie Sargi adjourned the meeting.

PCRTA Luncheon Meeting

December 19, 2009

Community Service Collection: Hats and Gloves for Winter

President Ray Troxtell welcomed everyone. He requested new members/first time attendees to introduce themselves; namely, Barbara Cribbs from Stark State College.

Les Bennett led the music.

Terrie Sargi gave the invocation.

She announced that today is Lois Stewart’s 100th birthday and suggested that PCRTA members send her a birthday card. Her address has been placed on the table.

Kay Wise, Informative and Protective Services chairman, announced that there is free information on the best children’s books on the table for members.

Ruth Weigand announced that Irene George, a Brimfield retired teacher, passed away at the age of 101.

Lunch was served at the American Legion by Special Moments catering.

Terrie Sargi introduced the Kent Roosevelt High School A.C.E.S., the choral group directed by Donna Crews. They performed eight songs very beautifully.

Business Meeting

Dan McCombs – Legislative – Dan said that he heard this morning that tax plan by the legislature will not have to cut education.

Dan McCombs, ORTA Trustee, attended the ORTA meeting in which Ray Troxtell, ORTA Past President, installed the 2010 ORTA officers; namely, President Bob Dengler, President Elect Karen Butt, Eastern Area Vice President Dave Gynn, and Western Area Vice President Bill Phillips. Dan said that we appreciate Dave for his service. He thanked the PCRTA officers for their hard work.

Dan McCombs installed Co-Vice Presidents, Ken and Nancy Granville; Treasurer, Darlene Fetterhoff; and Recording Secretary, Ruth Weigand.

Art Fesemyer won the 50/50 raffle in the amount of $123.

Pat Gynn ran the bingo and then adjourned the meeting.




Darlene Fetterhoff reported that the treasury has a working balance of $4,421.60. The Scholarship account has a balance of $8,017.50.

President Ray Troxtell presented the calendar for 2010. He reported that ORTA is restructuring and may be changing their by-laws and increasing their dues.

Ria Mastromatteo reported on the Retirement Planning Seminar to be held on October 21 from 5-7 at Western Reserve Public Media. She thanked Terrie Sargi and Kay Wise for serving on the committee.

Dan McCombs, ORTA Trustee, presented information on the five recommendations that STRS was making to the Ohio Retirement Study Council regarding 1.Active teacher contributions to STRS; 2. Determining Final Average Salary 3. Eligibility to retire; 4. Formula for determining benefits; 5. changes in COLAs.

Art Fesemyer, Membership Chair reported that 210 membership packets had been sent out in September.

Kay Wise, Informative and Protective Services chair, said she would look into the possibility of flu shots at our next meeting.

Ray asked Ruth Wiegand if she would make a survey for trips and suggestions to be filled out at the luncheon.

Webmaster Connie Evans told about some changes that had been made to our website.

Jan Fencl, Nominations, reported that we need to elect a Vice-president, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary at the November meeting.

Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff presented a report, titled “Recommendations to Promote a Better PCRTA,” which she and Pat Gynn developed following some suggestions by President Ray Troxtell with three main points: 1. Extensive duties of treasurer dictate too much time involvement for one person; 2. Loss of monies due to business based on status quo; 3. Examination of the scholarship program. Much discussion ensued.

Jan Fencl moved and Kay Wise seconded to have the 990 IRS report be prepared by a professional tax person.

TREASURER’S REPORT by Darlene Fetterhoff Report for September 18, 2009 to October 2, 2009

Beginning Balance:                 $ 12.425.38

Expenses:                                    1,225.00

Luncheon Speaker                             165.00

Luncheon at Twin Lakes                      900.00

ORTA dues                                        160.00

Income:                                     $ 1,452.00

Ending Balance:                      $ 12,652.38

Scholarship Funds in Checking $ 7,380.24

Checking Working Balance       $ 5,272.08

LUNCHEON MEETING – September 17, 2009

The luncheon meeting was held at the Twin Lakes Country Club. School supplies were collected to be given to the County Clothing Center.

President Ray Troxtell welcomed new retirees: Sue Kepler, Kent Roosevelt; Rosemary Reyes, Crestwood; Elaine May, Ravenna; Sandra Rohrback and Pat Moore, Field. -President Ray thanked Helen Eichler, Laura Kernit, and Barb Miller from Robinson Memorial Working Partners, who administered flu shots to 31 PCRTA members before the meeting.

