News from Previous Scholarship Winners


by Denise Craig


“I was so thankful to receive the scholarship from PCRTA. I came out of college debt free and I am lucky to be able to say that PCRTA played a part!”


“You were kind enough to give me a scholarship….Truly, your scholarship helped shape children from – literally – all across the world. THANK YOU so much!”

These are portions of letters we received from former PCRTA scholarship winners.  They are successful and happy teachers who are sharing their gifts and love for children.

One of them is in her fourth year teaching music to students in K-5. Her classes include, but are not limited to, singing, percussion instruments training, dancing, composing, recorder and beginning orchestra and band instruments. In her “spare time” (my quotes), she coaches running club and directs the 5th grade choir. Her school is in northeast Ohio.

Another recipient is teaching high school language arts at an international school far from the United States and is loving it.  She has students representing over thirty nationalities in her classroom.  The students are learning Advanced Composition, British Literature and English 10, among other courses.  Yet another teacher with “spare time” coaches middle school soccer, varsity track and varsity softball.  She is a mentor and has started a TED club.

We hope to hear from more of our former scholarship recipients because, as teachers, we love to hear teacher success stories!