Les Bennett led group singing. Ray led the Pledge to the flag.

Vice-President Terrie Sargi read a prayer in honor of teachers in the past and future.

After lunch, Terrie Sargi introduced the guest speaker, Dorothy Fuldheim, portrayed by Carole Starre-Kmiecek.

President Ray encouraged all members to review hospitalization plans with Aetna, Aetna Advantage, and Medical Mutual by checking on co-pays, doctors, and lower deductibles. He said to also look at wellness and gym memberships on http:/

Legislative Chair and ORTA Trustee Dan McCombs said that STRS submitted a recommended plan of five components on September 1, 2009 to ORSC, the Ohio Retirement Study Council.

President Ray said that PCRTA needs a trustee for another two-year term to be in place by November 1. Jan Fencl nominated Dan McCombs. PCRTA members voted by a show of hands and he was elected. Contact Ria Mastromatteo for information on the Retirement Workshop on October 21 at Western Reserve (formerly CH 45/49). Members were encouraged to tell friends who are still working and looking forward to retiring in the next few years to attend.

Since Saroj Sutaria, Social Committee Chair, was on vacation, Ruth Weigand placed surveys for trip ideas and suggestions on the tables for members to fill our during the meeting. See page 6 for more information.

NEOUCOM Scheduling Coordinator Edith Scott invited people to sign up for NEOUCOM proctoring. She announced there would be another orientation scheduled for new proctors in the near future.

50/50 Raffle: Maria Davidson won $72 out of the $144 collected. She very generously donated it back to PCRTA. Thanks, Maria!



Members present: Terrie Sargi, Dan McCombs, Jim Montaquila, Connie Evans, Saroj Sutaria, Ruth Weigand, Dave Gynn, Evelyn Park, Norm Park, Edith Scott, Jan Fencl, Ray Troxtell, Judy Morgan, Darlene Fetterhoff President Ray Troxtell called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary – Ruth Weigand

Ruth reported that there were two corrections for the minutes of the May luncheon meeting; namely, that the Giant Eagle gift certificate for the PCRTA website contest was for $25, not $50, and Emily Troxtell won $44.50, not $89 in the 50/50 raffle. Dave Gynn made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Saroj Sutaria. The motion passed.

Vice President – Terrie Sargi Terrie presented the following agenda for next week’s luncheon meeting: GREETERS – BRING A BOOK – TAKE A BOOK ANNOUNCEMENTS PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE MUSIC – LES BENNET INVOCATION LUNCH – Twin Lakes Country Club SCHOLARSHIP PRESENTATIONS. Judy Morgan and Dan McCombs volunteered to be greeters.

Legislative – Dan McCombs Dan said that Governor Strickland suggested that the contribution for public employees should be reduced from 14% to 8%, 5% of which is for health care. This morning news reported that the suggestion has been dropped. Ray will make copies of the important info for PCRTA members to contact their legislators and will distribute them at the meeting next week if there is a need to protect STRS pensions from the same kind of plan.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff May 17, 2009 to July 9, 2009

Beginning Checking Account Balance               $14,514.87

Income                                                            1,228.90

Expenses                                                          7,411.02

Matt Leedom (newsletters)                                     349.93

D Fetterhoff (stamps)                                              18.10

ORTA dues                                                            220.00

M Brannon (sunshine/memorial)                               39.63

T Sargi (luncheon)                                                 710.00

S. Gardener (luncheon overpayment)                        20.00

Six 2009 Scholarships                                           6000.00

Bank fee                                                                   3.36

Ending Checking Account Balance                         8,329.36

Scholarship Total (Deposited in Checking Account) 3,140.44

Actual Working Amount in checking Account        $5,188.92

Darlene announced that Teresa Bica’s brother passed away. She said that the Bica family donated enough money to make the $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to Courtney Spellman from Ravenna High School. She also stated that Kaitlyn Briggs and Taylor Polatas from Kent Roosevelt High School would receive the Mabelle Apley scholarships. Darlene said that we have $8,000 in the scholarship fund.

Darlene announced that we have acquired three new members; namely, Joseph Vince Kocin, Bonnie Oliver, and Judy Bills. Dan made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Connie Evans. The motion passed.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila Jim thanked Harry Bowman, Jan Fencl, Dave Gynn, and Norm Park for helping to review all the scholarship applications and to make the difficult choice of the final six recipients. He said that letters were sent to the high schools of all the winners. Dave attended the Honors Assembly at Kent Roosevelt High School to present the scholarships to Kaitlyn Briggs and Taylor Polatas. Ray Troxtell presented to Emily Mason at Garfield. Jim Montaquila presented to Cody Apthorpe at the Windham High School graduation. (The others will receive their awards at the luncheon meeting). Jim read a thank you note from Courtney Spellman and a note of apology from Taylor Polatas who will be in the Dominican Republic and cannot attend our luncheon meeting.

Ray said questionnaires for the IRS 990 report will soon need to be filled out by board members.

Newsletter – Pat Gynn Dave reported that Pat wants all the newsletter info by July 31. Darlene said that her address and phone number needs to be in the newsletter. Dave said the September newsletter will include a letter to new retirees offering a free meal, fellowship, and a personal phone call along with stating that the program will be a Dorothy Fuldheim imitator.

Public Relations – Evelyn Park Evelyn said that a photographer will attend the luncheon meeting and to please notify her when he/she arrives.

Membership – Art Fesemyer Since Art was absent, Darlene said that she sent 81 postcards for a reminder of unpaid dues. She said that there are 28 members remaining unpaid. So, she said she would send each of them one more post card. If there is no response, their names will be dropped from the PCRTA roster.

ORTA Trustee & Legislative Chair – Dan McCombs Ray said there is an ORTA proposal to make bylaws change to drop the number of trustees to ten and there would be two trustees in each of five areas. Dan said that there is a need for a letter to be sent to Ann Hanning for support for paying money from REOPAC for HPA expenses. Our members must do this to support our pension funds by contacting our governor, our legislators, and others from OEA, CORE, library, League of Women Voters. He said that STRS is looking at reducing the COLA and requiring teachers to teach longer.

Community Services – Judy Morgan Judy said that Freedom House thanked PCRTA for the supplies donated at the last meeting. Judy thanked the PCRTA members who donated cookies, made and served punch, and cut and served cake and cookies; namely, Darlene Fetterhoff, Edith Scott, Pat Gynn, Ruth Weigand, Connie Evans, Saroj Sutaria, Adele Fussner, Rosemary, Hostler, Ann Spence, Jan Fencl, Judy Morgan, and Evelyn Park.

NEOUCOM Proctoring Scheduling – Edith Scott Edith said that NEOUCOM is working on a pilot program for giving tests online with students using their own computers. There would be an orientation session for all the proctors when the online testing gets started.

Telephone & Communication – Saroj Sutaria Saroj asked if any one could take calls for her while she is out of town from July 30th till Sept. 26th. Ruth Weigand volunteered.

Webmaster -Connie Evans Connie said that PCRTA has to renew its domain name everythree years and privacy domain every year (to prevent publishing credit card info).

Retirement Planning – Ria Mastromatteo In Ria’s absence, Ray announced that the Retirement Planning seminar will be Oct. 21st from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the Western Reserve Public Media (formerly PBS 45&49). He said there will be an STRS speaker, an attorney, and Ray will be an advocate for retirees for ORTA and STRS for financial estate planning. Ray said that brochures will be sent to schools and by Email. Les Bennett will take phone calls or teachers can register online or mail their registration form. Edith Scott will be there to help.

Announcements – Ray said that we need to be diligent and be aware because there are proposed changes, such as teaching longer and changing COLA. Ray asked for a motion to adjourn with Saroj making the motion to adjourn, seconded by Evelyn Park. The motion passed.

PCRTA General Meeting July 16, 2009

Ray welcomed everyone, scholarship recipients, their families, and other guests. He asked if there were any first time attendees and Joe Kocin said he retired from Shaker Heights as technology coordinator. Ray thanked Judy Morgan and Dan McCombs for acting as greeters. He reminded everyone to take a book from our book swap.

Ray asked Dan McCombs, ORTA trustee and legislative chair, to give a pension update. Dan said a couple of weeks ago, Governor Strickland, in order to balance the state of Ohio budget, wanted to change the 14% contribution down to 8% from PERS in the amount of $256,000,000. Last Thursday, Governor Strickland rescinded his position. Dan said that we will contact everyone if there’s a need to write letters to our legislators. Ray told to everyone to read the latest ORTA quarterly, which shows the health care changes. Ray led the Pledge of Allegiance. Les Bennett led the music. Jan Fencl led the invocation.

SCHOLARSHIP PRESENTATIONS – Jim Montaquila, scholarship chairman, thanked the Scholarship Committee members: Harry Bowman, Jan Fencl, Dave Gynn, and Norm Parks. He said that applications were received from 7 of our Portage County high schools and 6 scholarships are being awarded this year.

He introduced each scholarship recipient along with reading some of the information in their applications offered by faculty members who have worked with them. Jim said to the graduates, “As you prepare to face the next chapter in your life, you might heed the words of one our former First Ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘Somewhere along the line of development we discover what we really are, and then make our own decisions for which we are responsible. Make those decisions primarily for yourself because you can never really live anyone else’s life. The influence you exert is throughout your own life and what you become yourself.’

Ray Troxtell then presented each recipient with their scholarship money. Jim said two of the $1,000 scholarships to be awarded are in memory of Mabelle Apley, who was a Kent Roosevelt teacher, and former dean of women. She designated in her will for $2000 to go to PCRTA. Her family members were introduced and they greeted the PCRTA members.

Before the presentations, Barbara Hobowski, from NEOUCOM, was introduced. She thanked the proctors for their hard work and dedication. She said to show appreciation for PCRTA proctoring that NEOUCOM was granting an increase of $2,500 for this year and she gave Ray the first quarterly payment of $2,500 for next year in advance. Three of the scholarships being awarded this year are from money from NEOUCOM test proctoring by PCRTA members.

Jim introduced Cody Ellis Apthorpe from Windham High School who thanked PCRTA for the meal and the scholarship. He said he was salutatorian of his class and feels teaching science in a middle school will be very rewarding for him. He plans to attend Bowling Green. Ray awarded him one of the PCRTA scholarships.

Then Jim introduced Kaitlyn Briggs from Kent Roosevelt High School who said she learned a lot from her physics teacher and in working with Special Olympics in which everyone can accomplish their goal. Because she was active in track, cross country, and swimming, she plans to major in secondary physical education at Clarion University. Ray awarded Kaitlyn one of the Mabelle Apley Scholarships.

Next Jim introduced Taylor Polatas from Kent Roosevelt who enjoyed the experience as translator on a mission trip in Mexico. Her trips to the Dominican Republic have given her the desire to teach English in that country. She has volunteered for Miller House, raised money for the food cupboard, and helped acquire blankets for the battered women’s shelter. She plans to attend Olivet Nazarene College. Ray awarded Taylor the other Mabelle Apley Scholarship.

Jim introduced Brandon Broadwater, a graduate of Southeast High School, who was first interested in being a premedical professional. After earning a dual major in French and Spanish and traveling abroad, tutoring informally, and enjoying his foreign language teachers, Brandon decided to become a foreign language teacher. He plans to attend Wright State University. Ray awarded Brandon one of the PCRTA scholarships.

Then Jim introduced Emily Mason, a graduate of James A. Garfield High School, who thanked PCRTA and her family. Emily stressed that from her many leadership roles that her desire for teaching will require commitment, patience and teamwork along with responsibility and organization. She said that she looked up to her teachers when she was in school. She will become a high school English teacher after she attends Mt. Union College. Ray awarded Emily one of the PCRTA scholarships.

Jim introduced Lynn Duffy, Teresa Bica’s sister, who has a daughter who is a six-year teacher. Lynn read a letter in remembrance of Teresa who was chairman of the scholarship committee before her death. The letter to a first year teacher talked about respect, concern, and kindness for students.

Then Courtney Spellman, a graduate of Ravenna High School, was introduced. Courtney was in the Honors program, was homecoming queen last year, was youth cheerleader coach as well as varsity cheerleading and participated in band. As she studies integrative social studies at KSU, she plans to become a high school history teacher. She feels teaching requires compassion and responsibility. Lynn Duffy awarded Courtney the Teresa Bica scholarship. Jim thanked all the parents for their efforts.

He ended with another quote by Eleanor Roosevelt by saying,

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift”.

Jim thanked everyone for coming. Ray thanked the scholarship committee.

Edith Scott announced that PCRTA completed 900 volunteer hours this school year by proctoring tests. She said that NEOUCOM will have third year pharmacy tests to be proctored starting this fall. She said there will be a signup sheet on the table in the other room for members to sign as they leave. She also stated that NEOUCOM is trying to develop an online test with students using their own laptops and this will require a separate orientation for all proctors.

Ray thanked all the volunteers who proctored tests this school year. The 50/50 drawing was won by Alice Foldessy in the amount of $70 out of $140. Ray announced that the next meeting will be September 17 with a speaker who will portray Dorothy Fuldheim. The meeting was adjourned.


President Ray Troxtell called the meeting to order with 13 members in attendance.  Details were worked out for the May 21 luncheon meeting.

ORTA Reports:  Ray Troxtell and Dave Gynn attended the recent ORTA meeting.  Ray told about pension funding and benefit issues and the status of the retirement systems.

Unfinished business: A bus trip was discussed.  Some    suggestions were a winery trip, Amish country, or a  longer trip to Chicago.

Nominations:  Jan Fencl reported that Ruth Wiegand had volunteered to continue as Recording Secretary.

Legislative:  Dan McCombs reported that the cost of health care is reducing the principal of the health care stabilization fund, so that the cost of retiree premiums will probably be increased significantly.

Informative-Protective:  Kay Wise said Kathy Morris sent a thank you note to the person who paid her ORTA/PCRTA dues.  Her house is in foreclosure now.

Membership:  Art Fesemyer had brochures prepared and they are ready to send out to new retirees.  The cost   including envelopes and stamps was $306.98.  He needs to find out the names of this year’s retirees.

Newsletter:  Pat Gynn reported that the cost of printing the newsletter went up ten cents per copy.

Retirement Planning:  The date for the seminar is October 21.  Kay Wise and Ray Troxtell will help committee chair, Ria Mastromatteo.  Dave Gynn suggested putting posters in the schools.

Community Service:  Judy Morgan reported the diaper drive for County Clothing Center was very successful.  Items for Freedom House will be collected at this month’s luncheon meeting.

Legislative:  Dan McCombs said that the WEP bill had 199 co-sponsors in the House, but the companion Senate bill has none.  He urged contacting legislators.

Memorial/Sunshine:  Mary Jane Brannon reported that there are 13 deceased members to be honored at the luncheon meeting.

NEOUCOM Proctoring:  Edith Scott reported there will be 900 hours of proctoring this year and more next year.  She suggested we should renegotiate with NEOUCOM.

Scholarship:  Jim Montaquilla said that he and his      committee of Harry Bowman, Jan Fencl, and Dave Gynn evaluated 12 applicants from 7 different schools and chose 6 graduates to receive $1,000 scholarships each.

Webmaster:  Connie Evans reported that our website  domain name needs to be renewed and must be paid with a credit card. Dave Gynn will check to see if we can use the ORTA credit card.

New Business:  Ray Troxtell said there is need for a long-range planning committee.  Darlene Fetterhoff and Terrie Sargi are working on expanding the Treasurer’s office as a committee.


President Ray Troxtell convened the meeting and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Les Bennett led the group in singing.  Father Pentello gave the invocation.

Ray thanked Connie Evans and Ken Granville for acting as greeters.  First-time visitors included: Joe Huber from Streetsboro, Pat Mason from KSU, Jodi Johnson from Hudson, Gertrude Pierce from Kent, and Janice and Paul Stamm from Solon.

The Twin Lakes Country Club Banquet Manager, Crystal Katzenmeyer, invited PCRTA members to join and use their facilities.  She gave a short description of their membership features and prices.

The Treble Ensemble from Streetsboro High School, led by Miss Sue Spurlock, performed beautifully for the luncheon attendees.

Father Richard Pentello led the Memorial Service for the 2008 deceased PCRTA members.  Mary Jane Brannon had     prepared a lovely table with roses and the obituaries of the thirteen members who were being honored.

Emily Troxtell won $44.50 in the 50/50 drawing.  She   donated it back to PCRTA.

Terrie Sargi won the drawing for the $25 Giant Eagle Gift Card in the PCRTA Website Contest.

Dan McCombs, Legislative Chair, reported what had been discussed at the recent meeting of OCHER, the Ohio  Council for Higher Education Retirees.  He said that Email and phone calls were the best ways to contact legislators.

Announcements:  Darlene   Fetterhoff and Terrie Sargi will serve on the long-range planning committee.  Patricia Eichler, Saroj Sutaria, and Ruth Wiegand volunteered to  work on the newly formed Social Committee.

Treasurer’s Report

Report for April 9 to May 16, 2009

Beginning Balance:                        $13,916.92

Expenses:                                        1,577.05

   D Fetterhoff office supplies                  22.17

   D Gynn copying & postage                   40.07

   ORTA dues                                      700.00

   M Leedom-Newsletter                       351.54

   J Montaquilla-Scholarship                    52.96

   A Fesemyer-Membership                    306.98

   T Sargie-March speaker                      100.00

   Bank Fee                                             3.33

Income:                                         $ 2,175.00


Ending Balance:                              $14,414.87

Scholarship Total In Checking           $  9,140.44

Checking Working Balance                $  5,274.43



Members present: Dave Gynn, Terrie Sargi, Connie Evans, Art Fesemyer, Evelyn Park, Norm Park, Jim Montaquila, Darlene Fetterhoff, Kay Wise, Saroj Sutaria, Jan Fencl, Mary Jane Brannon, Edith Scott, Ruth Weigand, and Judith Morgan.

Past President, Dave Gynn, called the meeting to order for President Ray Troxtell and had everyone introduce themselves, noting that Jim Montaquila is replacing Bob Dunn on the Scholarship Committee; Kay Wise replacing Hilda Rohlf on Informative & Protective Services; Saroj Sutaria replacing Barb Bryner on Telephone & Communications; Jan Fencl replacing Saroj Sutaria on Nominations.

Dave distributed name plates for members to bring to each meeting along with the 2009 Directory and asked members to make corrections on their E-mail addresses.

Dave asked everyone to keep a copy of the bylaws in their notebooks as well as notes on names of people or anything you do to help make your job easier. He said that the duties of members and committees are in the by-laws. He also stated that there would be end of year reports for Community Services, Informative & Protective Services, Legislative, Membership, Public Relations, and Retirement Planning.

There will not be an ORTA award for the best committee reports or fort the top newsletter.

Dave said for this year the offices of Vice-President, Assistant Treasurer, and Recording Secretary would be up for election.

Recording Secretary Ruth Weigand

Dave asked if there were any additions or corrections to the Nov. 6th Executive Committee Meeting, or the Nov. and Dec. luncheon meeting minutes. Mary Jane Brannon made a motion to accept the minutes, Jan Fencl seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Dave said that Corresponding Secretary, Carol Kates, was on a mission trip.

He asked Vice-President , Terrie Sargi, to check on the luncheon reservations for next week at the Twin Lakes Country Club.

Vice-President – Terrie Sargi

COMMUNITY SERVICE COLLECTION: Disposable diapers or pull-ups for the Portage County Clothing Center

March 19 MEETING (proposed agenda)

Welcome – President Ray Troxtell

Introductions – New Members, First Time Attendees

Pledge of Allegiance

Music – Les Bennett

Junior Achievement Recognition – Denise Schafer

Don coffee (President of Shaker Heights Retired Teachers Association) with trip to China information

Inspiration by ___________

Lunch – Twin Lakes Country club

Program – Inspiration for Teachers by Kathy Baker

Business meeting

50/50 Raffle Announcements

May 21 Meeting

Speaker: Carol Starre Kmiecik – One-woman show featuring Dorothy Fuldheim

Memorial Service

July 16 – Dave Gynn (Terrie Sargi out of town)

Scholarship and Book Exchange

September 17

New Retirees Luncheon

?ORTA President (reschedule from March meeting)

November 19

Officer Elections

December 17

Christmas Party (Musical group, Bingo, gifts)

Officer installation

Discussion on the proposed agenda arose about switching the JA recognition and China trip presentation until after lunch and members agreed. Then the cost of speakers was discussed. It was stated that the Treasurer Darlene Fetterhoff has budgeted $300 for speakers. Some members suggested that school groups, an STRS representative, or a legislator could be asked to come for some of our programs.

Treasurer – Darlene Fetterhoff

Feb. 4, 2009 – March 9, 2009

Beginning Checking Account Balance $10,784.67

Income $3,340.00

Expenses $787.88

Matt Leedom (newsletters) $320.25

D Fetterhoff(office supplies) $37.63

Alan Balog(audit 2008) $50.00

ORTA dues $380.00

Ending Checking Account Balance $13,336.79

Scholarship Total $8,022.94

Actual Working Amount in Checking Account $5,313.85

2009 PCRTA Budget: February 3, 2009

Proposed by Treasurer, Darlene Fetterhoff

Income $14,881.67

Income carryover from 2008 – $9,686.67

Anticipated income from dues renewal

114 members @ $10 – $1,140.00

11 members @ $5 – $55.00

Anticipated donations from NEOUCOM – $4000.00

Expenses $14,881.67

General Scholarship Funds – $9997.94

Five Newsletters ($366.37) – $1831.85

Printing Directories – $120.00

Office Supplies/postage/copying – $500.00

Retirement Planning Workshop – $200.00

Lunches for 10 scholarship winners and parents – $300.00

Membership – $1000.00

Speakers/Entertainment – $300.00

Memorial Service Flowers – $20.00

Sunshine Fund – $100.00

Miscellaneous (decorations for luncheons, gifts for outgoing officers, – $1001.88

reimbursement for workshop fees including mileage, awards to top


Auditing fee – $50.00

Dave said the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit.

Darlene said PCRTA now has a new tax exempt number for non-profit organizations along with listing the name of the treasurer and his/her social security number.

Nonprofit organizations are required to file a dollar limit for the 990 report.

Darlene said that info about memorial donations should be put in the newsletter.

After Darlene presented the budget, Saroj suggested changing the miscellaneous amount to $801.88 and the amount for speakers to $500.

Saroj made a motion to adopt the budget with the changes. Kay Wise seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Darlene said quite a few members have not paid their annual dues.

Unfinished Business

For the Junior Achievement project at Brimfield Elementary School in February, Dave made 200 phone calls to get 21 volunteers. There was a planning session with a few Field School Business students and the retired teacher volunteers to work with elementary students to be good consumers. The HS students repeated the same lesson five times on one grade level with teacher volunteers assisting. The units were keyed to state standards for each grade level. As the result of a survey of the High School students who participated, most of them said they would like to do it again. They said that they needed more time planning and not as many teacher volunteers.

Julie Unitas, program director for National Retired Teachers of America, said the project was very successful and would like this project as a model for other schools in the future.

Richard Cordray, Treasurer of the State of Ohio, issued a Proclamation honoring JA OHIO and ORTA for bringing Mastering Money Management with the YOUTH Program in Ohio on Dec. 18. The proclamation was given to Norm Park for our archives.

Dave announced that the six PCRTA committees end-of-year reports for ORTA will be chosen for best practices. Their names will be entered into a drawing and the winners will receive cash awards..

There’s been a proclamation honoring JA OHIO & ORTA for a grant to mentor a student in the College of Education with 300 students for Read across America.

Ann Hanning, ORTA Director, sent Dave a thank you for PCRTA working with JA Akron to plan and participate in financial literacy programs for young people. She said this was also recognized and appreciated by ORTA and NRTA.

Community Service – Judith Morgan

She said that Streetsboro has the bloodmobile every month.

Informative & Protective Services – Kay Wise

Kay wanted to know what her job entailed. She received suggestions for scheduling flu shots and blood pressure checks and announcing any scams at the luncheon meetings.

Membership – Art Fesemyer

Art passed around a new color paper brochure which may replace the present one to be sent to newly retired teachers. He said if we use the old heavy brochure that 2008 could be changed to 2009.

Last year ended with 418 PCRTA members of which 345 are dual members.

There are 97 delinquents payments.

Kathy Morris cannot renew her dues to PCRTA and ORTA and asked if someone could pay it for her,

Memorial & Sunshine – Mary Jane Brannon

She said Lucille Stamm died recently and also eight others.

Newsletter – Pat

The first newsletter of 2009 was given to Matt Leedom on February 16. He will print them at Newton Falls Printing. He will print 425 copies and mail out 398. Over 120 members have not paid for 2009 yet. They will have a little sticker on their newsletter that says “Time to Renew Your Membership.”

The newsletter was sent to and on February 16, also to be posted online.

Pat also sent Connie the full set of minutes for the November and December Luncheon meetings so they can be posted online in full for members who want to read the entire minutes.

Dave said the that people whose pictures will be placed on the website will have to give permission, but their will be no personal info. If anyone has questions about this, contact PCRTA by E-mail.

Art questioned why we were not sending the newsletters to the county superintendents. Since it was mentioned that cost of postage and printing was the issue, he wants us to reconsider and that he would pick them up and take them to ESC, the Portage County Education Services Center, to be delivered.

NEOUCOM Proctor Scheduling – Edith Scott

Edith said that we started with 23 proctors and now only have 15 or 16. She said we need more proctors and there is a training session for new proctors at 10:00 A.M. on April 7th at NEUOCOM.

Public Relations – Evelyn Park

Evelyn said she had the notice for the luncheon meeting for next week put in the paper.

Retirement Planning – Ria Mastromatteo

Ria plans to design a brochure to advertise and will schedule a date for the Retirement Planning seminar.

Scholarship – Jim Montaquila

Jim is replacing Bob Dunn as chairman. Bob will collect info sent to him and send it to Jim. The PCRTA scholarship applications were placed on line for students to apply by April 3rd. The Scholarship Committee has to decide how many to award. The members of the committee are Bob Dunn, Sandy Stefanik, Julie Ries, Harry Bowman, Dave Gynn, and Norman Park.

Last year the scholarship recipients were given their awards and certificates at the July meeting. Then letters were sent to all the schools to inform them who had won the scholarships.

Carol Kates, Corresponding Secretary, contacts past recipients and asks for feedback of their present circumstances.

Telephone & Communications – Saroj Sutaria

Saroj is the new chair of this committee.

Webmaster – Connie Evans

Connie has announcements on the website about legislative and community services and archives some of the past info. She requested everyone present to fill out and sign or not sign in order to give her permission for using pictures and names of the Executive Committee on the website.

She said to contact our website, to have your name placed in a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate for Giant Eagle.

Dave adjourned the meeting.


March 19, 2009

President Ray Troxtell welcomed all 82 members and/or guests. He thanked Art Fesemyer and Kay Wise for being greeters.

He introduced first time attendees: Judy Church, Field Schools and her husband Thurman; Dottie Emerick, Streetsboro Schools; Pat and Dick Wilson, Kent Schools; John Kerstetter, KSU and his wife, Sandy Kerstetter, Aurora Schools.

Les Bennett led the music.

Vice-President, Terrie Sargi, led the pledge of allegiance.

She led the invocation with an Irish blessing.

Ray announced that the raffle tickets were for the 50/50 drawing with the proceeds going to membership.

He also announced that contributions were being accepted for the Portage County Clothing Center.

Past President, Dave Gynn, talked about the rewarding experience at Brimfield Elementary School in February for JA in a Day Event from a $6,000 grant. It involved some planning with the Field High School business students and retired teacher volunteers. He introduced Denice Schafer, the JA director.

Denice especially thanked Dave for getting volunteers. Denice said that the lessons were for teaching financial literacy and work readiness to students in grades one to five.

NRTA sent a gift for each of the teacher volunteers.

Denice awarded certificates of appreciation and the gifts to the following: Pat Gynn, Nancy Paulus, Diane McMasters, Al Henderson, Sandy Kerstetter, Diane Bowman, Judy Church, Dan McCombs, Judy Calcei, Harry Bowman, Diane Bowman, Marge Conroy, Carol Kates, Ellen Arena, Gino Calcei, Elden Reibold, Jeanna Pisegna, John Kerstetter, and Dave Gynn.

There were 24 Field High School Marketing Education students who taught the same lesson to each class in a grade level.

Ray introduced Don Coffee, a retired KSU professor and president of the Shaker Heights Retired Teachers Association.

Vice-President Terrie Sargi said that Don Coffee was present to promote a 16-day trip to China on October 20th by his English-speaking Chinese wife, Xiao Ying.

Don said that this trip was specifically planned for retired teachers. Don said he taught in China and his wife taught English there 12 years ago. He said that the trip would include 3 school visits, historical sights, Beijing, Shanghai, Hang Zhou close to Shanghai, and end in Hong Kong. He said that add-on trips for either Tokyo or Hawaii were available.

Terrie introduced Kathy Baker, Speaker, news writer, and author of Leaving Adversity Plaza.

Kathy’s talk was entitled, “Inspiration for Teachers.” She felt that it takes a lifetime for a person to become real. She said that real is something that happens to you, something you become. She talked about some of her children’s teachers and the ways in which those teachers helped her children become real. Then she read part of the chapter, “A Child Shall Lead Them” from the book, Velveteen Rabbit, that stressed there is hope for the future and love and peace for our children.

Edith Scott made an announcement that some PCRTA members proctor tests at NEOUCOM to help earn money for our scholarship fund. She said presently there are only 15 or 16 and there is a great need for more proctors. She said there will be an orientation meeting on Tues., April 7th at 10:00 a.m.

It was announced that Milly Keller won the 50/50 raffle in the amount of $67.50 and she donated it to the scholarship fund.

The meeting was adjourned without having a business meeting due to the sudden illness of the president.

[Note: President Ray was taken to the hospital, treated and released. He and his wife, Emily, left the next day to return to Florida. We appreciate everyone who assisted, especially Linda Solnick, who used her medical background to tend to Ray until the paramedics arrived.